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Games 7th October - November 30th 2015

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Not the brightest logic there turniphead! should the bridge win both remaining games theres a good chance they would be playing Tempo in that final, so why would they concede? In saying that it is a farce that the season has ran this long. How it takes 9 months to run off a 10 team league is completely beyond me!

RedRum (Fermanagh) - Posts: 267 - 01/12/2015 13:02:58    1810785


Why there is a Division 1B Final is beyond me!

sidelinecut40 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 84 - 01/12/2015 13:43:11    1810807


^^^ agree completely sidelinecut. a cup for finishing mid table. head scratcher alright.

RedRum (Fermanagh) - Posts: 267 - 01/12/2015 14:21:54    1810824


Look guys I have been involved with teams for a while and I know the ability of then all. I'm being realistic in saying what I did and if St Pats took the same route at conceding then Belcoo and Tempo could have their final on the 13th Dec. Those who have predicted other outcomes are just being unrealistic a bit like Ederney when every knows that Derrygonnelly will win the final should they(Ederney) beat Roslea. I base that on Ederney getting beaten on Sunday by a largely Derrygonnelly junior team. I see my Tempo team as the Div 1B victors and Derrygonnelly the victors in Div 1A. I challenge anyone on a bet that I'm not right in my prediction.

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 212 - 01/12/2015 16:30:24    1810880


Turnip you are very sure of yourself. I think it's a case of sour grapes with your swipe at Ederney now that you have moved on to Tempo!
I believe that all the games should be played and no conceding and that gives everybody concerned a chance.

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 01/12/2015 19:48:54    1810934


well said erne boy! i don't know the tempo player you are referring to.

Big.Ears (Fermanagh) - Posts: 11 - 01/12/2015 20:33:03    1810950


I don't understand why the SFL Div 1 Final isn't this weekend! If you look at the league table Derrygonnelly are first and Ederney is second, they should be contesting the final. Why is there a play off between Ederney and Roslea, who are third?

The county board must be trying to break a Guinness World Record for the longest season EVER!

sidelinecut40 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 84 - 02/12/2015 09:18:41    1810982


I see all today's programme of games across the country has been virtually wiped out by the adverse weather conditions and tonight weather doesn't look rosy either and George Beacom is reporting that most of Fermanagh and Tyrone pitches are are unplayable on. I wonder will the Co Board take a different view next season and not let others dictate when or when not that club league football should be played!

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 05/12/2015 12:25:33    1811538


Senior Football League Division 1 Playoff
Roslea Shamrocks GFC(2-9)v(3-8)Ederney St Joseph's

SFL Div 1B Round 3
Lisnaskea Emmetts(CONC)v(0-0)Maguiresbridge St Mary's

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 06/12/2015 17:02:23    1811681


Sequential Adult Football Fixtures (Dec 2015)

Sat Dec 12th @ 7.00pm (extra-time if required)
SFL 1A Final
Derrygonnelly v Ederney @ Brewster Park

Sun Dec 13th @ 2.00pm
SFL 1B Rd 5
St Patricks v Belcoo
Tempo v Maguiresbridge

Sun Dec 20th @ 2.00pm (extra-time if required)
SFL 1B Final @ TBC

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 07/12/2015 13:36:26    1811816


I don't believe in this business of conceding games. Derrygonnely got advantage when Devenish conceded a few weeks ago. Coa has conceded upteen league games this season. Now I hear it doesn't suit Tempo to play this weekend which means that Belcoo has an uphill battle as it leaves the Bridge in a prime position to meet Tempo in the final. It could be a clever move by Tempo to avoid Belcoo and just meet the weaker Bridge in the final. However, whatever the reason is I believe clubs should be fined for every game that their teams concede and that would put a stop to such capers!

gaalltheway (Fermanagh) - Posts: 761 - 08/12/2015 13:50:46    1811998


gaalltheway, in reply to your post about concession of games, players from numerous clubs will have had holidays, stags, weekends away planned in the months of November and December. I think it is stupid on your part to want to fine clubs for players arranging these activities when the club season is meant to be over.

As for Coa it is probably a struggle for them to get a team on a pitch due to the fact they have a small playing population.

sidelinecut40 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 84 - 09/12/2015 13:59:20    1812315


Maybe the county board need to answer questions for putting on a 1b final in the first place. Why in the name of christ would anyone want to win it? "Congratulations, here's a trophy for finishing fifth"

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 09/12/2015 17:03:33    1812369


Hi gotmilk what a cheeky statement. Tempo never asked for a div1 B league section but you have to respect those appointed who made the decision in the best interest of the senior game. I think you gotmilk are simply jealous that an opportunity arises for Tempo to secure silverware and also let me remind you that your Bridge team were facing the boot out of div1 and you have been saved gaining merit on conceded points even last weekend when Skea didn't field. As for sidelinecut40 comment as I can say I doubt if too many teams were affected by stag parties and holiday as you report. I know Tempo and indeed myself are not complaining and people are getting fedup with this complaining culture. So reading on here everyone else is to blame except those making the complaint. Thanks for allowing me to respond to thses negative posters.

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 212 - 09/12/2015 21:25:33    1812425


TurnipHead, little do you know! I can already think of two Senior Div 1 teams that have been affected by stags that were arranged in November/December. I don't know where your from but the vast amount of people I know like to go out at the weekends and socialise.

sidelinecut40 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 84 - 10/12/2015 09:15:17    1812443


sidelinecut40 the impression you gave from your previous message was that players were involved widely throughout the county partaking in parties, stags or whatever every weekend in November and December which is simply incorrect assumption when in fact there were only a few stags and yes I was at one last weekend too! The point I was making was that most club teams do field and show commitment to their team while only a handful of teams (which have been named) chose to concede rather than show commitment to the sport and then complain and blame others for their predicament. Anyway, sidelinecut40 was it not the case your own club team met recently Derrygonnelly (a team depleted due to a stag do) and they still fielded and beat yous? Let's see how this weekend works out!

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 212 - 10/12/2015 10:59:27    1812464


TurnipHead, you seem to lack common sense or to put it simply talk utter manure! League games at this time of the year eat into plans that people have made deliberately made outside the regular league season. It's Fermanagh GAA's own fault if teams are depleted, conceding games in November and December.

As for the weekend, hopefully it is a good spectacle considering the effort the two sets of players have put in this year!

sidelinecut40 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 84 - 10/12/2015 12:02:43    1812480


I wouldnt pay too much heed to 'Turnipbrain' sidelinecut, Clearly talking complete nonsense particularly with statements like

let me remind you that your Bridge team were facing the boot out of div1 and you have been saved gaining merit on conceded points even last weekend when Skea didn't field.

Clutching at straws there turnipbrain as the Bridge were already 2 points clear of st.pats in 9th and 3 points clear of skea before skea conceded to them. plus they had an extra game in hand on both. I think its fair to say the Bridge stayed up on merit.

RedRum (Fermanagh) - Posts: 267 - 10/12/2015 12:41:22    1812486


I'm not even from the bridge.

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 10/12/2015 15:16:59    1812522


Hi RedRum get your facts correct. I was referring the Bridge's performances overall including phase 1 & 2. It has been through conceding of games by other club teams that has given a lifeline Bridge in phase 2. In the table below you will see what I mean.

SFL 1 2015

Pos. Team P W L D F A Pts
1 Derrygonnelly Harps 10 7 2 1 149 91 15
2 Erne Gaels Belleek 10 7 2 1 162 137 15
3 Ederney St Joseph's 10 6 3 1 135 111 13
4 Roslea Shamrocks GFC 10 6 3 1 154 139 13
5 Devenish St Mary's 10 5 4 1 148 118 11
6 Tempo Maguires 10 4 5 1 127 140 9
7 Belcoo O`Rahilly's 10 3 5 2 116 127 8
8 Lisnaskea Emmetts 10 2 6 2 110 165 6
9 St Patrick's Donagh 10 2 7 1 127 160 5
10 Maguiresbridge St Mary's 10 2 7 1 117 157 5

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 212 - 10/12/2015 18:46:01    1812585