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Gaaalltheway when was the last time you were in a bookies???

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 06/01/2015 21:59:25    1681108


Call me crazy but I'm sure the bookies are basing their odds on the below;

Fermanagh haven't won a game in Ulster since beating Cavan in 2010.

There results since that day in the Ulster/Qualifiers are below;

Qualifiers: LOST To Armagh By 4 Points

Ulster: LOST To Derry By 9 Points
Qualifiers: LOST To London By 6 Points

Ulster: LOST To Down By 5 Points
Qualifiers: LOST To Cavan By 7 Points

Ulster: LOST To Cavan By 2 Points
Qualifiers: WON Against Westmeath By 1 Point
Qualifiers: LOST To Cavan By 7 Points

Ulster: LOST To Antrim By 1 Point
Qualifiers: LOST To Laois By 1 Point

So, As you can see from our form over the last 5 seasons in the Championship, I'd say that is the reason for the 30/1 least favourite tag. Wouldn't you agree?

Susuki82 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 56 - 07/01/2015 10:30:51    1681136


It's a pointless exercise engaging with gotmilk or susi about bookie's odds as they don't seem to see the elephant in the room. Until the new Fermanagh team is tested no serious consideration can be given to such forecasts.
A more interesting debate is going on at the moment regarding intercounty players. I agree with Joe Brolly when he spoke out against the demands being placed on modern intercounty GAA players. The outspoken pundit was talking on Newstalk Radio's Off The Ball show this evening. He believes that players are being asked to live the lives of professional sportspeople even though they are amateurs, and as a result their careers and personal development are being stunted. "The players are little more now than indentured slaves," said Brolly. "We've imported professional practices into a sport that is community based.
"We've a real problem on our hands because we've got all these young lads between 20 and 30 drifting between scholarship to scholarship. They're not able to work full-time, they're not able to build careers. "A lot of the big stars of Ulster football are unemployed." To counter the problem Brolly feels that the GAA calander needs a radical overhaul, with the intercounty game played in the first six months and the remainder of the year dedicated to clubs. "The National League should start in January and finish in March, the Championship should start in April and finish at the end of June. If you've got the All-Ireland final at the end of June or start of July, you've got June to December for the clubs."

gaalltheway (Fermanagh) - Posts: 762 - 07/01/2015 12:31:09    1681172


gaaalltheway i think you are the person who doesn't understand bookies. Odds are decided by a number of things. 1 being form the other being the amount of money being placed on said team or horse. The more money that is being placed on the the team the shorter the odds become. So which of these factors should be used to shorten the odds on Fermanagh winning ulster. If you want shorter odds i advice you to visit your local betting shop and put the life savings on Fermanagh. Their current form has not indicated that they should have short odds in Ulster. The bookmakers are using last seasons championship as form and Fermanagh had a record of 0-2. The only other side who had that record from Ulster competed in the division 1 final.

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 07/01/2015 13:52:33    1681198


I doubt even with a great McKenna cup & winning NFL Div 3 our odds won't change too much. It's not like soccer where we can just sign 3 top quality players & truth be known the squad is weaker this year than last, how could it not be with the retirements. I think the County should be more interested in investing the money into the clubs (Who create the players) & to the youth development.

Susuki82 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 56 - 08/01/2015 11:28:03    1681416


Susuki82 investing in clubs comes from within the club. Commitment is the answer and not just money and after all how would you expect the county board to foot the any financial aspect as money doesn't grow on trees. Your own Derrylin side are too use to get freebies like your field and through government schemes paying for it similar to your mumming crowd and their merry-go-round. A club's hard work and its members' commitment make the player succeed to their best form and not handouts!

cillnaile. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 960 - 08/01/2015 15:01:10    1681514


The amount of money being spent every year is a disgrace & nothing to show for it, the County is in debt every single year & looking for the ordinary man & clubs to foot the bill. If we're being on it's probably the worst County panels we've ever had, with zero leaders. What amazes me is that our underage county teams haven't even been competitive for years & nothing is been done about it & in regards to schemes to get pitches etc. You need to get any sources available to you & having the best pitch in the county comes at a cost when the County board look to use it every other week, with no financial gain.

Susuki82 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 56 - 08/01/2015 15:47:59    1681530


Susuki82 the GAA is a voluntary organisation and it is their members you are attacking. You fail to accept that future of the GAA is in the hands of clubs and put the burden of responsibility on the county board. The reality is that the sport is built from the club upwards and not from the county downwards. Therefore, it's time you grasped that concept mate!

cillnaile. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 960 - 09/01/2015 12:21:09    1681730


04/01/2015 18:17:38
County: Fermanagh
Posts: 619
...With so many new young players involved this season confidence is huge for the squad so even a McKenna cup victory will help them going into the next game...

Sounds like counting the chickens before they are hatched!
Back to sensible predictions, the game today against Derry will be the key to success or failure this season overall for the reconstructed team. Other than macca, few a predicting a win for Fermanagh today but the performance of them will be watched closely as well as how the team is managed throughout the game. A poor performance will be judged negatively and will affect team morale so let's hope the performance is reasonable but I don't see a win against Derry on the cards.

Jacob86 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 244 - 11/01/2015 11:45:56    1682159



Fermanagh v Derry

Fermanagh: Chris Snow, Eamon McHugh, James Allen, Barry Mulrone, Declan McCusker, James Duffy, James McMahon, Ryan Jones, Richard O'Callaghan, Niall Cassidy, Ruairi Corrigan, Paul McCusker, Ciaran Flaherty, Sean Quigley, Tomas Corrigan

As it happened:
• On a cold and windy afternoon, the tandem man takes his seat as the game is about to start
• Sean Quigley taps over a free to give Fermanagh an early 1 point lead. 2 minutes played
• Eamon McHugh up from corner back fires over a delightful score from 35 yards out. Fermanagh lead 0-2 to 0-0
• Benny Heron points from a free to give Derry an opening score. Fermanagh still lead 0-2 to 0-1. 8 minutes played
• A terrific move by Fermanagh with Niall Cassidy coming out of defence before Ryan Jones plays in James McMahon for a fine score. 3-1
• Mark Craig points for Derry, 3-2
• Kevin Johnston follows up with another score, it's 3 apiece
• A superb Ryan Jones point in the 14th minute gives us a 0-4 to 0-3 lead
• Very defensive line up from Fermanagh lot of men deep and breaking
• 25 minutes played and it's 0-4 apiece, Derry's Mark Lynch levelling the game
• Derry full forward Daniel McKinless gets the game's first black card. 28 minutes played.
• Mark Lynch gives Derry the lead for the first time, they lead 0-5 to 0-4
• Half time, Derry lead Fermanagh 0-05 to 0-04 and bit of a skirmish after whistle

IrvinestownMkII (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1384 - 11/01/2015 14:39:39    1682196


• Interval. The attendance for today's Fermanagh v Derry at McKenna Cup game is 1014.
• The second half is just starting here, one change for Fermanagh. Conall Jones comes on for Ciaran Flaherty
• Declan McCusker in his usual solo run points for Fermanagh and it's 0-5 apiece
• A sweetly struck Sean Quigley free gives Fermanagh a 0-6 to 0-5 lead with 3 minutes of the second half played
• Derry's Benny Heron outsmarts Snow with a game changing goal to lead 1-5 to 0-6
• Conor Quigley comes on for Eamon McHugh
• Aidan Breen and Eoin McManus come on for James Duffy and Tomas Corrigan
• Fermanagh crowd little irked by referee McQuillan
• Good management decision with Devenish's Martin O'Brien coming on for Declan McCusker
• Derry lead 1-5 to 0-6 with 15 mins to go
• Paul McCusker and John O'Kane exchange scores, Derry still lead 1-6 v 0-7
• Sean Quigley points for Fermanagh now with a point behind 1-06 0-08
• Daniel Kille comes on for Richard O'Callaghan.
• Fermanagh goal Sean Quigley. Mulrone attempt point short, Quigley wins and slots home 1 08 to 1 06.
• Aidan Breen's shot bounces over the bar, Fermanagh lead 1-9 to 1-6. 4 minutes left
• Into 3 mins added time. James Allen, Kinawley named man of match
• Derry point from Mark Craig makes it Fermanagh 1-9 v Derry 1-7. Nervous times
• James McMahon fine late turnover possession free to Fermanagh on the whistle
• Fermanagh defeat Derry in the McKenna Cup. Fermanagh 1-9 v Derry 1-7

McKenna Cup - Round 2 - Final Results
Monaghan 0-11 Down 1-12
Fermanagh 1-9 Derry 1-7
Donegal 2-16 Queen's 1-8
Antrim 1-4 Armagh 2-11
Tyrone 1-12 St Mary's 0-3

IrvinestownMkII (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1384 - 11/01/2015 15:41:58    1682213


Good result today and most importantly im sure the players and management learned alot from it as was tough close battle to the end. Excellent performance from James Allen at full back and deservedly got man of the match.

In the first half Derry dominated possession after Fermanagh had opened with good scores from Eamon Mc Hugh and James Mc Mahon. The defence did well to restrict Derry to a one point half time lead given the possession they had. Credit to Mc Grath he recognised that we were struggling in midfield sector and intro of Conal Jones helped in second half. Chris Snows kick out led to the Derry goal,he needs to speed them up and get more distance on them. Tomas Corrigan looked rusty but i am sure will get better with more training and matches.

Great spirit from Fermanagh to fight back after going two points behind and again late on to withstand Derry onslaught for the goal,very encouraging. Also good to see Damien Kelly of Tempo with the squad today,expereinced player with plenty still to offer.
Positive start to the season,Donegal next and in good position to make semis and get that extra game before the league starts which is very beneficial.

macca999 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 902 - 11/01/2015 18:50:41    1682283


Was not at the game yesterday but happy with the result particularly as not many people were giving Fermanagh much of a chance of winning the game. Also good to see them coming from behind and not giving up the cause but hanging in. It looks like there is some new talent coming through, namely Alllen, McManus etc and with the training work done so far they could have a run in the league - I know it us very early days but what do people think - is there cause for optimism that they could challenge in Div 3?

fearluim (Fermanagh) - Posts: 27 - 12/01/2015 21:59:47    1682715


I thought macca999 would have the decency to give Quigley a mention considering without scoring the goal Fermanagh wouldn't have won. But why should we be surprised as his tunnel vision filters out in the past anything positive about the Quigleys! If tomorrow night's 3rd round goes ahead I see going tough for Fermanagh as Donegal rarely lose on home turf and in any case we have never beaten them in the past.

abc1234 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 392 - 13/01/2015 11:56:07    1682765


Eh abc 2000 if memory serves me correctly fermanagh beat donegal in Ballyboofay in the qf of the ulster championship. They beat monaghan in the first round then lost to Armagh in the semis by a point when they missed a free at the death.

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 13/01/2015 12:39:14    1682792


Hi gotmilk it was said in the context of the McKenna Cup competition as that is the topic of discussion right now. As regards the Ulster Championship in question, yes Fermanagh won on the day however there is a distinct difference between securing a win and beating another team. So away and think about that mate!

abc1234 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 392 - 13/01/2015 13:29:09    1682818


abc1234: yes Fermanagh won on the day however there is a distinct difference between securing a win and beating another team

seriously, what are you on about abc1234?

RedRum (Fermanagh) - Posts: 267 - 13/01/2015 19:12:25    1682942


abc I really can't dignify that post with a response.

gotmilk (Fermanagh) - Posts: 4971 - 13/01/2015 20:37:23    1682981


Fermanagh actually have a great record against Donegal. Beat them in the Ulster Championship in 2000 in Ballybofey. Beat them again in Enniskillen the next year in a replay after draw in Ballybofey. Beat them again in Ulster 1st round in Enniskillen in 2003. Beat them next year in Clones in Qualifier 3rd round. Their one defeat in the last 15 years was 2 years later in 2006 in Enniskillen in a Qualifier Round 4 where Eamon Maguire was hospitalized in an awful tackle and Conal Bonner wasn't even booked.

I don't think we have as good a recent record against any other team

eamonkeown (Fermanagh) - Posts: 23 - 13/01/2015 20:57:32    1682994


Hi RedRum I thought you were clever? Any team can win circumstantially but it takes a great team to beat another team!
As for gotmilk's reaction, I'll lose no sleep!
macca999 still remains silent over the Quigley comment.

abc1234 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 392 - 13/01/2015 21:38:35    1683016