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New York chances in Championship 2011...

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How do you rate New Yorks chances in the 2011 Championship??

They went close this year and would love to see them take a big scalp next year with the right manager in charge....

Mortise (UK) - Posts: 134 - 11/11/2010 16:36:18    814388


Close this year? What game were you at?

Their chances are somewhere between zero and none, like every other year this farce has continued.

Shinkicker (USA) - Posts: 145 - 11/11/2010 17:24:17    814436


We'll beat the rossies.savage training already

john11 (Dublin) - Posts: 127 - 12/11/2010 18:12:20    815330


anybody know how the louth and newyork freindly went

louthn1yeehaa (Louth) - Posts: 53 - 13/11/2010 18:22:21    815895


It hasnt been played yet buddy, throw in is scheduled for 7pm.......3 hours time!

leathernenk (USA) - Posts: 11 - 13/11/2010 20:51:56    815995


Draw. 2.10 each. New York looking good. Need more games like this tho later on in year. It's when teams are playin NFL etc new York are playing games among themselves and against Boston. Should even get top clubs back home out to play. Maybe aome incentive or reward for the provincial club winners?

greenhead (USA) - Posts: 51 - 14/11/2010 11:42:36    816073


Ok, lets not get carried away!, Ny did ok in the end,but dont forget Louth had changed their entire team in the 2nd half, even their manager played the last 10 mins! their manager!!........they tore NY to shreds in the first half with their movement and quick thinking...... NY s midfield was non-existant,got cleaned by the all-star, who was exceptional from start to finish, one New York forward seemed to spend most of the time sulking when he hit wide after wide,how he wasnt taken off was beyond me, no doubt their best performer was the cornerback,whom i found out later is American, i thought he was excellent,both at marking his opponent and starting attacks when the situation presented itself......but you are right,NY needs more games like this, but not in November, the gap between now and may is too long,it will all be for nothing if they dont follow it up in the new year!

leathernenk (USA) - Posts: 11 - 14/11/2010 15:55:28    816219


i am the player u are havin ago at. ok i was in bad form cause i missed what is bad about that?? by the looks of things u never played the game or u'd know not 2post things like that, r if u did play the game u must of been some footballer... do u think that players can never have a bad game r maybe i just wasn't in the mood r in bad form. i see when i played well in the down game u didn't post anything r more 2the point i'd say u were not at it. what u mean half the team was takin off at half time? what game where u at? they used 4r5 subs same as us your just in bad form cause they didn't win, sorry 2say but they are just not that good my club team at home would give them a kickin as we did b4... that wee county is goin nowhere, as for us we don't have the players yet but we are gettin better.

keep up the football u know lots about it.

johnny murtagh no14

1ohnny (USA) - Posts: 3 - 14/11/2010 20:52:29    816528


Johnny Murtagh is with out doubt the best player in New York...didnt see the game but have seen enough of murtagh over the past 2 years to say this for a fact...hes the only 1 i see out there gud enough to walk on2 a county team at many of the other forwards are???

Mortise (UK) - Posts: 134 - 15/11/2010 09:07:56    816602


well done johnny, stepping up and taking the rap, a player of your quality wont both ya, just keep shooting shooting and shooting, all the quality in the world and NY can do with your experience...the louth game was great from an entertainment value for sure and without a doubt the best players for NY were #2 paul lambe and #4 james huvane, two rugged defenders who didnt give an inch...nice to see some americans playing, even if they are exhibitions

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 15/11/2010 11:59:51    816707


Heard conor mc nabb,son of seamus mc nabb the chairman from the tyrone club out there has been named as the new dietician for the new york team??At least shows a little bit of professialism in the new york camp,and maybe that there starting to take things serious.I know conor and he definetly puts his heart into anything that he does and has a lot to offer

Moonmoose (Tyrone) - Posts: 194 - 18/11/2010 19:07:52    819132


Get James Connolly of Monaghan into that New York squad. A hell of a foward if the ball let into him!!!

gmac (Dublin) - Posts: 17 - 27/11/2010 19:07:13    823869


they will give roscommon a game thats for sure but they will fall short like they allways do

ballsMQ (USA) - Posts: 23 - 02/01/2011 15:33:59    838868


it will be a good game, if they get the same committment and effort they did last year, they'll beat the rossies

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 05/01/2011 16:57:34    840247


Rumour has it Aiden McCarron is cumn back out to play for New York quality player member he terrorised Roscommon few years back for New York got man of match that day in the championship

Bob00 (Tyrone) - Posts: 37 - 09/01/2011 17:25:04    842496