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Well, I see we re getting a part time position from leinster council to push on hurling. I assume its from the initiative/funding that was allocated 1/2 yrs back? Maybe not. So what do people here think should be looked at?
Coaching - getting into schools? A lot of local clubs are on this already but great to have another good coach coaching the coaches. I think on the hurling front, brendan and des (when used) are 2 excellent men so having another would be a huge bonus.
Schools - I think both borris and pres dls are both capbale of leinster success at A and B in the coming yrs. I think this should be targeted as a real goal as we see the influence that successful schools team can play in other counties.
Centres of population - its great to.see both setanta and cthc pushing things hurling wise in the town. Hopefully this will drive on hurling in the town and I d hope its actively supported as its third for many (I know its num 1 for those club people) of the target audience in terms of choice. Tullow too need to be targeted as there are some v good people out there doing work and some v tidy hurlers. Burren rangers are showing how hard work and great spirit can achieve success - fielded a minor team.with 20 togged out on sat morn. We need our big centres producing hurlers as unlike other counties, we dont have a lot of other clubs. Would pal consider a hurling arm to their juv club in the future?
Games - a tricky one. Most clubs are dual, so getting the balance between enough hurling games and overall games a player has is tricky. At adult level, if teams play in leinster and kk leagues, they will get 11 guaranteed games minimum when including own championship too. I think the lge basis works well at min in all adult grades. Maybe doing some sort of floodlight winter league even with reduced numbers a side might be worth a look at all levels - 11 aside, focus on touch etc. To keep the eye in as they say! A lot of our minors, especially the better ones are getting a lot of games. In one way our dual ethos (which I support) will only let us expand so far given our limited playing numbers.

Just a few thoughts..

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I'd definitely be aiming at schools anyway. Specifically at the age group in which players seem to fall away. Definitely with the way Borris are progressing a decent crack at a Leinster title should be the aim and with the rising numbers in PDLS Bagenalstown success should come there too.

Regarding Carlow Town, great to see CTHC pushing harder now it's a pity it took the establishment of Setanta for that to happen but so be it. I always felt for hurling to prosper in Carlow Town it might take the likes of Eire Og to develop a hurling side. Tullow really needs to be targeted but at a younger level than in Borris and Bagenalstown. The second largest town in Carlow with only a junior hurling side is unacceptable. Great to see the work down in Burren Rangers driven by a small group of people, it's fantastic. They fielded a minor team that was also competitive and they reached a junior semi final last year too.

Without Leinster and Kilkenny leagues our clubs would be in trouble. The fact that we have no hurling league in the county affects clubs in trying to fit in these Leinster and Kilkenny games around football as there is now football on every weekend for the next 2 months and can lead to conflicts where they're separate clubs in places like Carlow Town, Bagenalstown and Fenagh/Ballinkillen. Great to see Ballinkillen and Erin's Own qualify for the semi finals of the Leinster League. I also see that MLR have entered their intermediate team into a new Kilkenny 2nd team league. I think Naomh Brid and St Mullins both won their opening Kilkenny league games last weekend so all clubs seem to be doing relatively well so far.

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