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Impressed me today up in Parnell park. Scorline was a bit unfair on them.

Played some lovely hurling at times and some very fine hurlers there. What Carlow probably need is the leagues to be rejigged so that they can play Antrim, Offaly Wexford for example on a regular basis to keep progressing.

Best of luck for the rest of the season

Brianmac78 (Dublin) - Posts: 1168 - 31/03/2013 17:55:02    1359179


Well league rounds over, what do we think ?. In my opinion we are lacking scoring forwards and are relying too much on mouse and frees. Our backs are solid enough and for the championship we need to get some more personnel on board especially forwards that can score and stop trying to make backs into forwards. Shane Kavanagh is the best back we have and we have him in the forwards which I think we are not getting the best out of him. Would we worried about Antrim game as they seem to be hitting high scores and we aren't. At this level goals are crucial and we are conceding too many and have only scored 3 which won't keep us in division 1b.

TopFan (Carlow) - Posts: 166 - 01/04/2013 11:28:36    1359337


Great weekend for underage hurling in Carlow. Minors won the final of the Leinster League yesterday beat Meath 1-10 to 0-9. Also u/16 hurlers had three fantastic wins. Beat Waterford 1-8 to 1-3, beat Mid-Tipperary 2-13 to 0-1 and also beat Limerick 4-6 to 2-10.

Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts: 1235 - 01/04/2013 12:12:11    1359354


Hard to argue with what you've posted TopFan. Would be hoping we'd win the next day notwithstanding.

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 468 - 01/04/2013 16:10:20    1359440


Well done to the young lads. Some nice young lads coming through. On the senior side, i d say we must have the largest number of 18 to 22yrs of any div 1 side - 14/15. Its great for them but its a huge step up. Other counties talk about blooding a few young lads, say kk with alyward, but hes 20 and only one of a handful of u21s on kk panel - think they had 3/4 on last yrs senior panel. We havent got a massive selection of forwards and 3 who were starters 3 yrs ago are no longer available this yr - p kehoe, d murphy and e byrne. would be a huge addittion when bk in the future as all 3 young men.

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 01/04/2013 16:19:09    1359444


Any votes for Seamus Cleere?

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 468 - 25/04/2013 20:49:17    1373937


How are we shaping up ahead of the London game on the 18th? If we win that and then the winners of the Westmeath/Antrim/Laois side we will be in a Leintser semi final,a great opportunity.

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1101 - 29/04/2013 16:20:34    1375711


Played cork intermediates yesterday and got bet by few points. We hadn't our full team or near it. Myler has been ringing lads to strengthen up the panel, didn't hear of anyone taking him up on his offer. Frank foley, paudie Kehoe and Denis Murphy were rang but didn't hear wheather they have committed or not.

TopFan (Carlow) - Posts: 166 - 29/04/2013 16:52:03    1375749