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Club jersey - San Francisco's Na Fianna

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Hi all.

Just wondering can anyone help me to get hold of a Na Fianna jersey, hopefully the current one. I think they're the black & amber team.

I've tried the O'Neill's factory in Dublin but with no luck.

Can anyone help???

Wex86 (Wexford) - Posts: 224 - 08/09/2010 09:57:22    768412


You'll probably have to contact the team directly as they probably only get enough made for the squad so there won't be any spares lying around.

limerick man (None) - Posts: 32 - 08/09/2010 20:27:00    769321


O'neills online sell some of the jerseys, i saw one san fran one before but not sure which club.

clano (UK) - Posts: 11 - 05/10/2010 16:29:45    790605