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Holloway Gaels to compete in Europe

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After a successful weekend hosting the Ann Dunning tournament on the 2nd of March, Holloway Gaels Ladies Football team focus on preparing for an international tournament. Holloway Gaels had the privilege to be invited to the Amsterdam Gaelic Athletic Club (GAC) 10 Year Invitational Tournament which is being held on Saturday the 16th of March.
Amsterdam GAC was founded in 2003 on St.Patricks day therefore it is very fitting they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary on St.Patricks weekend. Amsterdam GAC invited their local European rivals, ladies and men's teams along with teams from Ireland and the UK to take part. Along with Holloway Gaels, the Eire Og mens team from London and Oisin CLG, from Manchester were invited from Britain.
It can be seen that the standard of ladies Gaelic football is increasing across Europe with Holloway Gaels attending as the 2012 British Junior Champions. The Amsterdam Ladies are one of the most successful in Europe formerly being European GAA Ladies Champions. Holloway Gaels are hoping to put in a strong performance and build on last years achievements. The Amsterdam tournament is an excellent pre-season opportunity for Holloway Gaels to test their fitness level and a good way to start the marking of their 20th Anniversary.
If interested in joining Holloway Gaels please visit or contact Deirdre Donohoe [email protected] or Bonnie Fleming [email protected]

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