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Anyone news on the senior club team managers for 2017? Heard that Roslea, Ederney and Derrygonnelly are looking new assignments.

BigToeJoe (Fermanagh) - Posts: 120 - 03/01/2017 11:18:29    1942759


Replying To BigToeJoe:  "Anyone news on the senior club team managers for 2017? Heard that Roslea, Ederney and Derrygonnelly are looking new assignments."
Senior team club managers 2017 update

Here is the latest update. If anyone knows different please correct/update.
Derrygonnelly: Vacant (Apparently, Martin Greene is off to greener pastures in Donegal!)
Roslea: Brian Gormley? (To be confirmed)
Belleek: Maurice McLaughlin (To be confirmed)
Teemore: Peter Quinn
Ederney: Michael Cassidy (Did he manage Ederney before? Anyway the new appointee replaces the incumbent, Aidan Gilroy)
Irvinestown: Shane Goan
Devenish: Malachy Cullen
Belcoo: Hugh Donnelly (To be confirmed)
Donagh: Ogie Cadden
Kinawley: Mark Monaghan
Newtownbutler: ?
Lisnaskea: Peter Clarke
Maguiresbridge: Niall Jackman
Tempo: ?
Aghadrumsee: ?
Enniskillen: ?
Derrylin: ?
Belnaleck: ?
Coa: ?
Brookeboro: ?

BigToeJoe (Fermanagh) - Posts: 120 - 03/01/2017 15:27:50    1942807


As expected there will be some changes every season in the club management scene. No surprise that Ederney has went for an experienced replacement. Is the reins at Roslea going to change? I wonder if McGinnity is thinking of returning to management as he was very successful. The Harps club will find it hard to get as good a replacement. I think Greene is probably the highest ranking club manager in this county and indeed as good if not better than the best in other Ulster counties. So it would be only natural that he would be much sought by higher level club teams or even as suggested below to a county job. I think you could see him as a future Fermanagh manager.

No disrespect to all your views and optimism. But firstly I don't agree with Pete mcgraths, begging his team up to be potential ulster champions as they are no were near that standard. They will compete in d2, win around in ulster but that's the height of it. Let the ftball do the talking. Secondly: If down job had become vacant, fermanagh would have Archie Greene in place as nxt co manager, or somebody of his elk.
Thirdly: Lets be realistic about the panel. There are some talented players there, a few would start in many of the stronger footballing counties, few be panelists but there are alot of passengers, especially with better ftballers within the county not on the panel.
Just my opinion,
Lisnarick (Fermanagh) - Posts:8 - 05/01/2017 11:34:4

cillnaile. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 959 - 05/01/2017 14:46:22    1943255


There is some unusual decisions on the way forward for some senior club teams in the county and one wonders how they will pan out. The measure of success of a club largely down to who is steering the ship. Those who can turn around the fortunes of a team should be give the time to achieve that. However, these days club loyalty is sometimes forgotten in a stampede to have titles tomorrow so to speak. But thankfully that is not always the case as I read where Trillick has appointed someone from there own patch who has admitted that he has no relevant management or even coaching experience at all, It may be that no other one applied, so fair play to the club for remaining loyal to there own. Loyalty is about allegiance, honesty and integrity which are essential qualities in both players and managers and when those basic principles are thrown out of the window it just shows you the type of GAA society that we have become. I just thought I would get those views off my chest.

TurnipHead. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 208 - 07/02/2017 11:06:42    1953201