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Best 15 to get us to Croker

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Replying To handpassking:  "Pope in don't think your comments on his limitatios are OTT, they are based on on what we have seen of him.
It begs the question why hasn't he developed into the complete inter county midfielder considering his time in this type of setup? Why haven't managements identified these flaws in his game and eliminated them?

Would Steede nit be a better option? Technically a fine footballer with an array of skills and as you pointed out is the day of 6 foot plus midfielder dying?"
Steede diffinatly deserves a chance as does Ian Burke even though there are people on here that disagree.

bud14 (Galway) - Posts: 296 - 12/07/2017 16:47:13    2015699


Replying To bud14:  "Steede diffinatly deserves a chance as does Ian Burke even though there are people on here that disagree."
They couldn't be any worse than most of the players we saw last Sunday! Defence and midfield were a disaster as were the "kick-outs". Worst of all was the "I don't give a damn" complacent attitude shown by nearly all of the team with the possible exceptions of Walsh and Daly. The biased ref certainly compounded the situation but they would have lost even to a Division 4 team regardless.

tommy k (Galway) - Posts: 2343 - 12/07/2017 17:04:09    2015709


I've never been convinced about FOC but did think he played well against Mayo but if he's not going to be used for his fielding qualities I don't see the point of playing him. I think Flynn too has been a disappointment but I'd rather see him partnering Conroy in midfield as he certainly is a lot more dynamic as his goals against Kerry in 14 & Mayo last year would suggest. I'd expect Cooke with a good winter of S & C to be pushing hard to push ahead of FOC & Flynn come next Feb.

I'd like to see McDaid come in but just don't see it happening, didn't even make the bench last Sunday. We can't go making wholesale changes this late in the season, we've got to hope we turn in a performance similar to to how we performed against Mayo.

TheWestIsAwake (UK) - Posts: 529 - 12/07/2017 17:32:46    2015725