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Dr. McKenna Cup 2016 Draw

Section A: Queens, Derry, Tyrone, Antrim
Section B: St Marys, Donegal, Fermanagh, Down
Section C: Ulster University, Cavan, Armagh, Monaghan

The fixtures for the 2016 McKenna Cup sections will be drafted at the next meeting of Ulster CCC on Tuesday 8th December 2015.
Sunday 3rd January: Round 1
Sunday 10th January: Round 2
Wednesday 13th January: Round 3
Sunday 17th January: Semi Finals
Section B Winner v Section A Winner
Best Runner-Up v Section C Winner
Saturday 23rd January: Final

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 04/12/2015 09:24:32    1811348


Dr. McKenna Cup 2016 Fixtures

Sunday 3rd January: Round 1
Section A
Derry V Antrim at Owenbeg
Tyrone V Queens at Healy Park
Section B
Donegal V Down at Pairc MacCumhaill
Fermanagh V St Marys at Brewster Park

Section C
Armagh V Cavan at Crossmaglen
Monaghan V Ulster University at Clones

Wednesday 7th January: Round 2
Section A
Antrim V Queens at QUB Arena

Saturday 9th January: Round 2
Section C
Cavan V Ulster University at Kingspan Breffni Park

Sunday 10th January: Round 2
Section A
Derry V Tyrone at Owenbeg
Section B
Donegal V St Marys at Letterkenny
Down V Fermanagh at Pairc Esler
Section C
Monaghan V Armagh at Clones

Wednesday 13th January: Round 3
Section A
Derry V Queens at Owenbeg
Tyrone v Antrim at Healy Park
Section B
Down V St Marys at Pairc Esler
Fermanagh V Donegal at Brewster Park
Section C
Cavan V Monaghan at Kingspan Breffni Park
Armagh V Ulster University at Athletic Grounds

Sunday 17th January: Semi Finals
Section B Winner v Section A Winner
Best Runner-Up v Section C Winner

Saturday 23rd January: Final

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 08/12/2015 20:58:17    1812184


Not be long now until the 2016 season is up and running. Tiernan Daly is out for the season,huge blow as im sure he is anther who was going to build on last years performances.

Has panel for 2016 being named yet?

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 902 - 16/12/2015 19:37:37    1813210


A team isn't built around one player so the show will go on! The players will be named on the 2nd January 2016 but since it's only the McKenna competition the manager will be testing out some new recruits along with the usual fielders. The question I would like answered can a player play both in the U21s and the senior county team at the same time?

gaalltheway (Fermanagh) - Posts: 761 - 17/12/2015 17:43:11    1813382


Football rankings for the Year 2015
1. DUBLIN (up 1)
2. KERRY (down 1)
3. MAYO (no change)
4. TYRONE (up 2)
5. MONAGHAN (down 1)
6. DONEGAL (down 1)
7. GALWAY (no change)
8. KILDARE (no change)
9. CORK (no change)
10. FERMANAGH (no change)
11. ROSCOMMON (no change)
12. DERRY (no change)
13. ARMAGH (no change)
14. WESTMEATH (no change)
15. DOWN (no change)
16. MEATH (no change)
17. TIPPERARY (no change)
18. CAVAN (no change)
19. SLIGO (no change)
20. LAOIS (no change)
21. LONGFORD (no change)
22. CLARE (no change)
23. OFFALY (no change)
24. WEXFORD (no change)
25. ANTRIM (no change)
26. LOUTH (no change)
27. LIMERICK (no change)
28. WICKLOW (no change)
29. LEITRIM (no change)
30. LONDON (no change)
31. CARLOW (no change)
32. WATERFORD (no change)
33. NEW YORK (no change)

So much for all the spin doctoring Fermanagh remains at a standstill. You would think reading back over the manager's comments during 2015 that Fermanagh had made progress but it all these comments were in fact a smokescreen for no success. No wonder Jim McGuinness was spooked by Fermanagh celebrating failure when clearly the Dubs had beaten them. Let's hope in 2016 there will be progress and no spinning please as you cannot fool the Fermanagh supporters again and again!

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 212 - 02/01/2016 13:35:57    1814135


The best Fermanagh side ever was Charlie Mulgrew's team of 2004:
1 Niall Tinney (Irvinestown)
2 Niall Bogue (Kinawley)
3 Barry Owens (Teemore) and won an AllStar
4 Hugh Brady (Teemore)
5 Raymond Johnston (Newtownbutler)
6 Shane McDermott (Donagh)
7 Damien Kelly (Tempo)
8 Martin McGrath (Ederney) and won an AllStar
9 Liam McBarron (Kilmacud Crokes & formerly Kinawley)
10 Eamon Maguire (Donagh)
11 Stephen Maguire (Belcoo)
12 Mark Little (Lisnaskea)
13 Ciaran O'Reilly (Teemore)
14 James Sherry Roslea)
15 Colm Bradley (Enniskillen)

Other notable Fermanagh players who actually fielded for the county in the NFL and championship games in 2004 were Ronan Gallagher, Mark Murphy, Tom Brewster, Ryan McCluskey, Peter Sherry, Shane Goan, Fergal Murphy, Declan O'Reilly, Sean Curry and Gary Maguire.

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 212 - 02/01/2016 14:09:53    1814137


Today's Bank of Ireland Dr McKennaCup Rd 1 game between Fermanagh & St_Marys Belfast is OFF due to water logged pitch. Refixed for Wed 8pm in Enniskillen.

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 03/01/2016 11:27:32    1814200


Turniphead please enlighten myself and the other patrons of Hoganstand how Fermanagh remain at a standstill? I believe they have increased 13 places on the previous year.


gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 03/01/2016 17:06:39    1814255


It's terrible reflection on Fermanagh GAA bosses that what is suppose to be the best football field in the county was unplayable yet the rest of the venues operated without problems for the opening round of the McKenna Cup. Surely there should be a nominated alternative venue if Brewster Park isn't able to function? There has been hundreds of thousands poured into Brewster Park and also Lissan and neither are able to meet the commitments required of them.
And gotmilk, I think the most realistic rankings listed for 2015 put Fermanagh at no. 15 as per gaarankings.net
Football rankings
(end of 2015 season)
1 +1 Dublin 2052
2 (-1) Kerry 1908
3 (+1) Mayo 1862
4 (-1) Donegal 1726
5 (+1) Tyrone 1685
6 (-1) Cork 1682
7 Monaghan 1663
8 Kildare 1507
9 (+3) Galway 1458
10 (-1) Derry 1457
11 Meath 1392
12 (-2) Armagh 1368
13 (+2) Roscommon 1365
14 (-1) Down 1310
15 (+8) Fermanagh 1309
16 (+1) Cavan 1234
17 (-1) Tipperary 1233
18 (-4) Laois 1207
19 (+2) Sligo 1194
20 Westmeath 1192
21 (+3) Longford 1091
22 (-3) Wexford 1076
23 (-1) Clare 1036
24 (-6) Louth 1021
25 Limerick 1016
26 (+3) Offaly 982
27 Antrim 934
28 Leitrim 849
29 (-3) Wicklow 761
30 (+1) Carlow 682
31 (-1) Waterford 616
32 London 563
33 New York 362

cillnaile. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 960 - 03/01/2016 18:37:28    1814284


I agree Cillnalle. I am just looking for turnip to prove his argument that Fermangh have remained at a stand still.

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 03/01/2016 19:14:57    1814295


TurnipHead., does someone pay you to talk nonsense? Fermanagh got promoted from Division 3 and got to the All Ireland QF stage. This is a vast improvement to the year previous!

Someone get this man a brain surgeon stat!!!

sidelinecut40 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 84 - 05/01/2016 12:43:28    1814620


The postponed Dr McKenna Cup round 1
Fermanagh has forfeited home advantage as Brewster Park in unplayable and their game against St Mary's will now be played at Garvaghey Wennesday evening, 6th Jan (throw-in 8pm).

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 05/01/2016 19:45:40    1814742


Match moved to garvaghey , what a joke that we don't have a pitch playable in the whole county, surely an elevated pitch like tempo is playable.. Sure if 500 turn up we 'll be lucky

AnBuachaillGlas (Fermanagh) - Posts: 287 - 05/01/2016 21:12:26    1814760


What about the elevated Fermanagh GAA's Centre of Excellence at Lissan rather than Tyrone GAA's Centre of Excellence at Garvaghey? Someone explain as to why please?

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 212 - 05/01/2016 21:58:00    1814779


DrMcKenna Cup halftime Fermanagh 0-6 v St Marys Student Teachers 0-6 with Fermanagh points from Corrigan 4, (1 free), Donnelly 1 and Flaherty 1. This Gavaghey place is as windy as Lissan!

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 06/01/2016 20:47:30    1814967


DrMcKenna Cup fulltime scoreline Fermanagh 1-12 v St Marys Student Teachers 0-14 with Fermanagh getting a goal and a point in the last few minutes to survive by 2 points. A bit disappointing from a Fermanagh perspective with the young teachers put up a good show.

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 06/01/2016 21:36:13    1814989


Sorry scoreline should read Fermanagh 1-13 v St Marys Student Teachers 0-14

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 06/01/2016 21:38:01    1814991


FT 1 14 to 13 points ... Shakey start as we were 11 6 down at one point. Very experimental team started and some old hands came on to steady the ship and spark the comeback.
A win is a win and boys blooded though what a horrible night. .. Now PETER heads to Newry and the boys will be well motivated to deliver a win for him there of all places

AnBuachaillGlas (Fermanagh) - Posts: 287 - 06/01/2016 21:39:56    1814993


The weather was bad here tonight and I'm glad to be sitting in a warm car now. However, I must say that Garvaghey is a great facility and much much better than Lissan! Anyway just to add the scorers to the final scoreline Fermanagh 1-13 St Marys Student Teachers 0-14 and the Fermanagh scorers were Corrigan 0-6 (2f), Quigley 0-4 (2f), Flaherty 1-1, Donnelly 0-1 and Mulrone 0-1. Let's hope for a better performance as the opposition gets tougher in the next round.

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 06/01/2016 21:55:29    1815003


AnBuachaillGlas talk about spin-doctoring with excuses...then you are an expert! You put Fermanagh's weak performance down to a "Very experimental team...and boys blooded though what a horrible night". Well were these young St Marys students aged 18 to 22 not considered experimental too? Did these young students not endure the same horrible weather last night? From what I hear Fermanagh were lucky even with many of their top men on board to edge a victory.

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 212 - 07/01/2016 09:37:47    1815014