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Senior Club Hurling Championship 2020

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Replying To fireball88:  "The next team to equal Athenry and Portumna with a 3 in a row will be Turloughmore
This is the year and the beginning"
Have you next Tuesday's Euromillions numbers?

TanCanRan (Galway) - Posts: 46 - 04/10/2020 17:53:10    2295622


Replying To Galwaylionman:  "Well done to Thomas' best team won.
I hope all the hype about Turlough is put to bed. A good team but no better than most teams in Galway.
Big day mentality will be questioned. Maybe with less hype from everyone including themselves, they might do something."
I think they're well better than most teams in Galway, they've proved that.

I think they were up against a super team who know how to win. Just like Galway v KK for years .

Still a relatively young team.

Galwayspur (Offaly) - Posts: 183 - 06/10/2020 14:24:56    2296070