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looking forward to taking on waterford again....
roll on 2013....really need to push on from this yr....

Dellboy30 (Dublin) - Posts: 37 - 04/10/2012 21:29:36    1278286


Very good draw for Clare.
Tipp are still the best team in Munster and we have Cork, Clare, Waterford & Limerick all trying to take their throne -and in fairness all have a realistic chance of winning Munster.

Glad we avoided Limerick as I think we have played them too often this year.
Waterford will be a good challenge, and both teams will fancy their chances. There is a lot at stake in this game, as it'll be a severe blow to whoever loses.
I don't think we have beaten Cork since '97, and were we to overcome Waterford I would give us every chance to buck this trend.

The league is very important, and avoiding relegation will be a key target.
The games against both Cork & Waterford will be very interesting

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 05/10/2012 11:29:13    1278441


Delighted to get Waterford and can't wait to beat them! I really dislike them

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 05/10/2012 14:16:19    1278571


1 Kelly
2 Flanagan
3 Dillon
4 O'Donovan
5 Buglar
6 Donnellan
7 Morey
8 Galvin
9 O'Connell
10 Kelly
11 Conlan
12 Cunningham
13 McInerney
14 McGrath
15 Honan
subs include Cooney , McInerney , Ryan , O'Connor , Golden , Collins , Collins , O'Halloran , Ryan , O'Connell , Keane

stekhli (Dublin) - Posts: 3116 - 09/10/2012 13:17:21    1280468


Lads, Daire Keane has a lot of improving and maturing to do. He currently isn't even on the panel for 2013

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 09/10/2012 16:44:48    1280647


1. Patrick Kelly Inagh Kilnamona
2. Donal O Donovan Clonlara
3. David McInerney Tulla

happyh10 (Clare) - Posts: 78 - 09/10/2012 17:19:41    1280686


1. Patrick Kelly Inagh Kilnamona 2. Pat Donnellan O Callaghan Mills (c) 3. David McInerney Tulla 4. Seadna Morey Sixmilebridge 5. Brendan Bugler Whitegate 6. Cian Dillon Crusheen 7. Patrick O Connor Tubber 8. Colm Galvin Clonlara 9. Nicky O Connell Clonlara 10. Tony Kelly Ballyea 11. John Conlan Clonlara 12. Aaron Cunningham Wolfe Tones 13. Darach Honan Clonlara 14. Conor McGrath Cratloe 15. Cathal O Connell Clonlara 16. Ronan Taaffe Tubber 17. Donall O Donovan Clonlara 18. Paul Flanagan Ballyea 19. Conor Ryan Cratloe 20. Shane Golden Sixmilebridge 21. Sean Collins Cratloe 22. Podge Collins Cratloe 23. Cathal McInerney Cratloe 24. Peter Duggan Clooney/ Quin 25. Colin Ryan Newmarket on Fergus 26. Conor Cooney O Callaghan Mills 27. Jack Browne Ballyea 28. Jamie Shanahan Sixmilebridge 29. Shane Taylor Broadford 30. Conor Cleary Miltown Malbay 31. Jonathon Clancy Clarecastle 32. Kevin Brennan Eire og 33. Enda Barrett Newmarket on Fergus

happyh10 (Clare) - Posts: 78 - 09/10/2012 17:57:44    1280716


How anyone could even consider dropping Domhnall O'Donovan off the starting 15 is beyond me, he has been one of our most consistent if not most consistent hurler over the last two seasons and was a huge loss for the 2011 Championship and is one of the few backs we have that is able to break tackles consistently and take the ball out of defence.

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 09/10/2012 19:27:38    1280770


The form of Domhnall O Donovan has been good but what has to be remembered is that you are shaping a team here for the future. Problem number one, full back, this is the position that most needs to be filled, and David McInerney looks best equipped to play this role. Outstanding throughout the under 21 campaign and under age again next year. He is the future and soon will be the present. Cian Dillon is a central player not a corner or wing back. At centre back like his brother Cronan previously, this is where he can influence the game from, probably his best position. Pat O Connor and Seadna Morey, both outstanding in the under 21 final, also make my team on the left side of defence bringing no shortage of pace, skill and tenacity. On the right hand side, Bugler, an All Star nominee deserves his pace after his best season in a Clare jersey. He is a wing back, firstly and finally at this level. To accommodate the captain and bring a bit of experience to the full back line here is where I place Pat Donnellan, a calming influence on the youth around him. Behind this you have the likes of O Donovan fighting for a place on the team, then the likes of Paul Flanagan, Conor Ryan, Jack Browne and Conor Cleary pressing strongly firstly to make the panel then the team. Exciting times ahead for Clare hurling.

happyh10 (Clare) - Posts: 78 - 10/10/2012 08:53:22    1280919


So in shaping a team for the future you are going to drop a 24 year old who has been our best performer over the last two seasons and the defender who is most comfortable in the style of hurling we are currently playing. To make matters worse you seem to think that Cian Dillon is capable of playing at centre back at this level despite the fact that his technique and striking are miles off to play centre back at I/c level. Dillon is a good honest whole hearted player but given his skillset he is a full back or nothing at this level.

I have a lot of time for Pat O'Connor and rate him highly but he is not a better player than O'Donovan and for all his hurling ability he is still a long way away from being robust enough to play at this level, his inability to make tackles or physically compete has hindered his development thus far at senior level. Thankfully the management realise the physical and technical requirement for senior I/C hurling and a lot of them changes you have suggested would be dismissed out of hand a rightly so

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 10/10/2012 09:47:03    1280951


I see James McInerney playing full back for Newmarket, does he not deserve a place on the panel?

letsrip (Clare) - Posts: 23 - 10/10/2012 10:14:11    1280962


McInerney has a lot of attributes needed to be a fine I/C hurler but this is all undermined by a terrible grip which all but renders him one sided at Intercounty level and means he will struggle to clear his lines under pressure. He is probably worth his place on the panel as a squad player and Davy is a fan of him from their time in LIT but his chances of gametime will deminish more and more as the years go by.

Due to his poor grip/striking the only place for him is left half back. The first round NHL match against Limerick in 2011 showed exactly why he shouldn't be considered an option for full back

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 10/10/2012 10:47:29    1280978


i think stekhlis team is about right.. i would maybe swap galvin and kelly as i believe midfield is kellys best position.. domhnaill o donovan has to be on the team (never mind the panel) also shane taylor is minor again next year so am very surprised he is on the panel.they should be looking to beat both waterford and cork next summer.. and hopefully win the final as well.time for using their age and lack of experience as an excuse are over.. next year it will be 4 years since they won the u21 ai in 2009.. the likes of bugler and donnellan will be 28..its time to start thinking about winning again.(no matter who they play)

firepower (Galway) - Posts: 45 - 10/10/2012 15:33:36    1281192


The future is bright no matter who they play or have in reserve. This is not an official team or official panel. The likes of Jim Mc, Fergal Lynch, Liam Markham will all be involved at some point. The key is that Clare now have options in each position and will have a very strong panel at both under 21 and senior levels. If they can play to the level of performance and tenacity shown by our under 21's in the under 21 final Clare hurling is heading in the right direction. Clare have 3 home games in next seasons league against Waterford, Galway and Kilkenny and are on the road to Cork and Tipperary. This is where the team for next season's championship will take place and where players will stake their claims for a place in the first 15 for the Waterford game. Players respond differently, but heart can be taken from the likes of Cathal McInerney, who despite being one of 8 under 21's on the senior panel couldn't make the under 21 team for the clash with Waterford. Yet he stuck with it providing the pass for Niall Arthur to score that winning goal and going on to be one of Clare's best performers hitting four from play in the final versus Kilkenny. 3/4 years ago we struggled to get a competitive team together but now David Fitzgerald and his management team are blessed that the panel is maturing while also having the winning mentality coming on board. Picking a Clare side for the championship won't be easy just like picking the under 21 team next year with a lot of this years panel underage again while also having the minors of 11 and 12 pressing for inclusion.

happyh10 (Clare) - Posts: 78 - 10/10/2012 21:32:07    1281419


At least its a delight to see some competition for places. We have never been so spoiled with underage talent. I mean the performance of this years minors should also not be overlooked. They were a whisker away from the All Ireland final. Such a performance would have been heralded in prior to 09. We should get a couple of inter county players from that minor team to add to the seniors over the next couple of years.

The under 21's next year have a super chance to win more silverware. The likes of Kelly and Galvin have another 2 years at that level but they are also needed with the senior team now.

The league draw for 2013 has been very kind to Clare as we have Waterford first at home and then Galway at home. Those two games especially the Waterford one are critical. If we could possibly win both of those we will ahve gone a long way towards safety. The Waterford game especially, as you would imagine the bookies would have ourseleves and Deise for the drop. Both those opening games are winnable IMO as I feel Fitzy will have them hoping of the walls come February ready and raring to go just like last year.

For me, staying in division 1 is extemely extemely important for these players. Achieving this will guarentee our young side the chance to face the top opposition in the country next year too and will have the confidence soaring in the camp for the championship. Fitzy really needs to make this group believe that they are a top top side for them really to prgress this year. They all have the underage pedigree and now it is time to stand up, be counted and bring the glory days back to the Banner.

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 12/10/2012 09:17:16    1281986


I notice a comment in the Examiner today that Diarmuid McMahon and Pat Vaughan have been dropped from the Clare panel. Does anyone know the Clare panel.
Just for interest I'd like to see who is on it or not. Thanks

letsrip (Clare) - Posts: 23 - 07/11/2012 08:48:16    1293840


was at clare v limerick game in ul was wondering who was ye'r corner forward think it was davy they wer calling him? looked very sharp...

slownonesided (Limerick) - Posts: 45 - 07/11/2012 12:29:53    1293962


That's probably Davy O'Halloran, lovely hurler but maybe a bit small...

letsrip (Clare) - Posts: 23 - 07/11/2012 14:05:46    1294053


Hope Clare progress this year..hopefully yee will win Munster this would be good for hurling..hopefully another fews teams begin to break throgh like Galway did this year..

Rat.Lad.17 (Meath) - Posts: 91 - 15/11/2012 13:03:28    1298118


O'Halloran and Shane O'Donnell were the two corner forwards in that challenge match against Limerick in UL three weeks ago

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 16/11/2012 08:57:07    1298489