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What Clare Hurlers are Playing with UCC??

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Hey lads was just wondering what Clare hurlers are playing with UCC in the Waterford Crystal Cup??? I see they played and beat Cork today....and I see the likes of Doherty, Honan wasnt with the Clare Seniors today....

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 17/01/2010 18:56:17    535396


I agree with you Irish Rover. The new management has given a chance again to the same goalie and Diarmaid Mc Mahon.
No real new changes at all. Like why was Darach Honan not playing for Clare yesterday he has great prospects and yet
not given a chance. Yet Fergal Lynch and Mark Flaherty on the panel before were started!
Seems like wont be much changes in team lineout for 2010 if yesterdays game is anything to go by!
If that stays that way Clare are going no where while the u21s and other good club players will have been wasted!
If your young but good enough then you should get a chance as simple as that. Thats the way other counties do it!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 18/01/2010 10:07:59    535638


The worrying thing about this tread is that the same names are appearing over and over again. People in the county complain about not looking for new talent and sticking with the same players who made it onto the senior teampreviously, aren't some of the clare supporters on this tread doing the exact same????
FANS get real we need new players on the Clare Senior Team!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 18/01/2010 10:41:41    535677


As far as I know, the colleges get first choice on players. That's why Darach Honan played with UCC yesterday and not Clare.
This is good for all counties in that managers will get to see a lot more players, and it gives the younger players more exposure to inter-county hurling.

Actually I was a bit surprised that Darach Honan did not make the starting 15 for UCC and only came on as a sub. I wonder if UCC felt he wasn't strong enough to make the team or whether he was injured/being rested.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 18/01/2010 13:07:41    535869


Steel...i am more than 100% sure that come the League and the likes of Honan etc will be given a fair chance....i wa just wondering where the lads were for the Waterford Crystal Cup. Its good that they play with their collages, just would love to see them with Clare in the League...building to the very best 15 players we can put out in the Championship.....thats what i want to see the very best 15 players representing us in the Championship and i am surre we will see that. We have a good squad this year for sure....

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 18/01/2010 16:04:38    536166


Honan scored a goal yesterday for UCC

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 18/01/2010 16:10:07    536177


I think you are being a harsh on Diarmaid Mc Mahon there steel.....he isnt a bad player....infact on his day a very good player....just needs to find his form again.

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 18/01/2010 19:52:25    536452


Ok Darach Honan was playing for UCC and scored a goal I am delighted so he will be around for Clare. However why havent Clare tried out/explored a new goalie as Philip Brennan in my view is not the number one choice. Also why wasnt O'Doherty the U21 captain tried out for Clare? Where is Sean Collins why wasnt he tried out? and what about the real young player Conor Mc Grath? Tipp have a young Noel Mc Grath they got directly out of minor yet Clare didnt try Conor Mc Grath and what about Conor Tierney? and Damian Browne of Cratloe a very good sticksman and on his day can land Seanie Mc Mahon type frees over the bar! He was u21 in 2008 munster u21 final and has been brillant for Cratloe in 2009 even if over u21! Is he forgotten about because he wasnt on the 2009 u21 team and was overage? I could go on and on but I wont. I just suspect that only 2 or three new lads are only going to be used in the crystal league which means there wont be changes for the league which would have been ideal given they playing division 2, which in turn looks like no changes worth talking about for 2010 come championship! I hope I am wrong but it doesnt look like even at this early early stage that not many new lads will be brought on board only a few to keep the fans quiet! By the way was Nicky O'Connell playing against Waterord IT either?

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 19/01/2010 10:02:48    536704


Nicky is in LIT.

Dalcassian (Clare) - Posts: 71 - 19/01/2010 13:23:56    536951


I agree with everything you said Steel.....i would love to see all the lads you mentioned involved with the Senior Team this year....lets hope he gets them on board and playing in the league.

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 19/01/2010 14:27:48    537061


did darach start for UCC or just come on as a sub?

IdeaSuns (Kildare) - Posts: 49 - 08/02/2010 19:27:30    555601


He has been starting some games but also comen on as a sub. Great talent

CoraFinne87 (Clare) - Posts: 44 - 17/02/2010 12:59:05    564116