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I wouldn't share the 'sure it's grand, game was over anyway' opinion of the 2nd half at all. A good team keeps the foot on (just look at Tyrone against Cork)- we were only 4 points up with a few minutes left, and left us at the mercy of a late Laois goal a la Fermanagh. Yes their keeper played a stormer, (We mightn't get 6 goal chances in the next 3 games put together!) yes it was hot, and yes, that's 3 games in 3 weeks, but we're going to have to find 70 minutes of football in the heat to beat Kildare next week. Realistically it's a must-win game for both teams.

moodoo (Monaghan) - Posts: 394 - 09/07/2018 11:14:47    2119927


Think it was a mix of things that second half yesterday. Game should have been over at half time but for kingston goal and our lads just couldnt put same intensity in second half while laois upped it a bit. This Monaghan side could take super 8s by storm or just fall flat. Its hard to know.

I'd have a worry for our full back line especially with Daniel Flynn next Sunday. We looked stretched a few times yesterday especially when laois ran at us. Walsh O Connell and the Wylies vital to this team in giving a solid base but they need more help. I'd get one of the Hughes back there to help out also as kildare will rain plenty of high balls in on our defence and we don't have tallest defenders. Am wondering if we could use someone like McAdam for this match to do a man marking spolier job on Flynn as he has looked v dangerous in recent matches.

seanie08 (Monaghan) - Posts: 1503 - 09/07/2018 11:58:19    2119944


That was a hopeful performance yesterday,as already mentioned there was a great showing in the first half and some very careless passing in the second half, the whole team from back to front seemed determined to raise the green flag which led to over complication of moves and much too ambitious passing.. on the plus front.. we had the usual stellar performances from Karl and the 2 Ryans.. Ross Munnelly will have nightmares of the mobile roadblock that was Ryan Wylie, every time he had the ball in hand he had to backpedal for the fear of turning over possession to Ryan. In attack and defending Ryan McAnespie and Karl O'Connell did every thing simple, clean and sharply, They are great examples for the current crop of kids to watch and admire. Another plus was the scoring of Niall Kearns.. which he did plenty of in the League but only yesterday started to show the same ability in the championship.. Aside from his points, his general play was very good and his fielding was outstanding.. We also had a confidant Shane Carey spraying balls around the pitch and taking 3 fine points from play.. We need to tighten up for Kildare and cut out the simple mistakes, we are in good shape heading in the Super Eights.. we have played most of these teams already in the league and should have ended up in the final. This team has the ability, they now need to carry their promise through..

Farney (Monaghan) - Posts: 739 - 09/07/2018 14:11:19    2120013


Good first half display yesterday. Good too see ye take the foot off the throttle and I think this is pre planned to conserve energy and not to show our hand or push ourselves for a big game next week. Out defense showed that meaness that was in the Tyrone game. Hard not too see Conor Boyle come in for Daniel Flynn as Drew could be too slow for him or Kieran Duffy could be the perfect man for him aswell. Was surprisedBarry Kerr didnt get game time as I think there is no better man for Clifford in clones and you could see Vinny or Drew being rested for Kerry game for big Galway game depending on results this weekend. As I said before the key to our success is going to be built around Shane Carey and ye showed why he's the right option and if we are to succeed in these super 8s him.and mc anespie and Kelly need to give scores. Malone and dessie will suit Galway and its obvious that men like Vinny dessie Malone mc Adam will suit the defensive game of Galways. It's great to see such a strong squad but squad management and game time for players will dictate how.we succeed in these games and malachy may have to make big decisions to rest and conserve palyers in order to peak and reach the ultimate goal of a semi.

monaghanmad (Monaghan) - Posts: 215 - 09/07/2018 17:11:50    2120104


Still can't get over how good Brody was for Laois on Sunday ....Incredible stuff and how different Monaghan would be coming into this game if they had scored 6-19 .....

Maybe its for the better

BigJohn.6_8 (Galway) - Posts: 704 - 12/07/2018 16:36:08    2121064