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Down just won a trophy a few months ago and have won several trophies since 94 when the big ballers won their last!? All league fixtures have to be fulfilled, plenty of 'pointless' matches being played in the football leagues as well! Two sides of the same coin. I can understand fully why Carryduff did not field, but it doesn't excuse it all the same, they should have gave Shamrocks a match, same with Galget thirds against Ballela. Fair play to Ballycran travelling down to Castlewellan for their outstanding league fixture

BarrackBuster (Down) - Posts: 525 - 08/10/2013 13:22:51    1497737


@ S Murnin
It's about taking part in the sport, and your comments are far from fair towards hurling.

I'd also get yor facts straight. I think you'll find hurling has brought the only 2 major tropies to Down in the past 2 years - Ulster Minor Hurling Championship last year, and Christy Ring this year. U-14 development teams also won shield and U16s won cup thsi year. Not bad for a county where fotballers stand a better chance of winning any cups!

Pulltheball (Down) - Posts: 56 - 08/10/2013 13:35:09    1497754


Don't forget 1997 Ulster Senior Hurling Championship

beansycpn (Down) - Posts: 128 - 08/10/2013 15:02:53    1497842


Portaferry have not had a match in this div since AUG !!! being one of the teams that are in contention of winning why are they not getting any fixtures??? They have fullfilled all their AWAY matches and still have 3 home matches to play,if they won all three they would be tied for first spot with Newry by the way the league is playing out.Get it sorted or do the powers that be want at least one league title to stay out of the ards.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 08/10/2013 17:57:39    1498006


s_murnin - What club are you from and did they field a hurling team in Div 2 this year?

Suas Sios (None) - Posts: 1432 - 08/10/2013 20:28:06    1498102


Ballyvarley V Shamrocks on Sunday @ 2pm

BarrackBuster (Down) - Posts: 525 - 09/10/2013 11:04:44    1498291


Another fixture for Newry,sure give them the league why dont you!!!!

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 09/10/2013 18:30:55    1498649


Ballyvarley 1-8 0-21 Shamrocks

Still quite a few fixtures to be completed in this league

BarrackBuster (Down) - Posts: 525 - 13/10/2013 18:44:01    1500254


Saturday @ 4pm

Portaferry III V Ballyvarley

Monday @ 7:30pm

Shamrocks V Ballela

BarrackBuster (Down) - Posts: 525 - 15/10/2013 13:25:40    1501087


Newry Shamrocks have won Div 2 and are promoted. Looking likely Ballela will join them as the next highest non-Ards side to even out the 2 divisions with the one team relegated down from Div 1 (TBC)

Only three remaining fixtures which more than likely won't be played as they won't change the final league predicaments:

Portaferry III V Newry Shamrocks
Portaferry III V Ballela
Portaferry III V Ballyvarley

BarrackBuster (Down) - Posts: 525 - 01/11/2013 12:50:19    1508065


Newry won or GIFTED the league??????

Very interesting to see that Newry picked up points at the end of the season with teams not fielding,no surprise really considering most teams have packed up long ago,bad job that this league is not completed,ports must be angry with their remaining fixtures not being played out,its not nice having to travel to away matches espically when you dont get your return match,next year these teams should be made to travel to the ards first.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 02/11/2013 14:01:25    1508400


The shaft: portaferry did not travel to ballela this year and also ballygalget. ballycran was the only ards team that did travel

nosides (Down) - Posts: 237 - 03/11/2013 20:10:29    1508833


Nosides, missed that one on the results page,ports must have had bother getting 30 players together that night to play 2nds and 3rds !!!!
on the flip side they did manage to play all their other fixtures,would our footballing counterparts be able to field two teams on one night,then again they wouldnt be made to.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 04/11/2013 14:32:47    1509071


The .Shaft I was toul that there was a verbal agreement between ports and them others that the game was te be refixed and then the nxt thing ports lost the points. I could be rang.............but seldom am.

cahill (None) - Posts: 2567 - 05/11/2013 14:49:20    1509488


They could have done,need to do away with div 2 next year,one all county league,other teams must step up and play a higher level of hurling if we are going to uncover new players for the co team,it will also stop teams from dropping a division just to try and pick up a piece of silverware,thats my view.

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 05/11/2013 15:48:15    1509528


I have to say that Newry do it every season. Do ya think if they wereny goin ta win the league they woulda played those games. They should be docked 2 points if they dinny play the ports.

cahill (None) - Posts: 2567 - 06/11/2013 09:45:54    1509728


congratulations to Newry on winning Div2 by default, will there be a civic reception in Newry and grand ball in the Canal Court??

Waste of time, one league and if you don't fulfil the away fixture, you lose the points (if any) from the home fixture.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2479 - 07/11/2013 15:36:37    1510430


And so says all off us.................

THE.SHAFT (Down) - Posts: 198 - 07/11/2013 21:44:37    1510648


Ye have to keep promoting hurling there lads! don't ye no that?

cahill (None) - Posts: 2567 - 11/11/2013 13:29:35    1511964