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Dublin v Mayo

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Its written in stone now lads, what a team, I'm very proud tonight.

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 7851 - 17/09/2017 19:15:49    2046905


Well done dublin. Unbelievable achievement to get 3 in a row. There will always be begrudgers. Especially when u are at the top of the pile. Ye have raised the bar again to a new level and its up to the rest to catch up. This team look unstoppable and wouldnt be surprised to see 4 or 5 in a row

aidan64 (Kerry) - Posts: 575 - 17/09/2017 19:31:40    2046919


Well done today lads and enjoy the celebrations. Rock and Mccarthy were immense, and Connolly was very good when he came in.

I look forward to the day we can give you a good run in Croker again, hopefully not too far away looking at our minors again today. All the best

GeniusGerry (Kerry) - Posts: 2018 - 17/09/2017 19:48:40    2046933


I will be honest I think Dublin did not deserve it.

But Mayo kicked it away and had a great goal chance. The difference in quality of sub's was always going to make the difference.

Jim got his tactics @rseways and got away with it starting EOG and going the direct style of play instead of the usual lateral stuff was a big mistake.

If Dublin had lost there would have been questions asked.

Three in a row.
Delighted to win it

But be honest it was a bit on the jammy side.
Maybe the cliche is true a good team knows how to win despite playing badly.

God help teams if the Dubs actually click in a final.
Four in a row is the next target those Kerry young pups will be snapping at Dublin's heels fairly soon.

gormdubhgorm (Dublin) - Posts: 990 - 17/09/2017 21:00:15    2046996


These men are unbelievable.

MesAmis (Dublin) - Posts: 13197 - 17/09/2017 21:17:29    2047020


Thanks for the wishes Kerry lads, much appreciated, I wouldn't agree that we jammed it or didn't deserve it. Mayo are a great side, and they performed today. Still, we were able to put some class scores on the board when it mattered. We beat a side demented and hellbent on winning that game.
This team has it all, but mostly belief. And you have to have that. That was the difference between O'Connor's free and Rock's. And while I'm on the subject, a lot of credit has to go to Dean for today, he has had his critics regarding open play and he delivered today, someone always does on this team. Happy out Dubs!!!

realdub (Dublin) - Posts: 7851 - 18/09/2017 00:52:28    2047179


IMO, we did deserve to win it even though if Mayo had got home we couldn't have been overly disappointed. It was an enthralling game that came down to fine margins. Mayo had their chance to go a point up 2 minutes into injury time and didn't take it and Dublin got their opportunity to win it and Dean Rock showed incredible nerves to kick the free. Of course, there were questionable decisions and when a team loses by a point they will be aggrieved more about incidents that might have went their way and didn't. Possibly Mayo could have had a penalty and missed a goal opportunity bu on the other hand Con O' Callaghan was man handled at least twice in the second half and got nothing from the referee. We missed a goal chance and could have had another but Rock elected to punch over rather than square the ball to Mannion. These are very well matched teams but whereas Dublin know how to get over the line, Mayo don't and for all the talk in the media and on the Sunday Game that is their problem. They haven't found the answer when it comes to the crunch and that is unfortunate for them. These Dublin team have evolved in the last 12 months and is now been driven by younger players, Jack McCaffrey, Con O Callaghan, Paul Mannion, Brian Fenton etc. etc. They have leaders that step up to the plate a different times in different games. Yesterday James McCarthy was immense and it is time that he got the recognition he deserves. He has been there since 2011, his performance levels are consistently at least 7/8 out of ten and he is capable of playing at wing back and centrefield. He was awesome yesterday and he lead by example. When the game was in the melting pot he was the go to man from catching the throw in at the start of the second half to kicking two crucial scores never mind the ground he covered. How long these times will continue I don't know but as a group they seem so level headed, never panic and are willing to dig out results when needed so all good attributes going forward and plus the age profile of the bench shows that Gavin is putting in plenty of younger players to gain experience.
How lucky we have been since 2011 to see a team win 5 all-irelands, 4 national leagues and 7 leinsters, unprecedented and something that we should cherish for the winter and for many years to come. We have a host of players with 5 all-ireland medals that will go down in the anal of Dublin GAA history and maybe in the wider GAA context will start to get the real recognition that is deserved. Finally to Jim Gavin and his management team I have nothing but praise. The team ethos and modesty that he has cemented into this group is great.

Adamski (Dublin) - Posts: 339 - 18/09/2017 09:10:07    2047231


Well I got to wear my dress :))))) the atmosphere last night was up there with 2011. The lads are ecstatic. They really really wanted this & I'm so glad it happened for them. Just a point on Kilkennys black which surprised me at the time. He reacted to Keegan throwing his GPS unit at Rock when he was taking the winning free. I hope the supporters turn out in their thousands tonight. The least these lads deserve!! #COYBIB!!!!

Jackeen (Dublin) - Posts: 4014 - 18/09/2017 10:07:16    2047282


so proud to be a dub and of this team who just keep giving time after time.
rare ould times these are and long may they continue.
Thaught Jim Gavin made harder work for himself and the team with his starting line up, now I know he picks on training ground form and never complain about that as its been such a proven success, but eoghan o gara starting and scully taken out seemed madness before throw in and unfortunatly didnt work at all, then after loosing jack to injury I have to say another strange decision to bring in flynn and move mccarthy out of midfield for the remainder of the first half completly backfired as flynn was nowhere to be seen on kickouts and had no impact and eventually got called ashore, lowndes or daly for me were a direct swap for jack and leave mccarthy in midfield were he has been so effective all year.
Thankfully Gavin made the right switches at half time and bringing mccarthy back midfield made all the difference and connolly and mcmannoman made huge impacts in the forward line. second half that saw us kick 12 points of which 11 came from play was testiment to Gavin and the players to acknowledge where they were going wrong and fix the problems on the spot. Felt dean rock was immense throughout the game he took the right option several times and took the point to keep the scoreboard ticking and his free before half time was huge and then that massive show of composure at the end to kick the winner shows that practice pays off as he nailed it. thaught mannion and o callaghan were thorns in mayos side all day and will both grow into leaders of this team over the next few years.hard luck to mayo played their part in what was a great game of football.
will head into town tonight to celebrate SAM STAYING IN THE CAPITAL

hill16no1man (Dublin) - Posts: 12665 - 18/09/2017 10:57:47    2047330


Fantastic achievement and another epic match. Dublin were poor 1st half Cluxton was getting frustrated with lack of options and had to be told to kick it short. Mayo lorded midfield and had all their own kick outs until the last few minutes. O gara move didn't work and it was a surprise with the choice Gavin had. He acted decisively at ht and both subs made big contributions. Dublin got some great scores 2nd half and looked good until Mayo goal. Again Mayo weren't able to push on. I though the CoC free where he hit the post was harsh and I thought it was a dublin line ball. It would have put them 2 up into injury time but you still thought dublin would come back. Dean Rock settled well after a shaky start - two frees end of each half were vital. Thought mayo did as well as they could again lack of scoring forwards killed them - should have had another 3 points by ht. Andy Moran gave MF a though 1 st half but he stuck to him well and did better 2nd half.

theduke66 (Dublin) - Posts: 324 - 18/09/2017 13:14:38    2047439


Great,great feeling yesterday after the game and what a way to win it again.Still brings a smile.
The smallest margin 2 years in a row is testament to the steel these lads possess.
Great times for Dublin at the moment and we are so lucky to have this bunch of players.
They are an absolute credit to their families ,their clubs and their county.
Thank you one and all.

Dubh_linn (Dublin) - Posts: 2208 - 18/09/2017 15:42:44    2047540


All day yesterday after the match I was thinking we were lucky, blessed, jammy to have sneaked it. But having just watched the game back, we 100% deserved that game. We fought like tigers in that second half, 11 points from play. We were ahead for most of the first despite hardly fielding a ball in 35 minutes. The two most sublime pieces of skill came from a Dub, Dermo. That ball with the outside of his right over the top to Rock was Maradona'esque. The point where he danced through 4 Mayo backs was unreal. I don't accept that we were lucky or didn't deserve it. Our lads stood up when it mattered. James McCarthy wears a cape, Rock has ice flowing through his veins and Cluston has the reflexes of a wild leopard. These lads showed yesterday that they are still top of the heap. We win with style or we win with guile but we still win. Couldn't be prouder of them.

Joxer (Dublin) - Posts: 4369 - 18/09/2017 16:53:50    2047588


A wonderful game of football between two great teams.... even the most avid Dublin fan would have to feel for this Mayo team... Dublin have beaten them by 1pt in each of 3 recent finals which could have easley gone the other way each time... Mayo shot themselves badly in the foot with the sending off and some strange subs made but this was not Dublins doing who stuck at it till the end and Rock kept his cool to hit a fine free... Congrats to a great Dublin team and well done to Mayo who were involved in the only 3 games all year worth watching...

Sean.66 (Cavan) - Posts: 293 - 18/09/2017 19:24:03    2047637


Fantastic time to be a Dublin fan , the game was a war if ever I saw one , no quarter given , when that happens it can become a flip of a coin , had Vaughan kept his cool we were in serious trouble , most likely would have lost though you can never tell with our lads , never write them off , of course there is the talking points of which there are many , team selection, GPS , the ref etc that's the thing a good close game will always give you areas of real worthy discussion none of which seem to occur in our Leinster campaign if you remove Dermo from the script. I haven't been able to bring myself to post on main page as to say it would put me into a fit of depression and anger with some of the bitter twisted downright insulting stuff posted there being passed off as opinion it's truly shocking, and it's not just the Dubs getting it some of the stuff posted about Mayo equally bad. On a last note when the big discussion was taking place re Dermo starting or not , I described Gavin as cool methodical and analytical who never shirks a big decesion well half time was were he warned his corn big time . Mentally we are above the rest in Ireland to truly be able to pull it out of the bag when needed is our biggest strength, if your constantly winning by one point you have to have serious game intelligence as well as heart, skill wise we have equals but in the moxy department we are just about ahead of everyone, don't think my heart can take another playing the clock down possession play like that ever again ,was I the only one who found out adrenaline is brown

Damothedub (Dublin) - Posts: 5193 - 19/09/2017 08:53:52    2047894


Funny note
We should be split because more lads need to play at intercounty level says O Rourke
We have a thread started on HS looking for us to go back to 3 subs which would deny 3 lads game time ???
Straws and clutching come to mind.

Damothedub (Dublin) - Posts: 5193 - 19/09/2017 09:04:26    2047896