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Clare 2-22 Limerick 3-15

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 13/08/2013 16:15:35    1460623


Limerick 3-16 Clare 0-20

bloodyban (Limerick) - Posts: 1281 - 13/08/2013 17:29:13    1460717


Clare 1-20 limerick 2-16

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1021 - 13/08/2013 18:32:15    1460782


interesting that people are saying limerick will score 2 or more goals, when they have only scored more than 1 goal in 1 game so far this year which was in the league against carlow, while apart from that game they have scored 6 goals in 8 games.
my score prediction is clare 1 22 limerick 1 17

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1859 - 13/08/2013 20:13:57    1460855


Limerick 1-22 Clare 2-16

Clare to run off in to an early lead with Limerick reeling them in and expect to be a point or two behind at half time.Limerick to storm it in the second half with Clare having no answers! The second Clare goal will be a in the final 3 minutes!

Limkboy (Limerick) - Posts: 72 - 14/08/2013 08:16:45    1460942


Should be great game Sunday. May the best team win, and if thats Clare then best of luck in final. How do ye see it going lads??

HonLimk (Limerick) - Posts: 39 - 15/08/2013 13:35:20    1461953


A difficult game to call.

Limerick are favourites at 8/11 but there are still question marks over them. Would they have beaten Cork without the sending off. I'd guess probably, but you are in the same realm as would Cork have beaten Dublin if O'Dwyer wasn't sent off.
Also, the 5 week break will be a factor. Will they be slow to start and get into the game, or will they come tearing out of the traps eager for business. We all know that Davy is gonna try out some new tactic for Sunday like he did against Galway (we all new he'd have a sweeper, but few would have predicted Conor Ryan to start), so will Limerick just play their own game or will they have some elaborate plan themselves to counter this. Will be very interesting anyways.

Clare have been brilliant in patches this summer. Against Cork in the 1st half they looked like blowing them away, but missed vital goal chances. First half against Galway they were excellent again. On the flip side, they got destroyed by Cork in 2nd half, and almost got caught by Wexford when they should have had the game outta site. The u-21 win last week will be a big help.

Both teams will really fancy their chances against one another. Personally I think Clare will shade it, but that could well be a matter of heart ruling the head.
Here's hoping for a cracking game anyways.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 15/08/2013 14:05:24    1461977


Simply cannot wait for sunday i have no doubt that we can win this match, media are over hyping limerick, they beat an out of sorts tipperary and a 14 man cork team. but let them its not going to affect us we'll prove them all wrong on sunday. we have played 5 championship games and have grown as a team and learned from our mistakes as we have gone on, sure it would have been nice to win a munster championship but im delighted that we have gotten to this stage having played 5 games. we have way more skillful hurlers than them, more pace. sure they are more experienced but all experience is - is making the right decisions and standing up when it counts, i believe that we have the players with the personality and leadership to show experience way beyond their years. they are all about pride and passion but we'll show them what pride and passion really is about on sunday. never mind saying this is a team for the future, lets live in the now and take our chance when we have it.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1859 - 16/08/2013 11:53:37    1462468


An out of sorts tipp who ran Kilkenny to 3 pts in their own back yard. And a Cork team who were well ahead of Clare at half time and who could only draw with us at half time when playing with the wind the sun, against our poorer starting 15 and owning the ball for 20 mins. None so blind as those who will not see. Thank god we didn't have to meet such giants of the game as Laois Wexford and an appalling Galway who struggled to beat Laois and were annihilated by Dublin who are on a par with who again? oh ya Cork.Pride and passion is media nonsense anyone who doesn't think we have hurlers on a par or better than anyone in the country is about to get an education.

disillusiondfan (Limerick) - Posts: 4279 - 16/08/2013 18:10:47    1462763


Best of luck to whoever wins on Sunday, Limerick respect Clare and anyone saying they don't are obviously worried. May the best team win.

Hoover78 (Limerick) - Posts: 865 - 16/08/2013 18:59:01    1462789


galway man here,to be honest i dont mind who wins sunday as either team will be trying to bridge a long gap of bringing liam back and a bringing a new found freshness into the years championship which was badly needed,both well managed and well coached teams there will only be a puck of the ball between them and both will believe this will be there year,now is both teams best chance or else both teams could end up waiting 25yrs like us poor souls :/..
my final scoreline is clare 1-24 limerick 2-17

driveitintopump (Galway) - Posts: 121 - 16/08/2013 21:41:16    1462870


tipp had gotten their act together for the kilkenny game... well sort of. get your facts right there df clare were 11 8 up at half time against cork dont be coming on here talking nonsense thats blatantly not true. lets be honest ye were lucky to go in level they were 2 points up after 32 or 33 minutes.
you cant simply compare games like that, every game is different just because dublin, its just not that black and white. every game has its different tactics and match ups. we didnt make the fixtures thats the way they came at us but we have grown as a team from game to game and developed hugely

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1859 - 16/08/2013 21:59:56    1462887


I think clare might go into an early lead cos of all the matches they have played in top flight in league and have more champ games played compared to limericks 2.but whenl limerick come into game and take over I'd say it be limerick2.15 to clares 16points

oll (Limerick) - Posts: 693 - 17/08/2013 19:41:48    1463058


Best of luck to the Clare boys today! Believe and we will win!!! We are a better team than last year and have a fantastic chance! Lets knock the cockiness out of limerick...

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 18/08/2013 08:01:40    1463123


What a game from the Clare lads. I am absolutely over the moon.

I didnt think these days would come to us for another year or two and the pace at which this team is developing is scary. Well done Davy Fitz and your backroom team. Lets bring Liam back home where he belongs, the Banner county!

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 19/08/2013 08:32:08    1463597


As siad last week fair play to Clare the best team won. Davy had your team flying and you fans must be very proud of the team yesterday. I thought kelly was majestic and Podge Collins outstanding. I wish you all the best for the final. It will be a tough game and hard to call. Cork wont be as asy as Limerick. This is a Clare team that could dominate for a while.

HonLimk (Limerick) - Posts: 39 - 19/08/2013 08:35:51    1463598


Well done Clare - hope ye go on a win it now. Davy's enthusiasm on the sideline is great to see.

yew_tree (Mayo) - Posts: 10227 - 19/08/2013 09:28:18    1463620


Well done the Banner!!! Super stuff!:)

How good wud it be to have both All Itelands west of the Shannon this year!?! :D

Mayonaze (Mayo) - Posts: 426 - 19/08/2013 10:55:36    1463678


Well done to Clare and i wish ye well in the final. Limerick flopped on the day, so Clare need to improve again to beat Cork. Hope we can do battle again next year and give ye a better run for ye're money.

Limkboy (Limerick) - Posts: 72 - 19/08/2013 12:09:24    1463747


well done to clare on winning yesterday. totally deserved to win. ye wanted it more than limerick. best of luck in the all ireland final.

SAMTHEMAN73 (Limerick) - Posts: 72 - 19/08/2013 13:07:50    1463797