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AN RÍOCHT 6-12 7-8 ST JOHN'S (C)

On Saturday the All County U14 Football finals were played in Castlwellan. I ventured over to watch the games and I have to say what an outstanding triple-bill of games were on view. I arrived late (much to my disgust) for the first game and only caught the tail-end of it. 13 (THIRTEEEN) goals in the first game with An Riocht coming out on top by the odd point!

Next up was the 'B' final and what a cracker it was!! Kilcoo looked to be home and hosed and lead by around 8/9 points at one stage. The second half was a thriller! Two cracking finished from the Ballyholland forwards saw them take the lead and they managed to finish winners by 2 points!

Finally, onto the 'A' final. A superb crowd witnessed another cracking game from two evenly matched sides! Bredagh went 6/7 points up before Burren managed to awake from their slumber! The big number 9 for Burren had a great game as did the wee corner back (no 4) but this was a game that could have went either way. Full of excitment, some great tackles, great scores and the crowd certainly got full value for money! Burren won by 2 points.

So a cracking days football and I must also say well done to Castlwellan on the pitch and the marshalling of the spectators.
It was also a great day for the match referees who conducted themselves superbly and let the games flow...this made for exciting end to end football that everyone enjoyed. It was also refreshing to see the referees consult their linesmen and umpires when making crucial decisions (other referees should take note).

If these finals are anything to go by, there really is a wealth if under-age talent and the future for Down footballers sure does look great!
Well done County Board on a great day out!

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Congrats to Burren U 14 Girls who also won their championship final on Saturday.

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