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Should be an interesting final. Newmarket completely changed team, nothing flashy, grinding out results. Craloe letal if given half a chance as they proved in quarter final and semi final. Could have lost both but managed to eke out a wins. Need Enda Barrett and Colin Ryan to be in top form if Newmarket are to have a chance. Conor Ryan, Conor McGrath Paudge Collins and Cathal McInerney have serious firepower for Cratloe. Cratloe favourites.
Will final be moved to SMB if Cusack Park unplayable?

hardshoulder (Clare) - Posts: 4 - 17/10/2012 15:17:45    1284453


no way smb for a county final u must be joking me

hondabanner (Clare) - Posts: 20 - 19/10/2012 19:29:15    1285711


i hope crarloe win it.the county board rode cratloe this year on more than one would be good for hurling if they win

kavvie (Clare) - Posts: 501 - 20/10/2012 10:18:48    1285791


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why would you think it would be good for hurling for Cratloe to win they won a county title in 09. Newmarket havent won a county title in around 30 years i think it would be good for them to win a county title. i think the lads from the 2004-2006 u21 teams deserve a county title for the amount of hurling they have put into the club and i hope they win. However i think Cratloe will have to much for them and expect Cratloe to win by 4-6

dubshurling7 (Dublin) - Posts: 1007 - 20/10/2012 15:16:24    1285889


Newmarket deserve to win a county title more than Cratloe. Have come very close over the last few years and for such a strong hurling club they have been too long without a title.

Quinnj (Clare) - Posts: 1 - 25/10/2012 22:02:31    1288475