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Clare team to face Dublin

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What will the line up be for the Dublin game? Any changes needed from the Waterford game? The team played very well so I don't really think any changes need occur. BOC didn't have a great game but I am sure he has lots to offer. Where does Mc Mahon play if Quinn is fit?

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2061 - 30/06/2010 11:12:24    691731


Lohans Red Helmet. I agree mostly with your analysis but would think some changes should be made.
You said Brian O'Connell didnt have a good game, I agree a 100 percent he didnt and for Captain and
playing in midfield thats not acceptable. I believe Brian wasnt fit and he didnt play in much of the league either
and had a poor game also in the DIV 2 Ffinal against Wexford. A new midfield partner for Nicky needs to be put on and
the hard decision taken to drop him as had Nicky back up particularly in the first half against Wterford when Nicky was
excellent, then Clare may have being well out of sight so good was Nicky playing and so poor Brian was playing!

Also I think Gerry Quinn should not automatically get the centreback position back. Its a long time since he played
and how will that affect him and if they are putting Diarmaid in the team then the only place for him is centreback
or else nowhere as he is not good enough to be a forward and now that our good u21s are up there it was never
so obvious that Diarmaid is not suited to a forward position.

Finally Barry Nugent should be on the panel. They are weak in the half forward line to win ball for the full forwards
so Nugent could be utilised as the strong man to rove around the midfield and the half forward line I believe. I think
he is a great trier and always chips in with a few scores no matter what game he is having. Definitely a place for Barry
in the panel or as a sub. It just does not make sense to have him off the panel!

Also where is Cono Mc Grath and Conor Tierney and Damien Browne, Liam Markham, Barry Loughnane, they are great
classy young players some of them u21 and for some reason havent got called at all to the panel or are some of them too
young and will be on the ponel next year? I think some of them have u21 all irteland medals and never too young if
good enough for Clare to be tried out!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 30/06/2010 13:14:49    691896


Some fair points made. We do need a bit more experience in the centre forward line however and I think Mc Mahon could fit in there at wing forward instead of Clancy who should push in corner forward in place of Lynch. With regards Barry Nugent, I dont believe he was dropped from the panel but rather left of his own accord. I read that it was due to the fact that he was unhappy with his form but I don't believe this. I think it has more to do with the fact that he got no run in the league final which was strange given our forwards struggled. I would defo have him on the panel if he is up for selection as he was always every handy for a few scores from the bench.

With regards BOC, I agree that maybe he was not fit but I still regard him as a good player. He has had a good month of training now to sort his fitness and anyway we are struggling for centre midfilders. I think Nikki has the potential to be one of the countries best midfielders.

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2061 - 30/06/2010 14:21:02    692023


tuohy conney glynn vaughan bugler quinn donnelan boc noc donavan mcmahon conlon honan lynch or barret clancy. need a full foward that wll break ball for honan.gilligan would be a great addition for his expeirence alone and them young lads badly need someone like that around them especially in the fowards.other donavan would be unlucky not to be starting.

merlin (Clare) - Posts: 61 - 01/07/2010 21:48:13    693843


Merlin I agree mostly with you that Gilligan would be a great addition to the team/panel as the young new
skilful forwards need a strong experienced forward like Gilligan to break the ball into the forward line.
Didnt I open a new forum on that point so great that you taking it on board Merlin eventhough you think I am
an eejrt which I believe I am not. I am just trying to sickenen those limerick fans who are trying to move into Clare
with their boundary and whose referee deprived us of a u21 title in 2008!
Nugent would also be a help in that regard, and the management should not let him depart from the panel,
they didnt encourage him or give him enough games so hard to blame him when he departed, but its a mystery
why he didnt get on the team before!

However I am not in full agreement with Brian O'Connell being left on the Clare team as he was not fit this year for Munster
Championship hurling and didnt play in most of the league either. Why are Clare persisting with a midfielder who I believe
is not fit and no longer up to it and I believe hasnt being with a few seasons at this stage. The last good game he played
was in 2005 against Cork in Croke Park when Clare should have won. Other than that game there hasnt being many other
games where I believe he has stood out! He certainly is not providing backup or esperience to Nicky O'Connell
like Colin Lynch did when Brian O'Connell came on the Clare Team! Also can anyone give reasons or explain why
Markham, Chaplain or Damien Browne cant be brought on to the panel for midfield? Its one of the biggest mysteries
for me at the moment. Surely one of them should have given an opportunity to replace or test Brian O'Connell.

I agree that there is a place in the backline for Glynn maybe instead of Vaughan. As regards Gerry Quinn I think
one cant take a risk putting him in at centreback at this stage after a long absence and especially when Diarmaid Mc Mahon
played ok there in the last game and it seems to be Diarmaids natural position not in the forward line which
I always disagreed with, so I wouldnt change that at all. Quinn can always be brought in as a sub and that would be the proper
way to go and see how he performs after his long absence, it would also be unfair to Mc Mahon to loose out at centreback
when he played well there in last game.

Please publish this Administrator as I feel these are my opinions on the positions.


steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 02/07/2010 12:41:06    694142