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aboveitall09 you are mad in the head. Of course geography is an major issue, it's the only issue....New York is nowhere near, nor has anything to do with Ireland in terms of football. It would be one thing if New York were winning every game they play but they don't, they get annihilated every game... Are you honestly suggesting that a team of American born players will some day field out against and defeat a county team from Ireland????? That is the most ludicrous suggestion ever made on these boards. No offense to any US born player but they will admit themselves, if they're honest and not deluded like yourself, that that simply could never, pedigree, conditioning, facilities, practice, effort, interest all go against such a thing. Further, to pin NY's hopes on a possible, so say you, win against Roscommon in a few years is even further madness...back in 2006, Roscommon barely got their second wind and still ran out 8 point winners. And to what end would a (impossible) win be anyway...what would that achieve? Finally, to ask would I pull other poor footballing counties in Ireland out of the championship??? I love how you gave Kilkenny as an example...apparently you haven't heard; they have the common sense to never enter a football team in the All Ireland Championship because they have the dignity to avoid the embarrassment of certain defeat...despite being in Ireland, a car drive away from their games, they focus on what they're good at, in this case hurling....New York instead, driven by a board demented with thoughts of All Ireland tickets...keep the grand farce going....a literal laughing stock both here and in Ireland. The perpetual joke.

Shinkicker (USA) - Posts: 145 - 11/11/2009 17:16:10    481326


Shinkicker, while I would be a big critic of the New York Board you should at least get your facts straight. New York always got their allotment of tickets. It has nothing to do with participation in the Championship. The same reason that the North American Board get them and last time I checked they were not in the Championship. To say that the board is demented with thoughts of All Ireland tickets and that they keep the farce going for that reason is just plain wrong and while I think that they should withdraw as they are not competetive I know that when they pull out there is no going back so the Board should be very careful before they pull the plug. You are obviously very bitter about something with them but next time you post, TELL THE TRUTH.

GPlifer (USA) - Posts: 290 - 11/11/2009 21:17:45    481585


Well apparently the new mick in town fails to recall NY being within 2 points of Roscommon in 2001 or 2002 before 2 NY players were questionably sent off. NY has not always been this bad. The following year NY was beating Sligo by 5 points before going down by 6 points at the half, at the start of the second half NY scored the first 5 points to get back into the game before Eamon O Hara took the game over for Sligo. A year or two after that NY took Leitrim to extra time. NY left that game behind them as they kicked all sorts of wides. NY was competitive in the early to mid-2000s it is only recently that NY has gone terrible. NY has no structure, yet it was competitive then with no challenge matches or training... if one looks at the management in place then and now one could see why things have been so bad the last while... I suppose you have all the facts about football though as I did make a mistake in naming Kilkenny, but it was the spirit of the statement not the actual team named that I was getting at... You could put NY in the same discussion as teams such as Carlow, London, Louth, Wicklow, West Meath to name a few... NY shouldn't be put out of the championship as it is the highest level of competition in football, if we don't try and hold ourselves to the highest standard then whats the point...

aboveitall09 (USA) - Posts: 20 - 12/11/2009 04:27:59    481849


Was over for New York v Leitrim a couple of years ago and met up with a lot of good friends that I hadn't seen since they emigrated. Many of them play/ed club football in NY and the visit of Leitrim was massive for them. They got the chance to meet up with us and have a few beers and hear what they were missing back home. Without this match these lads would not get the chance to meet old friends as most are illegals and cannot come home. I had a great time and look forward to Leitrims next visit in 2013.
On the match itself Leitrim were not much ahead of NY at half time but pulled away in the last 20 mins from a NY side that didn't look near fit. Perhaps with better preparation NY may cause an upset in the coming years.

Dr.Shephard (Leitrim) - Posts: 2187 - 16/11/2009 15:07:30    485075


how is the panel shaping up for the friendly against kildare in 10 days time

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 26/11/2009 01:24:00    494464


What in the name of Peter Canavan is a 'donk'? I'm guessing it's a native of Fermanagh or maybe a water polo enthusiast? Perhaps both?

bydgoszcz.gael (Tyrone) - Posts: 54 - 26/11/2009 12:57:42    494744


And once more... maybe the donks built the empire state building, but it belongs to the yanks. The same as football... the donks made it the yanks play it and do so deservingly.

aboveitall09 - This is a question to your good self.

bydgoszcz.gael (Tyrone) - Posts: 54 - 26/11/2009 13:09:15    494762


if New York lose to Galway do they get a run in the qualifiers or is it all over str8 away?

IdeaSuns (Kildare) - Posts: 49 - 05/12/2009 15:24:04    504032


no they dont get a run in the qualifiers, would cost too much to bring a 2nd team out as NY can't travel back with the paperwork for players not being proper...heard that last nights game against kildare ended 2-7 to 0-8 in favor of kildare, not a bad result considering the manager wasn't there and they were playing in donegal club jerseys

sligolifer (Sligo) - Posts: 959 - 06/12/2009 16:32:19    504912


No manager, Donegal jersys and a beating?? Things are really looking up!

And to aboveitall09....I was here before '01 and every year after, never mind your smart alec "new Mick" comments as if you've made a name for yourself in the town. Quit rattling on about games played 3,4 6 or 8 years ago; the standard was much better then, a far bigger footballing population lived in the area, weekenders were allowed for some of that time and that lifted everyone's game. People actually went to the park for a social Sunday bit of craic....

The whole thing is a joke...and another thing I forgot to mention are aware I assume that several members of the current and former NY panels place considerable sums of money against themselves on the point spread? Fact. I know the names. I've won money on it. Where does that leave the NY involvement in the Championship?

Shinkicker (USA) - Posts: 145 - 09/12/2009 19:42:01    508868


Have to agree,scrap the whole thing and start the football here in may so it will be finished up alot earlier and wont drag on and cost the clubs alot of extra money flying sanctions back out

Moonmoose (Tyrone) - Posts: 194 - 10/12/2009 01:19:39    509354