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Just heard Obama's acceptance speech. He reckons Macs have been unfairly treated as well.

your.right (Longford) - Posts: 74 - 07/11/2012 08:44:51    1293839


Every team who played in this years Senior Championship were treated unfairly by the board, Mitchels should have been given the boot after playing an illegal player instead they were allowed to continue to play and indeed reached the final and probably should have won it.

In the context of their misdemeanour Mitchels were punished lightly, sure suspensions hurt a club but being kicked out of the championship would have had the greater impact. Instead, we ended up with the champ being delayed and the eventual champions being denied the chance to play in the All britain.

In this instance, Macs can feel agrieved and rightly so they won the championship on merit. They have also been very fortunate in the past to have not been punished more severly for their own misdemeanours.

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 07/11/2012 13:07:59    1293999


County: Longford
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Just heard Obama's acceptance speech. He reckons Macs have been unfairly treated as well.

I see you are still hurting your.right let it all out I can feel your pain (not). Mind you justice
seems to have prevailed seeing the CB didn't do it.

Mulligan Eamonn (None) - Posts: 896 - 07/11/2012 19:33:45    1294338


No doubt in my mind that Anthony Moriarty was man of the match. Mitchels didnt have a man to mark him and 2-6 in a county final is some tally. I think Mitchels lost it on the line. Some strange changes all round and why did mitchels not just line the goal for the last free in!! Its beyond me. How to throw away a title.
Cant knock macs big improvement on the last day and i thought michael hayden caused mitchels a lot of problems as they were not fit enough to deal with him at midfield. Macs changes in position and personel from the first day worked well for them and was decisive in the end.

i know the lad bell from buncrana had a brother that played for macs earlier in the year but there was no need for him to keep passing the ball to macs - cost them the game in the end.

By the way if you wanted to hear a good captains speech should have listened to Barnabus captain after resrerve final. Could teach macs captain about how things should be done.

tommy g (None) - Posts: 171 - 08/11/2012 16:21:07    1294875


You have to hand it to Sean McDermott's club County champions and League champions
as the old saying goes it's never over until the fat lady sings. The story has it that the Coast Gaurds
around Beachy Head have been put on red alert.

Mulligan Eamonn (None) - Posts: 896 - 11/11/2012 20:02:39    1296180


Admin where is moonshine's last message or have I
to make appointment with speck-savers it looks like
censorship gone mad

Mulligan Eamonn (None) - Posts: 896 - 12/11/2012 15:55:44    1296559


I see JM tried their best to beat Macs again on Sunday, but failed miserably.

mayoallstar (Mayo) - Posts: 255 - 13/11/2012 18:57:59    1297233


mayoallstar, would have to agree with you, at times it looked like barnabus had 16 men. But that's what you are up against.

moonshine (UK) - Posts: 297 - 13/11/2012 19:40:49    1297256


"Always the victim... it's never your fault"
Only thing worse than a bad loser is bad winners.

dowchabiy (UK) - Posts: 204 - 14/11/2012 16:31:17    1297716