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Dublin v Kildare Leinster semi final 2013?

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Bad news for Ollie with collarbone gone. Maybe McGeeney will come on and do a job on Brogan!!

Kildare30 (Kildare) - Posts: 601 - 25/06/2013 11:02:05    1414977


Yeah, tough for Ollie. With him and Doyle unavailable there will be big questions about the make-up of the half-back line now. I know I suggested it but playing Bolton, Callaghan and Cribben as a half-back line is maybe a bit balls to the wall attacking. Might be just what we need but it could end up with us being hammered.

doublehop (Kildare) - Posts: 4172 - 25/06/2013 12:07:03    1415055


To be honest all i want to see is Kildare giving it their best shot. As supporters that's all you can ask. That's not been in any way defeatist either. These lads will be up for it and if we do upset the odds i dont think i could ever be happier. The Dubs are a well organised, well drilled and talanted side and it's going to take a tremendous Kildare performance to stop them advancing but im going up optimistic that we can cause an upset. If we dont and they are not quite good enough we clap them off the pitch and look forward to another day out.

Brings me back to our match against them in 2000. Sitting in the Canal end and pretty dejected at half time. Weather was cracking and there were a few high spirited Dubs fans with their tops off clapping us on the back and wishing us well next year. 30 mins later and the same lads had the tops back on and heading up the aisle 10 mins before the end of the game!!! Great you just never know!

Kildare30 (Kildare) - Posts: 601 - 25/06/2013 13:08:01    1415128


Defintely bad news with Ollie out. Kelly will probably pick up Brogan now, and he tends to give away a lot of frees so that could be dangerous. Personally, I'd play McGrillen on him, very underrated player who rarely has a bad day. I don't think we can accomodate Bolton and Cribben in the same half back line for this game as both are more attack focused

cilldaraman (Kildare) - Posts: 203 - 25/06/2013 14:03:38    1415201


I don't think we can accomodate Bolton and Cribben in the same half back line for this game as both are more attack focused

I think attack focused might be just what we need. I think if you withdraw against this Dublin team and they're just relentless. They'll eventually just run over you and get the scores they need. Pushing them back up the field just might be the way to go.

doublehop (Kildare) - Posts: 4172 - 25/06/2013 14:14:14    1415218


Sean hurley left out of the junior team to play longford surely means he is all set to start on sunday against the dubs ?

cilldara14 (Kildare) - Posts: 254 - 25/06/2013 16:59:35    1415434


Agree is some respects doublehop, if we withdraw like we did in the leaguie game then we will get hammered, but if we have too much of an attack focused half back line then that will leave gaps and will leave the full back line exposed.

cilldaraman (Kildare) - Posts: 203 - 26/06/2013 08:19:03    1415673


This game reminds me of Meath v Kildare last year. I expect Dublin to get their wake up call tomorrow and to make the semi's through the back door. Here's hoping.

Jack_Goff (Meath) - Posts: 2920 - 26/06/2013 15:42:53    1416045


Jack_Goff.There aint gonna be any wake up call for the Dubs in my opinion.It will be damage limitation for the Lillies.They are to fast ,strong ,accurate and have depth on the bench .This would be the case against most teams so this isnt anti Lillyism or that.Meath would fare even worse!!

dubya (Kildare) - Posts: 423 - 26/06/2013 16:04:32    1416068


I think we will win by 5 points. We are the fittest team in the country and our forwards are due a big day. Up the lillies.

daytona11 (Kildare) - Posts: 3890 - 26/06/2013 16:07:22    1416070


Dubya why dont you just change or set up a new name we all know your a Dub living in kildare you say that you support Kildare but anything from you is anti kildare at the back of it your a dub true and true so give it a rest.
I agree with you jackoff kildare won Meath a good few games in a row think it was 5 or 6 Meath were bound to win one and came in under the radar v Kildare last year with a young team and caught them Kildare are coming into this game on sunday the very same with no expectation to win
you never know could be all on the day and Kildare just might cause an upset.

lilywhitemagic (Kildare) - Posts: 1693 - 26/06/2013 16:16:42    1416082


Daytona where in the name of god did you get the idea that kildare are the fittest team in the country ? They would PROBABLY make it into the top 5 or 6 fittest teams but thats about it ! You're delusional bud if thats what you think !

DUBJOHN (Dublin) - Posts: 810 - 26/06/2013 17:06:25    1416140


Yeah, that's royaldunne stuff in fairness mate. This idea that what we lack in skill we make up for in fitness. There's no difference in fitness between Division 1 teams. If Kildare do win it's because we defend and attack better and smarter. It won't be fitness that gets us anywhere.

doublehop (Kildare) - Posts: 4172 - 26/06/2013 17:21:25    1416154


Good man lillywhite magic.Like i stated before I am actually down the middle.You are one of the deluded who think that Kildare football is going anywhere under Geezer.It isn't.I palyed under age for the county but thats not much to brag about given the era that happened in.I havent been provedn wrong in any of my statements ,brief and irregular that they are.The Dub site would probably throw me off for being a mucker.I am bit like that guy at Moscow airport who blew the lid on the yanks.They were secrets,the expensive mediocrity churned out by the senior management speaks for itself.Can I go now?????

dubya (Kildare) - Posts: 423 - 26/06/2013 20:19:39    1416326


As much as it kills me I hope Kildare win Sunday. Dublin are good but not unbeatable, I reckon if Kildare can keep Dublin from gaining a quick lead in the first half they will have the fitness to overthrow the dubs in the last 10 mins.

royalgaz (Meath) - Posts: 49 - 27/06/2013 10:44:37    1416545


As much as it kills me I hope Kildare win Sunday. Dublin are good but not unbeatable, I reckon if Kildare can keep Dublin from gaining a quick lead in the first half they will have the fitness to overthrow the dubs in the last 10 mins.


If Kildare do beat us, It wont be because of being fitter than Dublin. Dublin and Kildare are (in my view) the two fittest teams in the country, When you think of the subs that Dublin can bring on aswell I think without being disrespectful to Kildare. It will be them who become vulnerable towards the end.

Nobody EVER said Dublin where unbeatable.

For me this stinks of wanting Kildare to beat Dublin so that you will have a better chance in the final if you get there. Cause you haven't a hope of beating Dublin. (For what its worth I don't think you would have a hope of beating Kildare either but that's just my view as D3 football is Chronic and Kildare put it up to everyone in the league in D1 and the difference is frightening) but if I were a MEath fan id certainly want Kildare ahead of Dublin.

It also stinks of jealousy. Kildare are our main rivals now, Weve leinsters coming out of our ears in the last 10 years. I think your sick of our provincial domination, That's fair enough, I can live with that.

You don't see this carry-on with Kildare fans, Always a much classier bunch than the Royals.

waynoI (Dublin) - Posts: 13598 - 27/06/2013 11:42:19    1416609


Typical nonsense from Meath posters about Kildares mythical super fitness. They honestly think we are are composed of gym monkeys and athletes. We were among the top scorers in the country for the last few years and averaged something like 2-14 in 2010. Fitness wont decide this game, especially now with 5 subs allowed. Rather it will come down to forwards converting difficult scores and Dublin are usually better at that than us. For all Donegal so called fitness it was the player who ran less and tackled less than anyone who won the match, McFadden. Matches are still decided by quality forwards, we have some but Dublin probably have a few more options. Ye might find that Wexford have a few as well!

murof (Kildare) - Posts: 480 - 27/06/2013 13:07:24    1416708

Good discussion there on sundays game you would want to have a listen Dubya think Dermot Earley knows a lot more than you.

lilywhitemagic (Kildare) - Posts: 1693 - 27/06/2013 13:57:43    1416772


If the GAA are ever going to revamp the provincial or championship structure then maybe they should go down the NFL Combine route.

Considering how much some people focus on, and talk about size and fitness as being a determining factor it might be the easiest way to get the football over and done with.

if_in_doubt (Kildare) - Posts: 3643 - 27/06/2013 14:30:40    1416812


Lillywhite magic.No doubt Dermot knows more than me .No question due to the guys experience and achievements.We will see how it goes on Sunday.No matter what happens I wouldnt slag off the players.It the manager I would have issues with.I still feel a comprehensive defeat is on the cards but will be back on the forum if I am wrong with pleasure.

dubya (Kildare) - Posts: 423 - 28/06/2013 14:10:33    1417625