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Who will lift JERMIAH 2013

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Yes, I meant the Junior and Senior finals. I knew nothing about the underage game.

Suas Sios (None) - Posts: 1504 - 04/10/2013 14:40:40    1495598


Blocktop I haven't gone away you know!Thank goodness I dinny respect any of ur posts or I hope does any yin else or even bet on yer predictions. Cos ye haveny a clue. Zero outa 2 .....very good.
My personal view on the game is ports lost it on the line. Their positioning of players was bizarre te say the least and again and again letting have the galgets a free man in the back was.......well quite evident by the result. Having the oldest port marking magic.......well now? I have to reiterate......time for a complete change!

cahill (None) - Posts: 2567 - 04/10/2013 15:13:19    1495639


Cahill, surely you have to consider that Portaferry won it along the line with the semi-final victory against Ballycran using the same logic. I do concede that Ballycran management did contribute to the defeat and im sure questions are being asked in Mckenna as we speak but some credit to the ports too.

They were down to 14 men, Paul Braniff unavailable and yet still won - surely some credit is due here

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 04/10/2013 15:26:33    1495652


Craphill has been death on the current management all year as he's wee Noels no1 fan. If wee Noel had engineered a 14 man victory without Dule, you'd never had heard the end of it.

Bottom line is the wee were damn poor in the semi-final, Ports were better on the day, come the final Galgets had their homework done and Ports weren't in the game no matter who was on their line. No manager could have made a 7 or 8 point difference, should have been more.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2501 - 07/10/2013 09:48:52    1496873