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Headlines for wrong reasons

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Is anyone else getting a bit fed up with the way we are hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons? From players taking to twitter and Facebook to give out about unpaid expenses to hurling teams being forced into 2 championship games in 48 hours and underage county teams accused of stealing jerseys it's embarrassing to say the least. The important issues are getting lost behind this soap opera that's constantly going on.

Chops (Westmeath) - Posts: 775 - 15/08/2014 12:16:52    1637175


From what I am hearing the county chairman is to release a statement
About the robbery of items from the fermanagh ladies dressing room.
The county board have to either name the lads that were involved
Or be accused of hiding them. Certainly the lads that were not involved
Should not be branded as theives they went to represent there county
And because of that they will be judged as same as the lads thT did the robbing, and
That is exactly what it was those ladies bags and belongings were ransacked
It was not a few jerseys out of a bag by all accounts it was personell things
Also. I have a feeling the ones who did the harm wont ever be given
A county jersey again and rightly so.

uisneach (Westmeath) - Posts: 156 - 15/08/2014 16:26:43    1637347


Chops - you are right. There going ons with the various county teams show there is general chaos and mild anarchy at play in westmeath county teams. This chaos is growing out of a lack of LEADERSHIP in the county board. Time for a serious review and overhaul.

Redslayer (Westmeath) - Posts: 100 - 15/08/2014 18:33:47    1637396


Should have all been handled internaly and kept quiet until it was sorted.
Then the culprits would have been punished.
The minor hurlers would be playing tomorrow.
The county wouldn't look silly.
There's been far too many episodes

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1747 - 15/08/2014 18:36:57    1637398


valley 84 i find your comment disgraceful . in your mind the stealing of items should be swept under the carpet
i have seen some statements on this forum but as a westmeath man i am disgusted

mickcunningham (Westmeath) - Posts: 1229 - 15/08/2014 19:44:12    1637426


I said the culprits should have been punished.
They should have been dropped off the panel quietly and the rest of the players allowed to get on with representing the county.
Instead the story has gone national and a bunch of lads don't get to play their semi final and have all been smeared as possibly being one of the players responsible.

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1747 - 15/08/2014 20:48:40    1637457


Seemed reasonable enough to me mick, I think you might have read it wrong. Valley was still saying that the offenders would be punished in fairness. I find the use of the word disgraceful a bit much myself but I am not going to lift you out of it for that. We are all in this together lads!

Darragh (Westmeath) - Posts: 296 - 15/08/2014 21:20:32    1637465


According to the Westmeath GAA notes

"due to a disciplinary issue following the game, it was decided to pull the team from their semi final against Meath which was due to be held on Saturday 16th August in Trim. It was a pity that that this had to happen but Westmeath teams are expected to represent our County in the best possible way at all times so hopefully this painful lesson will stand to the members of the squad in the future."

So the whole panel was disciplined for the actions of a few?
Are the county board trying to hide who actually committed this action? and put the blame on the whole group.
A lot of these young lads will probably not represent Westmeath in the future, and now will probably not want to due to how they have been hung out to dry by a county board who should be there to support them, not vilify them.

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1747 - 18/08/2014 13:13:17    1638316


Why is everyone assuming it was only the actions of a few..there are rumours that at least 10+ were involved in this disgraceful act. County board were 100% correct to do what they did.

Maroonie (Westmeath) - Posts: 105 - 19/08/2014 19:02:10    1639023


That is now the problem, the rumours will surround this group of players.
I would like the innocent players' names cleared

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1747 - 20/08/2014 09:32:05    1639148


Well said valley 84 .

uisneach (Westmeath) - Posts: 156 - 20/08/2014 16:01:24    1639447