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Anthony Daly Free-1995

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Was just watching the Dublin/Clare game on the box the other night.Seeing Anthony Daly brought back memories of that heroic win in '95.
Remember the game very well, but what sticks out most in my mind is the Anthony Daly 65' to put ye a point up after the goal. Just wondering, if Sean McMahon was taking the 65's all through the game, why did Daly take this final one. Did he always take the ones from the right hand side of the field? Was McMahon injured? Or did Daly just want it?! Cant fault the decision on him taking it cos he nailed it, but if he missed surely the question would have been asked, what the hell was he doing?

If anyone could shed light on it, id appreciate it.

Kingroyal (Meath) - Posts: 30 - 14/07/2010 17:59:04    709269


Pretty sure I remember seeing a documentary that Daly just wanted to take them at that stage.
It shows great leadership, but as you've said -had he missed there would have been a lot of question marks.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 15/07/2010 13:37:42    710165


Good Times for underage Clare hurling

Cant understand Clare's selection last night are Laim Markham Eoin Hayes Cillian Duggan not better than those nacks picked

some of these east Clare players are no where near as good case of selection favoutism id say

clooney (Clare) - Posts: 636 - 15/07/2010 14:42:08    710311


Great times indeed

Up_the_Banner (Dublin) - Posts: 107 - 15/07/2010 15:16:12    710387


We seem to have hit a bit of a purple patch with regards underage talent. Long may it continue. Hopefully in the next 6 years we will back challenging for All IRelands where we belong

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2061 - 15/07/2010 15:21:50    710396