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New Dublin Jersey?

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The o'neills website is saying new jersey to be released on 13/05.

HenryHill16 (Dublin) - Posts: 249 - 04/05/2016 11:26:18    1851876


It's available for pre-order on their site now.

CroiGorm (Dublin) - Posts: 1547 - 04/05/2016 14:21:16    1851940


Only real fans buy the jersey without seeing it first! ;-)

HenryHill16 (Dublin) - Posts: 249 - 04/05/2016 16:30:35    1851998


Ha, not a chance! I'm not forking out €65 quid on something I've not seen yet.

CroiGorm (Dublin) - Posts: 1547 - 04/05/2016 16:46:15    1852005


Where's are bleeding new Jersey ? I want it now so I know what shape I've to be in to pull it off, Kilkenny is only around the corner.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - Posts: 9926 - 10/05/2016 15:08:32    1853653


Only real fans buy the jersey without seeing it first! ;-)

HenryHill16 (Dublin) - Posts:222 - 04/05/2016 16:30:35

And stevie wonder

Damothedub (Dublin) - Posts: 5193 - 10/05/2016 15:37:49    1853666


Sky blue is back!

jimbodub (Dublin) - Posts: 20164 - 11/05/2016 10:39:59    1853876


Do you know of any leaked pic's?
was wondering if they'd go for sky blue and white in the style of 1916

HenryHill16 (Dublin) - Posts: 249 - 11/05/2016 11:31:01    1853911


I absolutely love the New Jersey it's imo the nicest one yet, well done to the designers brilliant work from you guys. Buzzing to go and buy it now.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - Posts: 9926 - 12/05/2016 08:17:21    1854235



Not crazy those white stripes. It might grow on me but i's a 'one pinter'. One pint spilled on that jersey and no amount of Daz will take out the stain, back to O'Neills. I'll wait until I see it for real before giving a final verdict though.

Joxer (Dublin) - Posts: 4363 - 12/05/2016 08:41:26    1854240


Joxer nicest Dubs jersey of them all imo, haven't been this happy about a jersey in a long time.

clondalkindub (Dublin) - Posts: 9926 - 12/05/2016 10:11:38    1854263


Really like it - love that it has a collar.

Is that the Spire i see running up the side of the jersey - or am i reading too much into it?!?

HenryHill16 (Dublin) - Posts: 249 - 12/05/2016 10:44:22    1854278


Really like it. As does my son, was kind of hoping he wouldn't so I only had to buy 1!

CroiGorm (Dublin) - Posts: 1547 - 12/05/2016 10:54:39    1854286


Smaller AIG logo and it would be nailed , will invest

Damothedub (Dublin) - Posts: 5193 - 12/05/2016 11:04:08    1854292


Just looking at the jersey being displayed by Connolly and co , question the shorts tell me we are going to get matching shorts ? as jersey displayed with navy shorts looks cat

Damothedub (Dublin) - Posts: 5193 - 12/05/2016 11:09:50    1854297


Id say they'll keep the navy shorts no navy on jersey.

theduke66 (Dublin) - Posts: 324 - 12/05/2016 11:48:49    1854319


Meh. Dont like it

waynoI (Dublin) - Posts: 13597 - 12/05/2016 11:49:01    1854320


White shorts would make it look a little too 'fancy' for me.

best jersey in the country imho

HenryHill16 (Dublin) - Posts: 249 - 12/05/2016 12:12:04    1854334


Agree Dameo. Sky blue jersey with white stripes on navy shorts and socks = fashion faux pas.

Heffo wore white shorts with his blue and white jersey. This needs a rethink.

Clondalkin, get rid of the AIG on the back, make the one on the front smaller and it could be a hit but not with navy shorts and socks. Needs a belly test also. Do we need to hold bellies in going by the chicks with this number or has it got a bit of give around the waist area? No doubt I'll invest anyway to add to the 30 yr collection.

Joxer (Dublin) - Posts: 4363 - 12/05/2016 12:16:19    1854339


I haven't been a fan of the jerseys from the last few years.

The 2011 one was okay, could've been very good but got ruined by the red vodafone logo imo.

The 2013 one was poor I thought. Didn't like it at all for some reason.

The 2015 one was nice enough although a little too dark for my taste and the sponsor is far too big on it.

I'll have to see this new one in the flesh before. Like a lot of the recent efforts it looks grand but is ruined by the massive sponsor, and then sticking the sponsor on the back too looks bad.

MesAmis (Dublin) - Posts: 13194 - 12/05/2016 12:31:29    1854350