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LJMU Dissertation (Why we stay in the game)

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Hi to the GAA world

I am a student currently completing my BA Honours in coaching development at Liverpool John Moore's University. Previous research carried out on behalf of the GAA has explored the reasons why players have dropped out from playing in Gaelic football. I would like to investigate the reasons why you as a player/Spectator still continue to play and in particular, I am interested in examining any motives for you to continue and weather you as a player have come up against any barriers during your career within the GAA.
Your participation would involve the completion of the enclosed questionnaire. The questionnaire will take no longer than 5 minutes to fill out.

All information collected as part of this study will remain confidential. Players will not be identified from any of the research findings. Permission is sought to use some of the responses from the questionnaire as quotes in order to illustrate findings.

It would be a great help if you could do this questionnaire and fill all questions truthfully so that I can get a wider range of answers around the GAA world. If the correct information is gathered this article will be published and will hopefully help give us an idea on how to keep your players in the game and keep the future of Gaelic football intact.

Please click link below to follow on to questionnaire

Click here to take survey

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If the above link fails to work click this one



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Did it there, handy and quick. Good luck!

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