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A bitpeevedoff, I gave the facts relating to your argument, you referred to clubs not being allowed enter senior until Intermediate annexed, I refuted your argument based on facts, Milltown's achievement was certainly noteworthy but they also strolled through the competition at their ease, bar a couple of minutes of drama last Sunday after the sinbinning they were in complete control of every match, average winning margin in their last six matches was 10/11 points, their last really competitive game was in county semi final, this indicates that they were far superior to all opposition, they would have reached senior club final in Leinster in my view. They were superbly coached, moved the ball brilliantly from defence and have at least 7/8 players fit to start for Westmeath, hopefully they will commit to the county jersey as a Leinster county title is a distinct possibility.

kawaifive0 (Westmeath) - Posts: 112 - 11/12/2015 18:24:55    1812703


Being in the Intermediate grade was neither a Milltown or Westmeath decision. If it wasn't Milltown that won it, it would be some other Senior team from Westmeath. If Milltown didn't do it this year, they would be no arguments about what team is in what grade. Fact of the matter is, some Senior team would have to win it, be it Milltown or Garrycastle or St Lomans, and if it wasn't done this year, nobody would be bating an eyelid on what grade Westmeath teams go into.

abitpeevedoff (Westmeath) - Posts: 32 - 14/12/2015 08:31:27    1812872