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After today's abysmal result I stand by original post ports managment OTF. Ye canny blame the county players again!

cahill (None) - Posts: 2567 - 23/06/2013 18:28:11    1413482


Portaferry hurlers look to be bowing out of division 1 hurling in Antrim this year. There seems to be no leadership on the side line to manage and direct the players on the pitch. Antiquated training and playing methods are now fuelling their demise. The neighbouring clubs both have players on the Down senior panel/ team and they both are holding their own in the league. After all one of the selectors did say this was the strongest panel they have had for years, obviously he is not using the players available to their strengths.

Obviously the players have to shoulder part of the responsibility and have to commit, but need to be directed by people who have respect from the squad. The committee need to get involved, after all, I am told, it was them who appointed the present management regime, and sort things out.

Looking at their juvenile set up Portaferry seem to be doing the fundamentals right but they seem to be loosing their way when coming through to senior status. Are they not being coached properly? Last year their senior manager seemed to have a balance of youth and experience with game plans for each opponent, where has he gone this year? For the sake of hurling on the Ards and indeed the county of Down, Portaferry GAC need to address their failings, get rid of dead wood and get things back on track before the club goes into free fall.

As a hurling fan I have enjoyed the feel good factor that the county team has injected through out the county with their recent success but I would be disappointed to see Portaferry fall from the top tear of Ulster hurling namely division 1 in Antrim. It definitely would not be good for Down hurling.

swan song (None) - Posts: 451 - 24/06/2013 09:43:35    1413893


Look lads don't worry about who drops as long as they are from Down. Antrim league- Antrim teams.

silvertoungue (Antrim) - Posts: 101 - 24/06/2013 10:41:25    1413961


Sliver I think you need to speak to fellow county men on this esp those in N Antrim. The Down teams and indeed Derry as well , have been enhancing the Antrim leagues throughout the years and indeed have got a lot out of it, so its a win win for all concerned.

The team with the least points will go down no matter where they are from, hopefully not from Down.

Going by your logic then I expect to see you to call for Antrim teams to withdraw from the Leinster Championship or are you being selective?

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 24/06/2013 11:13:13    1414000


Is it 2 down this year?

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 24/06/2013 12:07:56    1414089


A big win for Ports in the park yesterday. Johnnies have been going very well. Hopefully we can kick on and stay out of the bottom 2.

I hear it's 2 up 2 down.

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 947 - 22/07/2013 08:08:57    1438146


Cahill, you can't make a silk purse out of a pigs ear............

Ports (players) attitude is well documented over the years, now that Gala week is over they'll train like demons for the jeremiah mcveigh, maybe win it, but not go any further due to lack of application earlier on in the year and then back to the high stools until next July. There are obvious exceptions and you gotta feel sorry for them as if they played for either of the other two clubs they'd have a few Ulster senior club medals to look back on. Instead they have to listen to lads whining about not winning yet in the next breathe will be out at Kirkstown or playing with the rovers..

The inability of Portaferry to bring good young hurlers up to senior level also stems from the fact they are raised up on pedestals far too early and when things don't come as easy in senior level they pack it in.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2477 - 23/07/2013 13:25:58    1439809


Interesting observations from Bricktop

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 24/07/2013 08:48:57    1440648


very interesting indeed.

the_guvner (Down) - Posts: 318 - 24/07/2013 10:19:35    1440747



sliothar (Antrim) - Posts: 339 - 24/07/2013 10:54:46    1440774


Load a rubbish!!

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 947 - 24/07/2013 12:49:06    1440969


Lack of young hurlers coming through in Portaferry? Dead on. A lot of the minor and u21 teams the past few years have featured many Ports and they are showing it in Senior hurling also. PS, Ports two wins away from Ballgalget in the table with some good fixtures coming up. Not about how you start, its about how you finish!

Cattleman6 (Down) - Posts: 96 - 25/07/2013 12:24:09    1441958


Bricktop bricktop. With the exception of 5-6 players The poratferry team is majority 22-23 and under. You are just polluting the page with pure and utter rubbish. Blaming Gala week for no ulster is just a stupid statement. Should have shown your face at the gala maybe someone would have spoke some sense into you

themagicman (Down) - Posts: 81 - 25/07/2013 13:18:42    1442040


Not sure bricktop said it was due to the festival more likely lack of committment prior to it if i read him correctly.
There has to be some reason the biggest club in the ards have nil Ulster Club titles whilst the other two have 3 each, cant just be luck or can it?
Lets be honest, the ballycran lads carried the Down team this year onto the Christy Ring, others assisted esp dule, magic etc... but the crans pushed us over the line

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 25/07/2013 16:02:31    1442293


pure rubbish#### bout u21s minors 2 games away in league from bgalget crans carried down team in christy ring just shows u stick to ur own at county level thought it was a team effort the sooner yr all out of yr bubble the better all will see how yr club players go in a few weeks in ulster fianl you could write the report any day

sliothar (Antrim) - Posts: 339 - 25/07/2013 17:44:28    1442479


pure rubbish#### bout u21s minors 2 games away in league from bgalget crans carried down team in christy ring just shows u stick to ur own at county level thought it was a team effort the sooner yr all out of yr bubble the better all will see how yr club players go in a few weeks in ulster fianl you could write the report any day

Bit early for the sauce

Tim_Burr (Down) - Posts: 460 - 26/07/2013 11:23:34    1442910


Lads - is there a new hurling 'senior' team on the horizon?

I was just looking there at Antrim League Div III and Breadgh are sitting top...looks like just a few more wins and they will be playing their trade in Antrim Div II next year - what a fantastic achievement and boost for the county!

Can you see Bredagh doing well in Div 2? Whats your thoughts on Bredagh contesting the Down SHC over the next few years (if current progression levels continue). Would be great to see another senior club in down playing in the SHC alongside the Ports, Galgets and Crans! The youth set-up in Bredagh is certainly starting to bear would appear.

THEMOLE2 (Down) - Posts: 1615 - 26/07/2013 13:25:54    1443083


themole its certainly an improvement on how they did in division 3 last year anyway!il give it 10 years before they can really put up a strong fight

hsbai (Down) - Posts: 8 - 26/07/2013 18:37:09    1443432


I'd say Bredagh would be happy enough with there progress. It seems the Antrim leagues the only show in town if you want to get better. It just doesnt suit the south Down clubs to travel the long distances but I know Ballela & Kilclief have played in Antrim before.

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 29/07/2013 09:44:20    1445658


I hear all the Derry teams are joining the Antrim leagues next year. It is without doubt the league to play in if you want to progress. Bredagh are going well this year and put up another big score yesterday. If it is two up and two down it looks like they will be playing division 2 next year. There's alot of talk of Portaferry not going well. In my opinion they will stay up this year and I would still fancy them for championship. I can see the championship mind games have started already!

the_guvner (Down) - Posts: 318 - 29/07/2013 11:20:39    1445860