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We All Need To Be Galway's 16Th Man!

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This has been playing on mind since the two league games against the Dubs, but you have to admire the support the Dublin supporters give their team. The same could be said about the Mayo supporters, even when Mayo look down and out the supporters really drive them on....

It's now time for all of us beloved Galway supporters to get behind our lads big time this year! One thing that really sticks out in my head at the two Dublin matches we played in the league was the singing and chanting the dubs did through out both games, it reminded me of being at a primer league match in England, which like it or not humiliates the opposing team... it's definitely helped both Dublin and Mayo over the last few years...
All we seem to shout is "GALWAY GALWAY GALWAY" its sounds weak! ok its better than nothing but when the dubs start chanting it adds that extra edge... ye have to agree?

I actually heard a podcast a couple of weeks ago from Colin Parkinson saying "if you want to beat the Dubs you need your supporters to be the sixteenth man" and one million percent couldn't agree more with him...

Could ye all imagine that hair standing moment of the singing around a stadium of "the fields of athenry" would have on our Galway boys and our supporters!????

Worst case scenario we are down 5or6 points with ten minutes to go, we all as supporters should be upping or game too!

It's now time for us all to clear our throats over the coming days and to get into our own "training" and to really get behind our men this year with an oul sing song or two to really show "WE ARE GALWAY WE ARE PROUD" #believe #wecandoit
Gaillimh Abú!

Hupgalway (Galway) - Posts: 239 - 04/05/2018 00:03:19    2096542


Id say B Power will be Galway's 16th man, all we can do is support as best we can.

The_DOC (Galway) - Posts: 631 - 04/05/2018 08:58:25    2096570