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What's the views regarding the JFC between Kilclief and Drumaness ? This should be a very close contest with the experience of Kilclief and the youth of Drumaness.Both teams had very easy semi-final wins and this game is too close to call.

trueblue18 (Down) - Posts: 15 - 11/10/2014 09:07:50    1662560


You have an amazing depth. of knowledge true blue obviously a blues supporter.
come on rangers.

notalwaysright (Down) - Posts: 22 - 12/10/2014 20:14:38    1662971


I was at the game yesterday, Kilclief s discipline cost them

germac (Down) - Posts: 329 - 13/10/2014 20:47:38    1663353


Totally agree with germac.This was not the best game of football you will ever watch but some of the tackling from some Kilclief players was appalling and the ref had no option but to send two players off.If Kilclief had played football there might have been a different outcome in this match.Well done Drumaness for not getting sucked into the same tactical game as Kilclief and congrats on a very successful year.

trueblue18 (Down) - Posts: 15 - 14/10/2014 10:53:29    1663435


They play the same way in hurling too- teetering over the edge of sportsmanship, trying to draw a reaction

beansycpn (Down) - Posts: 128 - 14/10/2014 12:49:03    1663484