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After the progress made this year and the continued success of Clare underage teams, what should the expectations be for next year?

I myself feel that we should aim to stay in division 1 and I really feel that 2013 is the year for us to break back into the top 4-5 in the country. There are no excuses anymore, the team is ready and with proper preparation there is no reason why Clare should not be pushing for a Munster championship. I would select the following team to lead us back to a champioship title:


O Donavan Dillion Morey

Pat O Connor Donnellan Bugler

N O Connell Tony Kelly

Arron Cunningham John Conlon Cathal McInerney

Tots O Connell Darach Honan Conor McGrath

We really need to stop this one man full forward line rubbish. The pace of those forwards would scare any defender. Let Tots drift like he does for the under 21s around the pitch. That sort of movement is very hard to defend against. Tony Kelly should drop back into midfield. It is his best position. Pat O Connor, who I had my doubts about looks like he is really maturing into a top class player. S Morey looks like the real deal and although perferably I would like to see him wing back for his explosive pace and great shooting ability, I feel we need him at corner back. Cathal McInerney looks to be back in great form. We would also have the likes of Markham, Daire Keane, Colm Galvin to come into play.

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 02/10/2012 09:52:11    1276179


paul flanagan should be corner back considering he was in running for m.o.m against kilkenny.. marking walter walsh and we know what he did on sunday..that is the same fullback line that were all at sea against limerick.. seadna morey should be on the team but further out the field.. nicky o connell is wing back or no where and i feel bugler should be tried at wing back.. i dont know why colm galvin is not on your team and cathal mcinerney simply does not play well when he is in the half forards. (he played there for last year u21s) also tots o connell should be a sub but not neccessarily on the team despite his display in the u21.. i would like to see something like this..(at least for a game or two in the league)

flanagan, bugler,o donovan,

o connell, donnellan, morey,

kelly, golden,

cunningham, conlon, galvin,

mcinerney, honan,mcgrath.

firepower (Galway) - Posts: 45 - 02/10/2012 15:25:37    1276509


Conor Ryan deserves a shot at centre back in the league or the cup games. looks a great prospect.

letsrip (Clare) - Posts: 23 - 03/10/2012 09:20:41    1276934


Yeah, I was really impressed with Conor Ryan. He looks like a real natural centre-back, whereas Donnellan still looks like a midfielder/wing-back
Hopefully he'll get his chance during the league

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 03/10/2012 09:45:33    1276945


Ya he looks a good prospect. God I cant wait for hurling to start again. Really upbeat about the future for Clare

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 03/10/2012 11:14:43    1277010


conor ryan does look like a good prospect but donnellan played very well at centre back against limerick..(it was the full back line that lost them that game)

firepower (Galway) - Posts: 45 - 03/10/2012 13:47:27    1277163


Training begins next week or so i heard.. bit early for amateurs at the end of the day

Frank72 (Clare) - Posts: 6 - 03/10/2012 14:40:37    1277223


When does the ban take effect?

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 03/10/2012 14:55:18    1277233


until we get a full back we will win are talking about ryan at centre back.donnelan is the best centre back weve had in a long time so leave him there.hope golden will make it at midfield.would try bugler at full back great under a high team kelly donavan bugler dillon o connell donnelan morey golden kelly

yankee (Clare) - Posts: 134 - 03/10/2012 16:43:59    1277389


kelly donavon bugler dillon o connell donnelan morey golden kelly p duggan (big lad from inagh-kilnamona forget his name) conlon mcinerny honan mcgrath

yankee (Clare) - Posts: 134 - 03/10/2012 16:52:36    1277395


bugler should be tried at fullback.. i named him earlier as well..mcinerney looks like he could be a prospect for full back but he is u21 again next year so i would leave him alone for now) i would have flanagan for dillon as you forgot your forwards!!

firepower (Galway) - Posts: 45 - 03/10/2012 16:54:32    1277397


cathlal lafferty

yankee (Clare) - Posts: 134 - 03/10/2012 16:58:59    1277405


Lads Brendan Bugler is a confidence hurler and is a wing back or centre back, he would be completely wasted at full back. When he is on form he is a fine hurler but his hurling isn't sharp enough and his concentration isn't good enough in my opinion. I have seen him give some exibitions as a half back at Fitzgibbon level and even this year he showed that when he gets a head of steam up that he is a fine hurler. We lack forceful players in the middle third as it is and I think it would be counter productive to move him out of there

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 03/10/2012 17:57:41    1277444


I would really think that Bugler is a half back but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to try him out at Full back. I actually thought Jim Mc should have been given a greater chance in there.

letsrip (Clare) - Posts: 23 - 04/10/2012 08:48:33    1277621


Well lads. Who do we want to draw in the first round of the Munster Championship. I want Waterford

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 04/10/2012 09:02:08    1277626


Tipp for me please!

letsrip (Clare) - Posts: 23 - 04/10/2012 10:04:00    1277664


I just want to bate Waterford. Cant stand them

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 04/10/2012 13:22:23    1277819


Agreed Lohan, but I want to meet and beat them in a Munster Final.

letsrip (Clare) - Posts: 23 - 04/10/2012 16:46:22    1277991


Good draw for Clare, Waterford are going nowhere under Michael Ryan and we should get the better of them. Will then set up a decent game against Cork. Given the age profile of the sides, wins and momentum are needed and if we get over Waterford we would be hard stopped against Cork IMHO

johnnyroastbeef (UK) - Posts: 215 - 04/10/2012 20:43:15    1278208


Agreed Johnny, sure we will have a go!!!

letsrip (Clare) - Posts: 23 - 04/10/2012 21:04:06    1278239