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Just wondering if anyone know anything about former clubs such as Faugh a Ballagh, Clann Uladh Tullycarnon, and Clanvaraghan. I know that Clann Na Boirce is Bryansford. Other clubs have also foaled in resent years include Darragh Cross, RGU, Rostrevor who won the Junior Championship in 93'. Furthermore, An Riocht/Kilkeel had a good team in the 70's - 80's. Saul my own club also has a history of hurling but, foaled in the late 80'. Many of these Clubs foaled because they are in strong football areas and probaly didn't have the resourses to have both football and hurling. Does anyone know anything about these former clubs or any that I have not mentioned?

saulgael (Down) - Posts: 551 - 08/11/2009 04:32:59    478532


Back in the day Glenn used to have a quality hurling team.

Hedgehunter (Down) - Posts: 18 - 08/11/2009 11:57:53    478578


Faugh a Ballagh and Clann Uladh were from Newry I believe. There was also a hurling club called Shamrocks based in Newry but they don't play matches any more.

Tullycarnon was a junior team from the Ards. Just outside Portaferry.

There was hurling in Annsborough, Drumaness, Drumnaquile, Glenn, Mayobridge, Bryansford and Killyleagh within the last 20 years. Its a disgrace that there's no hurling in Kilkeel or Downpatrick. Both those areas had a good hurling tradition.

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 947 - 08/11/2009 12:07:02    478579


Saulgael, you rightly say it is hard for hurling to prosper in strong football areas.

What happened to Saul's hurlers?

blu (Down) - Posts: 1240 - 08/11/2009 21:16:35    478950


I remember playing against Kilcoo way back in the late eighties.

Rostrevor, Darragh Cross, An Riocht, Bryansford and Downpatrick have all folded in the last decade or so and it makes you wonder what exactly are the county board doing to get 'Down to hurl' and this is in an era of our full time coaches!!

Nice fancy brochures are all well and good but little action on the ground it seems.

Thank god Bredagh and Carryduff are bucking the trend.

Wullie Mageean (None) - Posts: 211 - 09/11/2009 10:33:40    479173


Totally agree lads. The county board should be doing a lot more to promote the small ball game in the county. Two many dual clubs have fallen by the wayside in the last decade or two. But i do understand that it is hard for clubs like Darragh Cross who don't have the resourses like bigger dual clubs such as Clonduff, Kilclief and the Fontenoys'. Fair play to the dual clubs that still exist as it tough and expensive. Dual strongholds like Kilclief, Liatroim, and Ballela will never pack in hurling because they all have a great tradition. I believe Kilclief still hold the most Down SHC and Liatroim and Ballela have a handful of SHC between them. However, it would be nice to see other clubs introduce the small ball game again. I agree with Seannie Og that it is a disgrace that Downpatrick and Kilkeel don't have any hurling teams anymore.

A few years a go there was talk of a Mourne team being introduced again which would have been based in Kilkeel and made of player from the 5 Mourne clubs but, i belive money was a obstacle.

mournegael (Down) - Posts: 156 - 09/11/2009 18:45:11    479616


I was talken to a fella from Bangor that i work with a while back and he said that St. Paul's were talken about introducing a hurling club. Apparently they were thinking of calling the club Scrabo Harps which was the name of a GAA Club from Newtownards back in the 60's. St. Paul's has a big catchment area with Hollywood, Newtownards, and Bangor. Even though not all folks in these towns want to play gaelic games there still a decent amount of potential players that could field a hurling team.

portavogielad (Down) - Posts: 446 - 10/11/2009 02:30:29    479969


mournegael, ballela is definitley not a 'dual stronghold', it's years from they have had a footy team.

I think Glenn were joined up with Ballyvarley at underage years ago but i don't remember them having a senior team.

Very few dual clubs left, I think they are as follows:

Aghaderg/Ballyvarley (same club, don't know why they have 2 names)

and also now

Did I miss anyone? (8 wouldn't be much)

Seems to be a lot of dual clubs in other counties and performing well, e.g. Mattie Forde, wexford senior football player plays club hurling, St Gall's going well and half their team play hurling also Dungiven.

Kilcoo used to have a team not that terribly long ago and joined up with liatroim at underage then i think it was just go to liatroim if you want to hurl.

WestDownGael (Down) - Posts: 207 - 10/11/2009 09:20:47    479997



There were about 10 lads from st pauls at the hurling foundation course in the duff on sunday. they already play at u10, u12. looking to expand to u14 next year i think. eventually gonna work there way up the age groups like the duff and bredagh done. so hopefully in 5 or 6 years they might be talking about starting a senior team.

Up The Duff (Down) - Posts: 98 - 10/11/2009 14:24:20    480287


The Mourne club was established about 5 years ago. They have fielded u10, u12 and u14. At u16 and minor they amalgamate with Newry as Mourne Shamrocks. Their biggest problem is lack of coaches. Thats something the new county coaches should be able to help with.

I think some young fellas from Downpatrick go to Kilclief for hurling. In Burren and Rostrevor they go to the point.

Why is all the progress being made in North Down? South and East Down clubs are quitting while up there they are starting up the hurling. Is it because they are closer to the Ards?

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 10/11/2009 15:52:19    480386


I wouldn't have thought the interest in hurling in North Down had anything directly to do with any Ards involvement. It's probably more to do with the people who've settled in those areas who are from GAA and hurling backgrouds as you've the likes of lads from Rossa, Ballycastle, Loughgeil, Kilclief etc either still playing a bit themselves or they've a young family and getting them involved in a local club rather than trekking them off to their original home clubs.

Wullie Mageean (None) - Posts: 211 - 10/11/2009 16:56:31    480437



My bad, i was getting mixed up between Ballela & Ballyvarley.

Good spot.

mournegael (Down) - Posts: 156 - 10/11/2009 18:30:38    480515


Seannie Og,

The Ards had four clubs at one stage is what you are saying. 3 senior and one junior. I saw a website which showed that Tullycarnon won 3 junior Down titles in 46', 52', and 54.

saulgael (Down) - Posts: 551 - 11/11/2009 04:16:24    480821


I remember a club on the Ards called Rubane in the 1970s and 80s. I think they only played u14 and u16. Haven't heard of them since. They could have been a break away from Ballycran.

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 11/11/2009 10:31:22    480902


I think the two Portaferry based clubs of Tullycarnon and Carrig Uladh amalgamated into St Patricks before both Ballygalget and Ballycran were formed and it has to be said the Portaferry club at the time (1939) leant players to both teams to help them on their way.

I've never heard of a team called Rubane in the 70's or 80's, maybe it was made up of youngsters from the Christian brothers home based there in Rubane.

Wullie Mageean (None) - Posts: 211 - 11/11/2009 11:48:11    480969


Wasn't there a team called Rossconnor Gaels a few years back at undergae anyway and I am only talking 8 or 9. Don't think they had a senior team just underage. Where we they from or go to?

WestDownGael (Down) - Posts: 207 - 11/11/2009 12:19:06    481010


Rubane House was a Christian Brothers home for kids (mostly from Belfast). In the 70s and 80s they used to enter a team in the Down Feile and u14 or u16 league. When they left the home they all hurled for St Malachy's in the Markets area in Belfast. I don't know why or what the conection was.

Wullie is probably right about Tullycarnon as well. Hes a lot older than me.

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 947 - 11/11/2009 12:31:10    481019


Rosconnor Gaels played their matches at the council pitch in annacloy, they had players from teconnaught, drumaness and loughinisland. Think they couldn't continue as they couldn't afford the insurance which is a real pity as they had some good hurlers. Would be good to see clubs try starting up again to see how it goes

island_man (Down) - Posts: 7 - 11/11/2009 13:10:04    481063


Wiser certainly, don't know about the older bit though :-)

Wullie Mageean (None) - Posts: 211 - 11/11/2009 13:28:20    481075


island_man. We need to join clubs together similar to what Rosconor Gaels did. For example Saul & Downpatrick could put a team together, D Cross & Killyleagh, Drumaness, Teconaght, and L'Island etc. I know this will not make Down hurlen All Ireland Champions but it would be a step in the right direction. Work at underage is the key to furture sucess. The example above would only increase participation which would be a start. Derry has 6 dual clubs, Dungiven, Banager, Lavey, Ballinascreen, Slaughtneil, and Swatragh. Why are these clubs alot better than the dual clubs in our county? I have huge respect for the Kilclief's and Liatroims' of this world but, why is there such a gulf in class Derry dual clubs and Down dual clubs.

portavogielad (Down) - Posts: 446 - 11/11/2009 16:12:24    481261