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Losers always make excuses and that includes my own county. After Lar went off against KK apart from John O'Dwyer Tipp seemed to have little to offer in attack, so when Tipp got their chance against the champs, for the third year running it was more or less the same old story. With long established LK/TIPP history either of those sides taking each other for granted would the height of hurling folly. Anyway League form has been proved over and over again to have nothing to do with championship form and this has been proved time out of number. The feats of Dublin, Monaghan and LK are just further examples of an age old phenomenon. Your own county won two All Irelands and never won a National League in that decade, or did they seem very upset by not doing well in what is after all merely a secondary competition.

Oldtourman (Limerick) - Posts: 2394 - 25/07/2013 11:22:05    1441870


i really dont care about history and i can tell you that any player playing on an intercounty team does not care about history either. i dont see why so many people always bring up history in an argument/debate as it has no relevance to the current day. obviously recent games and familiarity that comes with that will be relevant, but not games played over the last 20, 30, 40 years. the head to head record between clare and galway in championship is 8 4 in favour of clare. i doubt that any player will be aware of this on sunday nor will they care. history is for supporters to reminisce over but players just focus on the game in the here and now. you might not think so but its a different mindset on the pitch than what it is 10 feet away in the stand i can assure you of that.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1859 - 25/07/2013 13:22:47    1442049


hurling expert will you give a rest....all you keeping doing is knocking limericks wins over tipp and cork...and telling us why clare should have won against cork. I can see see that your waiting for limerick to slip up (hopefully it won't happen), and come back here saying I told ye limerick were only average....I for one if limerick are beat hope that clare goon and win the all Ireland why can't you be more of a man and act like that.

munsterchamps (Limerick) - Posts: 846 - 25/07/2013 13:33:15    1442063


Hurling expert you seem to have a fair knowledge of Hurling but you simply dont understand the dynamic of the Limerick-Tipperary rivalry. Tipperary never underestimate Limerick.Thats not saying that Tipp dont expect to win more often than not..From 1973 to 81 Limerick beat Tipp 6 times in a row in Munster Championship. Your incorrect in your analysis of the Tipp mindset. Put simply Limerick played better and Tipp played as good as they were let..kIlkenny showed their limitations yet again in the qualifier..
I give Clare a great chance against Galway if they get down and dirty and get at least two goals.If as I predict Cork beat Kilkenny then it will be Clare v Limerick in the semi..What a game that would be up in Croker..Maybe Clare suppoerters will finally show up for that.(Why has the clare following collapsed?)They ll still be vastly out numbered but the banter will be great..

bloodyban (Limerick) - Posts: 1281 - 25/07/2013 13:39:32    1442073


i'm not really saying that tipperary underestimated limerick, i said that their minds were elsewhere, the year was about redemption for them, there aim was to win munster and get into the all ireland series for a craic at kilkenny. whereas for limerick aswell as clare their main aim and sole focus was to win their first games, and then take it from there. tipp were caught looking too far ahead, and were deservedly beaten by a hungrier, more focused and determined team who were willing to battle. tipp were expected to win and expected the same of themselves, while limerick were hoping to win, note how these 2 perceptions have a massive influence on the mindset of players on each team. the different levels of motivation that each team would have instilled also is a huge factor. i guarantee that no one mentioned the results of games between 73 and 81 within the 2 panels, for limerick it was about proving that division 2 teams can mix it with the best of division 1 and beat them, revenge for defeat last year when they should have won and also to get to a munster final. for tipp it was an opportunity to get one step closer to another crack at kilkenny. ultimately they failed but by losing by only 3 points they somewhat restored pride.
on clares following collapsed are you saying it has progress over the course of this year. or that it has been declining over the last few years?

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1859 - 25/07/2013 14:25:21    1442130


History influences current events..Fail to acknowledge history and tradition and risk repeating past mistakes..Thats common knowledge..Anyway we can disagree on its importance.. Regarding the Clare support..Its declined steadily over the past 5 to ten years..Traditionally Clare bring good support but Id say they are behind everyone in munster supporter wise right now..Teams need the 16th man..Like I said theres great support from certain areas in Clare..But the likes of Ennis arent great whereas Limerick City folk tag along after the limerick hurlers and may never have touched a hurley in their lives..Does Caherdavin and Raheen still have minibuses going to clare matches..Great Clare supporters in those two areas believe it or not...Theyve clare connections obviously

bloodyban (Limerick) - Posts: 1281 - 25/07/2013 15:13:17    1442209


So lads, how is this game going to go on Sunday (Galway v Clare) ?

Clare look to be in good form and should be favourites to win this (Although the bookies seem to have Galway as slight fav's still

Galway win 5/6

Draw 10/1

Clare win 11/10

Galway are obviously worried by our two poor games this season (Laois, Dublin) and are having closed doors training... trying to sort out a few things..... and keep Davy's spies out :-)

littlevillage (Galway) - Posts: 236 - 25/07/2013 15:27:48    1442230


I reckon the reason Galway are favourites is really to do with their form in last years championship. If they can get a performance like Leinster final then they could blow Clare away.
Clare struggled against Waterford, well beaten against Cork, played really well against Laois & although the better team they could easily have lost to Wexford at the end.

It really is a hard game to call as we simply don't know which Galway team will turn up.

With Clare -baring injury, every person in the county can say with almost certainity who will be playing in numbers 1-8. Kelly, Donovan, McInerney, Dillon, O'Connor, Donnellan, Buglar, Galvin. Of the other 7 positions, Colin Ryan, Kelly, Conlon, Honan, Collins will almost certainly start with last 2 spots probably between O'Donnell, McGrath, Duggan & McInerney.

Galway don't have that consistency which has been their achilles heel for years. And even then, they haven't managed to settle on a full-back or centre-back. Then they have the issue of where to play Canning. In saying all that, if Galway click they can be awesome.

While it's a difficult game to call, I reckon whoever wins will do so by more than 7 points as I think whoever can get on top early and get the crucial goals will probably run away with the game. Clare really collapsed against Cork in the 2nd half, and although Galway made a bit of a fightback against Dublin after half time they were still comprehensively beaten in the end.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 25/07/2013 15:48:59    1442266


bloodyban the size of the population has a significant impact on attendances so that is why clare would have the smallest following of munster counties as we have the least number of people by a distance. i really dont know the break down of support coming from across the county so idont know how you can be so sure that there are few ennis people going to clare games. did you just say ennis because it is the only place in clare that you know??

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1859 - 25/07/2013 16:05:54    1442305


Clare has a larger population than Waterford. Your census results are like your hurling analysis...Inaccurate. Were you one of those Fowards that always shot at the posts even when youd racked up half a dozen wides already? Hurling Expert your heart cant be questioned but thats not enough in Championship Hurling.
Iv been in every hamlet in Clare west,north,east and south. Id support them more often than not..was at every munster final involving clare since 93.

bloodyban (Limerick) - Posts: 1281 - 25/07/2013 16:33:45    1442361


Bloodyban & Hurling expert we are going off topic here.
Yes, populations are a big factor for supporters numbers, but like every other sport -fans follow winning teams.
Munster rugby didn't really have a major following before the professional era. Leinster rugby were struggling to fill Donnybrook before they made their own breakthrough and now they can sell out the aviva for home group stage matches.

The Irish soccer team are probably struggling to get more than 10,000 for home matches -yet less than a year ago over 20,000 Irish people travelled to Poland to follow them. You couldn't get a ticket for Lansdowne Rd when they were going well under big Jack.

It would be great to get a Clare v Limerick semi-final, and I've no doubt both counties will bring huge support. Both teams would really fancy their chances of getting to a final, plus they would both dearly love to knock each other out. Due to population Limerick will obviously bring more fans, but I've no doubt there would be a big crowd there.

Back to this weekend's action, does anyone know if Kelly & Honan have recovered from injury for the game?

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 25/07/2013 16:55:07    1442397


sorry i forgot to count that other 3,400 people in clare they were hiding the first time i counted. practice makes perfect lad keep shooting and they are bound to start going over sooner or later and when they start hitting the sweet spot its not going to stop.
apparently both should be fit, although i doubt they will both start as it would be risky to start 2 players who may not be fully fit.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1859 - 25/07/2013 17:36:27    1442462


Pat Fitzgerald was quoted in the papers today - talking about this young Clare team
"They have been burdened by the favorites' tag this year," he says in The Irish Times.
"Like, before the Cork game. I think it is most unfair on young players.
They are only 20 years of age and psychologically they are vulnerable.

Seanie McMahon wasnt too vulnerable at that age! I dont think the present crop are either..

This kind of talk baffles me - Clare have allot of talent and shouldnt be getting caught up in the likes.
Nothing comes easy, you have to take on the challenges head on and overcome them - thats how winning is done

He talks about phychology. I hope his son understands that if your made raging hot favourites for a game - thats something thats totally out of your control. You can do nothing about it so why get consumed by it.
What is in your control is how you prepare for the game - in order to give your best performance. That's Davy's job

Good luck on Sunday

Ban (Westmeath) - Posts: 1059 - 26/07/2013 10:15:08    1442819


totally agree ban. i think pat fitz should keep quiet and stop talking nonsense. this sort of talk just gives players a safety net to fall back on as an excuse if they dont win. he should concentrate in getting the club fixtures sorted out. the only place we want to see anyone talking is the players on the field.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1859 - 26/07/2013 10:55:31    1442872


Yeah, almost all counties are paranoid about being the underdog -and it gets very irritating listening to managers trying to talk up the other team all the time.

Successful teams are those that can cope with the tag of favouritism. The likes of Kilkenny or Kerry are never too bothered when people expect them to win.
Bookies are seldon wrong. This Clare/Galway game is pretty much 50/50 with Galway just shading it in odds.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 26/07/2013 10:59:51    1442877


Kerry footballers and Cork hurlers revel and live up to favourites tag. It's something that reassures them. They go out on the field an inch taller.. It only becomes a burden if you let it. Being an under dog is all well and good but how many times can that well be drilled. I'd agree with the above poster who's name I can't recall 'hexpert' I think who said it can be used as a safety net.. If you were to take the underdogs tag mum I jumbo to its natural conclusion then a team should hardly be able to win two matches against quality opposition in a row.. If they were underdogs for the first they'd logically be less so for the second.. Gimme favourites tag anyday

bloodyban (Limerick) - Posts: 1281 - 26/07/2013 11:20:58    1442908


i understand what you are saying bloodyban but those players come from very big and successful counties n have a natural confidence about them, plus tradition is huge in the gaa. for example, no matter how good clare would be at any point in time, cork, kk or tipp would fancy beating them, same as we would fancy beating likes of laois, westmeath etc.. it takes a special kind of person and mentaility to break that n i fear clare lack it at present. the 90s team were blessed with born leaders like seanie mac, dalo, lohan, fitzgerald, baker and other quiter lads who stood up to the plate like doyle and lynch etc. not to mention they had 3 big personalities on the sideline too. we have talent in abundance but not sure we have the leaders, esp up the middle. tony considine alluded to it a few times this year and i agree with him

as for the clare support, it has collaped and no point dressing it up. the support against waterford n cork was pathetic and i felt sorry for the team. people will travel all over the country n over to england to watch sports, concerts, etc n spend 90/100 on admission in some cases, n then moan about 15 euro for a terrace ticket to a hurling game? limerick is practically a home game for all of east clare n cork outnumbered us. disgrace

the hard core is about 5000 now, at best. this needs to improve, the team deserve the support

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1021 - 27/07/2013 12:15:07    1443712


is Tony Kelly starting ?

Murlo111 (Dublin) - Posts: 192 - 28/07/2013 14:51:14    1444714


Woo hooo

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 28/07/2013 17:41:01    1445043


Bring on limerick

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 28/07/2013 18:18:36    1445124