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Minor Hurling Final 2012

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Well was anyone on here at this game ? Seems to be getting a lot of attention in the press mainly down to the fact that Daly is managing Dublin. Unfair press in my view. Romer has now come out and said he wasn't punched he tripped should that be the end of it?

happyh10 (Clare) - Posts: 78 - 30/10/2012 12:45:21    1290030


Being a tipp man I obviously wasn't at it but if the pics are anything to go by Daly n Sheedy have questions to answer! Clinched fists show intent........ I never pushed someone with a clinched fist!

semplestadium (Tipperary) - Posts: 146 - 30/10/2012 13:52:14    1290076


It's utter rubbish and should be forgotten about, Semple you are being very Simplistic and that doesn't rate in an inquiry.
No harm done ....Move on!!

letsrip (Clare) - Posts: 23 - 30/10/2012 15:19:48    1290147


1.Well no it is not getting any extra attention than the limerick supporter last week appearing in the dailies for a week even though he received a suspension of 96 weeks on the monday night after sundays game.Even though his altecation was not as strong it appears as Daly`s
2. The powers that be including Padraic Duffy were all high and mighty last week about this supporter but have become very coy this week on a much more serious issue.
3. Daly`s is much more serious as he was a mentor to minors the Limerick guy was a supporter leading to 3/4 `s of the gaelic grounds closed doen and extra stewards and gaurds
4. Daly will probably get 2 months - november and december.

westtrooper (Limerick) - Posts: 329 - 30/10/2012 15:53:49    1290176


Letsrip..... Daly is clearly shown throwing punches and if u don't think that warrants an inquiry then that's fine, it's your opinion! But I bet there is a lot of people who think otherwise!

He is a mentor of a minor team, he should know more than most that his reaction is totally unacceptable, regardless if he was provoked or not! I don't care who he is and neither should the GAA, from what I see from the photos he should get a ban. There are players sent off for less and they get suspended so a mgr acting this way deserves his punishment too (whether he is a hurling great or not)

And trooper I think Martin Stokes should of got a lifetime ban......what use is a man like that to the Gaa? His actions will encourage other fools to come onto the pitch! Gaa should have zero tolerance of fans acting like that.

semplestadium (Tipperary) - Posts: 146 - 31/10/2012 10:51:43    1290529