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Think we should just leave it there lads

Admin should have put a stop to it way back

It's amazing some of the stuff they let through, we had a poster signalling people out as Nazi's / Adolf there... on a GAA fecking website!!!!!

Comparing chalk and cheese but there's no talking to some people

And sometimes there's reasons behind these things, so perhaps we should just knock it on the head

I'm getting a reminded of a thread that Dell started not so long

jimbodub (Dublin) - Posts: 20164 - 17/08/2016 09:10:50    1902106


This thread was absolutely hilarious. I really enjoyed it. Oh and I'm as big a culchie there is.
Hope it's dubs mayo final

Frederick (Louth) - Posts: 476 - 17/08/2016 16:06:00    1902350


Replying To TheMaster:  "But why group them into such damo? Why the distinction between people from Dublin and not from Dublin? There are other cities in Ireland, so they arent all from the country. Furthermore there is countryside in county Dublin - aren't they 'culchies'? But here is the thing - why accompany it with 'thick' and/or 'ignorant' as a rule? What it seems like is that when you see something stupid, you accredit it to the 'culchies', therefore someone doing something stupid must be a culchie. Imagine for a second that you used the n word in there, and think of how that sounds, or in fact some other slur for a group of people, like Asians etc. Would that be acceptable? Has that never occurred to you before? I cant get my head around how lacking in self awareness the people who use that term liberally are. In truth, they are the ignorant ones. I actually cringe when I hear it, but for them not for myself. And it is a slur, it isn't just describing a person from down the country, it is describing a stupid bogger from down the country who isn't as refined as yourselves, you know it and so do I. That isn't friendly banter, and it never will be.

Furthermore, this isn't the many picking on a minority, this is the few abusing the majority. Do you not see how arrogant that comes across? The root of it is people viewing people from outside Dublin as beneath them. It's actually really backward and as far from refined as you can get. That is the irony of it."
Jaysus Master, you really have developed a thin skin since your little dig about Dublin heroin addicts. Remember that little beaut do you???? Why would a cul- sorry Mayo poster be lurking about on the Dublin forum?? I think you love the aul bit of attention...you drama queen you.

avonali (Dublin) - Posts: 1519 - 18/08/2016 09:38:11    1902591