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What are you talking about devilred?! Are you just glad because now you can concentrate fully on watching soccer in the middle of August?

You claim on some other post that you're a senior player in Kildare who knows what hes talking about - well you wouldn;t last too long on any team that I play on with loser talk like that. We lost fair in square - so we come back and fight again next year. You just sound like a sore loser who takes his ball back home with him if he's not winning.

As for all these Meath children - perhaps you should put your summer holidays to better use and go outside and actually play some football.

Don't waste your time with these lads. Royaldunne/bobjaffa was missing all last week getting his Laois wounds attended to. If you get a chance though pop over to the Meath forum where Rd and bobjaffa are answering each other. It is actually really really funny .. :) . Like kids imaginary friends.

Think devilred is part of the gang of grannies.

St.Conleth (Kildare) - Posts: 1623 - 07/08/2012 17:18:54    1241048


We need to stick with Mcgeeney. This talk of he's brought the team as far as he can is a load of rubbish imo. Ive questioned some of his team selections and substitutions at times this year, but hes been great for kildare football. We need to blood some of the younger players in the O byrne cup and league alot more next year. And playing division 1 football against the best in the country will be a great thing for us going into next years championship, aslong as we have a decent league campaign and at the very least avoid relegation. And hopefully thats with geezer in charge

cilldaraboy82 (Kildare) - Posts: 61 - 07/08/2012 17:40:52    1241077


gang of grannies please explain????

devilred (Kildare) - Posts: 96 - 07/08/2012 21:04:00    1241269