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So do any changes need occur from the Wateford game? Would ye bring Gerry Quinn back into the fold given he is fit again. I would keep the same team but draft in Quinn at center back, move Mc Mahon to center forward and have Conlon in the corner alonside Honan and Ryan. Honan should be allowed to draft out to the center forward position to claim ball while conlon should move in full when he moves out!!

Winning this game should give us an easy route to the quarters and if we do get there we can seriously rattle some teams!!

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2061 - 08/07/2010 14:52:53    700456


clare to by 4 or 5.tuohy vaughan dillion cooney bugler quinn donnelan boc noc donavan mcmahon conlon clancy barrett or lynch or flagherty honan.

merlin (Clare) - Posts: 61 - 09/07/2010 18:37:12    701988


Bit surprised with this result. I suppose its hard to expect a team to develop over night. Should stick with this team though I think and not make Galway's mistake by throwing them aside and going back to pull them out of the pubs 3 yrs later.

1988 (Galway) - Posts: 354 - 11/07/2010 11:39:58    703032


Fans I said it on this forum or another one not long ago after the waterford game. Brian O'Connell
no longer is up to it. The dogs in the street know that so why is he on the team?
Also I would say that not all of the u21s upto it certainly not the O'Donovans!
Have we got any men between 21 and 30 outside of the u21s to make the panel?
It seemed that it was a very young team with no experienced older lads on it
except the already failed lads like Brian O'Connell and Markham and Mc Mahon!
The attitiude didnt seem right yet again against Dublin.How come they played 5 storming mins after half time
and yet didnt play at all in the first half or after conceeding the Dublin goal??????????
The attitiude and commitment is it there? Is management and the players getting on?
Something horribly went wrong and it wasnt the awe of Croke park either I believe as
half this team won an all ireland gainst the cats only last september at the same venue!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 12/07/2010 11:11:37    704704