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So everyone is that the league situation concluded then Aghaderg winners and Teconnaught runners up due to Ardglass failing to field on yet another occasion? Unfortunate for Drumaness but yet again rules are rules and must be adhered to.
As for the championship I reckon it will be decided between Aghaderg and Teconnaught as Dromara and St.Pauls lack the quality needed to beat one of the top 2. Yet again unfortunate for Drumaness as they would of been in with a fair shout but poor wee drumaness only have themselves to blame.

gaacct (Down) - Posts: 3 - 22/09/2013 19:12:59    1486851


Interesting reading of results and fixtures on Down website. Aghaderg were awarded a 5 nil win against Ballykinlar last Sat (result didn't matter), but how can that be when Aghaderg were playing in the All-Ireland 7's at St Judes on Sat.
Also the Teconnaught v Ardglass game was postponed from last Wed, but Teconnaught were awarded a 5 nil win and subsequently are promoted in second place without kicking a ball.
St Pauls who are in JFC SF this weekend didn't field either last Sat, so 3 of our SF teams didn't have a game last week.
What will CB do about these non fielding teams. Does final league positions not determine c'ship seedings for next year ?

respectfairplay (Down) - Posts: 23 - 25/09/2013 15:11:50    1489257


With absolutely no disrespect whatsoever to St Pauls,one would have to wish Dromara every good luck in their game on Sunday in the JFC semi final. Having had to win battles both on and off the field, the Dromara committee and players can rightfully feel very proud of their progress so far this year and hopefully they can now progress to a second JFC final in 2 years.

dundeal (Down) - Posts: 27 - 26/09/2013 12:19:26    1489782


Dundeal, not sure what battles Dromara won on the field. They beat Ballykinlar by 35 points, a team who have been the whipping boys all year, but fair play to Ballykinlar for continuing to field a senior team. Dromara also only beat 14 man Ardglass by a single point and were 2 points down with 10 mins to go, not very convincing.
Their committee certainly won their battle with the county board and well done to them for that.
St Pauls should surely get all the credit and best wishes as they beat a fancied Drumaness team and they beat Bright. St Pauls are a young up and coming team.

respectfairplay (Down) - Posts: 23 - 26/09/2013 17:34:08    1490084


respectfairplay, you addressed your reply to me but I am unsure of the point, if any, you are trying to make. I simply wished Dromara good luck, given the circumstances they faced this year. You say you are "not sure" what battles Dromara won on the field and you then go on to tell me all about two of them! And they would have been battles, irrespective of the opposition and whether the opposition is as you very disparagingly label Ballykinlar, the "whipping boys" of the year. The fact is that Dromara did win these two battles but it is the nature of the wins that interests me most. In the game against Ballykinlar, Dromara obviously saw their opportunity to rack up a massive scoreline, thereby putting themselves in a very favourable position for the best runner-up spot, should that need arise. And having then been beaten by Aghaderg in a very tight battle, that scoreline against Ballykinlar became very important indeed! And in the game against Ardglass, Dromara, in the knowledge that a simple win was sufficient, obviously took the foot of the proverbial pedal,winning the game on the narrowest of margins with least effort expended and thereby resting their key players for that coveted semi-final spot. So I stand by my original comments - well done to Dromara for winning their battles - the battles they won on the field, their tactical battles on the sideline and their battle at the committee table and the best of luck to them in the semi-final on Sunday. And that takes nothing whatsoever away from St Pauls whom I know will be going out to win their battle on Sunday as well. May the best team win.

dundeal (Down) - Posts: 27 - 27/09/2013 13:46:51    1490498


Dundeal any chance a bit of reality. say on matchday 3 in championship Dromara knew a win would be sufficient for them to progress to semi final so they rested key players.Are they telepathic as at that stage members of cb were saying there would be a play off if results ended with teams on equal points.(sorry for going over old ground as am sure everyone is aware the cb have offically appologised to drumaness for there total mis-management of the whole situation).
2.Dromara's on field battle that day was against a team who has not fielded in 3 matches(all there) matches since then.
3.Can you clarify what comparative you are using for the battles they have won.
4.They currently are 5points of third in a very poor standard division which has a league table showing top 3 well clear of rest.Correct me if wish but they have taken no points in league or championship of any of top 3 teams.
5.A good gauge of where Dromara are at is next week when they play a full choice drumaness(no soccer distractions) in league.
6.Do you not agree division 3 will have three stand out teams for the others to aim at Dundrum,Kilclief,Drumaness/Saul next year.cb needs to look at this as how does this set up help lesser clubs developing.

knowtherules94 (Down) - Posts: 24 - 27/09/2013 19:22:26    1490727


Teconnaught v Dromara final. Teconnaught showed greater hunger today and over past few games. Dromara seem out of their depth, but again it is c/ship football and anything can happen on the day. Will this be first ever c'ship silverware for either team ?

respectfairplay (Down) - Posts: 23 - 29/09/2013 15:48:34    1491338


Apologies Dromara, think you won JFC in early 1950's and IFC around 1990. Teconnaught, don't think you have done it yet.

respectfairplay (Down) - Posts: 23 - 29/09/2013 15:56:20    1491343


Teconnaught put Burren out of the Sfc, the year they were reigning all ireland champions around 87 i think.

ardtole (Down) - Posts: 67 - 29/09/2013 17:48:47    1491402


Congratulations to Teconnaught & Dromara both there on merit and never say die attitude should be a good sporting final may the best team win.

notalwaysright (Down) - Posts: 22 - 29/09/2013 19:12:36    1491477


Well done to Dromara & Teconnaught on reaching the JFC final - its a big day for any Club to be in a championship final & best wishes to both teams & Clubs - enjoy the day out in Pairc Esler!. Teconnaught will be strong favourites going into this game but Dromara would appear to have a fighting spirit this year that might just see them over the line - they just arent going to lie down so it's a difficult one to call.

respectfairplay, on a lighter note - stay away from the bookies until after the final is over! In the past three weeks you predicted that there would definitely be a playoff, only question was when - WRONG. You predicted that Drommara wouldnt progress any further and were the weakest team in the championship - WRONG.You predicted that Aghaderg would prevail against Teconnaught - WRONG. You predicted that St Pauls would edge the game against Dromara - WRONG. Ever think of hanging up the proverbial boots, old son?

dundeal (Down) - Posts: 27 - 01/10/2013 12:23:55    1492686


Dundeal go easy on RESPECTFAIRPLAY I'm sure Teconaught & Dromara would be interested in hearing wise council.

notalwaysright (Down) - Posts: 22 - 01/10/2013 20:17:47    1493132


Well done Teconnaught and Dromara on reaching the final. There appears to be very little beween them, a kick of a ball almost going by league results this year, so it will depend on who has the greater hunger. Should be a good game.

Is it too early to be looking back on the league this year. It appears the game on Saturaday between Drumaness and Dromara will be crucial in deciding who gets the third place playoff for promotion.

Looking back one can only congratulate Killyleagh on doing so well in their first season, and I think Aughlisnafinn have done better than previous year. Dromara and Drumaness have had a good year with only 5 defeats so far and if a couple of them had went their way they could have secured the second place spot.
I have to be disappointed with Mitchels who showed so much promise at the start of the year as always but have fallen away of late. Not sure what is going on there. Saying that they are still within the top 5 group where with the exception of Aghaderg a match or two would have been crucial. Aghaderg must be pleased with the year they have had recording only one defeat in the league.

Upyourgame (Down) - Posts: 15 - 02/10/2013 11:06:36    1493349


dundeal, don't think I said there would definitely be a playoff ( I presume you meant in the league) because if you knew the rules it first off all goes on head to head. I merely questioned if the CB had another bye-law from the official guide, as they messed up in the JFC.
Fair play to both Dromara and Teconnaught on reaching the final and it just proves football is a funny old game and when it comes to c'ship football anything can happen on the day and the best teams don't always progress. Will be an interesting final. Teconnaught certainly have a new desire and hunger under current management.
It will also be interesting how Dromara do against Drumaness on Saturday and win or lose what impact that will have on them.
Also, I think I'm a bit young for hanging up the boots and I don't go to the bookies as its only a mugs game. I was merely expressing my opinions which unfortunately were not correct this time.

respectfairplay (Down) - Posts: 23 - 02/10/2013 19:16:09    1493976


I'm just back from Drumaness v Dromara. I'm a neutral by the way. Dromara were unbelievable despite being beaten by a point or two. They finished the game with 13 men due to using all their subs earlier. Drumaness on the other man were more interested in foul play with sinister intentions. Perhaps they felt this was a grudge game. If so, they failed miserably. I have never witnessed so much foul language from a management team as I heard from the Drumaness dug-out. Their players were no better. I was embarrassed to have children there. One guy in particular who admittedly wasn't wearing any Drumaness colours but was in dug-out was an absolute disgrace. If Drumaness think such tactics are required to play Div 2 they are sadly mistaken. Div 2 needs good football teams. Based on this performance Dromara will win JFC. Their discipline today was exemplary. Drumaness only scraped a win against a 13 man Dromara team. Saul will make wee boys off them.

Twobouncesref (Down) - Posts: 3 - 05/10/2013 20:57:32    1496403


twobouncesref are you really a neutral.foul language is not a thing which should be condoned in front of any kids.a true reflection is that foul language was used by followers of both teams, your specific remarks about drumaness management could be widened to dromara too. as an ex referee present the performance of todays refereeing was poor. more dromara players should have got yellow cards.drumaness should have had game over in first 20minutes. surely dromara cannot go to ulster council and appeal this result.

knowtherules94 (Down) - Posts: 24 - 05/10/2013 21:59:03    1496438


Knowtherules sounds like your a drumaness ex referee still smarting from Dromara's unwillness to roll over for drumaness or the C B.However i would be interested to hear why you say Dromara surely can't appeal the result to U C. sounds like sarcasm. So grow up and extend your best wishes to both your next door neighbours in the final next Sunday

notalwaysright (Down) - Posts: 22 - 06/10/2013 16:42:19    1496642


Drumaness v Saul in Downpatrick at 12 noon this Sunday.

Should be an interesting game.

I reckon Saul will win it and retain Division 2 status.

EIREANNACH (Down) - Posts: 241 - 08/10/2013 13:12:03    1497717


JFC Final

teconnaught 0-8 dromara 0-8

replay Wednesday night

EIREANNACH (Down) - Posts: 241 - 13/10/2013 16:01:27    1500174


Dromara must be kicking themselves. They had so many chances to win this game when it mattered going into the final few minutes but they could not put Tecconaught away. They kicked wide after wide. I doubt if Tecconaught will make a mistake in the replay.

anduna (Down) - Posts: 210 - 13/10/2013 19:40:19    1500292