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Any new managers??

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Tyrone held a sussevie agm in moriartitys last sunday night where they appointed a new manager in the well known and respected conor mcnabb,conor a former player and huge character in the club was a big choice and im sure he will do well,think he has bernard devlin in helping him train the team.

Any other clubs got new managers in??

Moonmoose (Tyrone) - Posts: 194 - 15/01/2010 20:24:03    534351


is there going to be a new manager for the new york senior squad??

FP09 (Tipperary) - Posts: 22 - 16/01/2010 17:51:08    534790


Never heard but i would imagine so,i think seamus smith has stepped down,there was talk of pat scan and ruairi keenan taking it,but guess it will have to go to the board first

Moonmoose (Tyrone) - Posts: 194 - 17/01/2010 09:14:27    535002


i think podge and rodge r in for the job ny football is a joke anyway

ps22 (Mayo) - Posts: 6 - 23/01/2010 19:33:39    540721


Your right there it is a bad standard,tho the way football is in Ireland they should cut away with all the qualifiers and go with Kerry Tyrone Cork Kildare and maybe dubkin and galway,cut away all the other teams as they are miles behind the standard set by these teams,especially kerry and tyrone,any1 agree??They should cut back on the fixtures backlog and play the all ireland final now,tyrone V kerry,miles ahead from the rest

Moonmoose (Tyrone) - Posts: 194 - 24/01/2010 11:34:34    540888