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U-21 B football championship

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Who do ye think will win these games. Kilmihil vs Corofin. Clondegad vs Kildysert. Shannon Gaels vs Clarecastle. I think Kilmihil, Clondegad and Shannon Gaels.

allstars100 (Clare) - Posts: 10 - 29/06/2010 11:21:09    690603


Ah I believe its all ther same shur the County Team I believe is no good anyway.

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 29/06/2010 15:00:06    691008


oh yes you are means nothing to these u21s who are training hard twice a week since february.goodman yourself.i tell you that if i won an u21 medal it would be a very proud achievement.we might not be the most gifted county but i tell you everyone gives a 110 per cent every time they step on the football field

allstars100 (Clare) - Posts: 10 - 29/06/2010 17:16:43    691261


What achievement would it be when you know deep down that Clare county football teams cant win silverware.
Shur if you have not got a good county team any year why bother with U21 club competitions?

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 30/06/2010 10:52:56    691693


do me a favour mate.go to any of the 21s games this weekend and then tell me that this competition means nothing to the players.who cares about the county team.this is for the club.every player is proud to put on their local teams havent got a clue if you think this competition is not important.anyone would be proud to have a 21s medal with their over county anyday

allstars100 (Clare) - Posts: 10 - 30/06/2010 11:29:33    691751


lived in clare for a number of years played underage football at up to under minor level with clare and when moved to Dublin up to u21 level with Dublin after. Was an unused sub in an All Ireland 21 for Dublin and i can say hand on heart there was no difference between both county football in Dublin and Clare the only difference being at the age group i was playing at Dublin could grind out victories. I played with lads from quilty who have played in Munster Club Finals and have won them so when your saying these lads arent up to the standard you havent a clue Clare football has dropped in the last number of years just like hurling has but there is only one place they can and will go and that is up.

dubshurling7 (Dublin) - Posts: 1007 - 30/06/2010 12:41:05    691845


allstars100 wrote on this forum

'who cares about the county team' give me club over county any day'

Haha thanks for answering the mystery of why the Clare County Teams are poor.
No wonder they are when GAA people like you say 'give me club over county
any day' and 'who cares about the county team'

Its the same with Kilmurray put Clare Club football on the National Map big time
but alot of them wont improve the County Team by refusing to make themselves available!
Why for instance is Noel Downes not available for Clare?

Also why have we only got one midfielder Garry Brennan to take on the role of two
midfielders for Clare?
Clubs any answers? I bet ye havent!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 30/06/2010 12:59:29    691875


dont change the subject said that this u21 tournament doesnt matter.and the reason players dont play for their county is because in the past there has being too much emphasise on training hard 3 times a week.players dont want to be training like this after a tough campaign with their clubs and they feel that training hard 3 times a week is too much because of the expectations and quality of fairness whats the point in training 3 times a week when more than likely you wont play more than 1 game in the munster and maybe a game or 2 in the quailifiers.also as far as i know some training sessions took place at ridiculous times

allstars100 (Clare) - Posts: 10 - 30/06/2010 13:11:56    691893


allstars100 I believe its because of fans like you that Clare dont win anything in football in the summertime!

So training 3 times a week is too hard on young men just because there is a standard expected by the fans
that the players know they cant achieve anyway! What nonsense! Is it not the same for Cork and Kerry?

Also all 'GREAT' county teams that win All Irelands do training and loads of it, ask Mickey Harte of Tyrone
or the 'GREAT' Ger Loughnane and Mike Mac Namara and Tony Considine when Clare won 2 All Irelands
in the nineties and ran the hills of Crusheen and Shannon and trained in the mornings early and when they went
through cruelty in the heat of 95 and 97 to achieve what they did and wasnt it worth it to the fans the players ant the county?
Also in 1992 with John Maughan as football manager the team trained and trained and wasnt it worth it when they won
the Munster Final against Kerry and played the all ireland semifinal against Dublin in Croke Park?

You must have being one of those people so that took the glory as a fan or GAA person and didnt realise
all the hard work and training thats required to get to the top?

What nonsense you say that they wouldnt play for Clare because they were expected to train 3 times a week!
Oh no wonder fans and the players with attitudes like you win nothing and then ye have the cheek to put club
before county! That doesnt happen as much in the hurling and wasnt allowed with the football either in 1992!

Then again all the m great players of the nineties in the hurling and football teams wer Men who were not afraid
of hard frequent training and met the challenge! If fans like you are supporting the current players with that
kind of attitude then its little wonder


steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 30/06/2010 13:27:44    691917


it is not an opinion its a fact.if they trained 7 days a week they would get no better.of course kerry and tyrone train 3 times a week because they will always be up their at the end of the all:ireland.players are not commited to training all these hours when they know that there wont be great rewards.more work should be done with 21s and underage to make them better players earlier.when a kerry person is born he is brought up with a football.more should be done in this county to make players is people like you that discourage players by saying that underage doesnt matter bcos the senior team is useless

allstars100 (Clare) - Posts: 10 - 30/06/2010 14:04:26    691994