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Chances of winning All Ireland without DC ?

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Why not? Still options provided injuries etc. clear up. Bring back Philly to corner back, John small to centre back, cian to midfield, jack mccaffrey to wing forward with a licence to roam, mannion inside. We then have Paul Flynn, possibly Michael Dara, Bernard, paddy Andrews and cormac costello as options. We ain't finished just yet..

Adamski (Dublin) - Posts: 339 - 06/06/2017 21:27:52    1996045


Replying To waynoI:  "Simple question really,

If were hypothetically speaking, and Connolly gets a lengthy ban, Where does that leave our All Ireland chances in your opinions boys and girls ?

Do you think we'd still have a great chance ?"
Yeah there is queue of lads ready to step in hungry to prove themselves.

Connolly might not be assured of his place this time next year

gormdubhgorm (Dublin) - Posts: 990 - 06/06/2017 22:04:33    1996074