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How will they do against Galway on Saturday?

SundayIII (Galway) - Posts: 189 - 03/03/2011 21:46:00    881008


Back them to win the All Ireland this year

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 13/04/2011 17:46:13    910891


whats the panel/ team

footiegw (Wexford) - Posts: 178 - 13/04/2011 19:42:26    910982


This was the team that started against Kilkenny last Sunday in a challenge game. Whilst minor challenges are not to be relied on for form purposes, Clare did win 2-17 to 1-10. Both teams had two or three titanic battles in challenges last year too and as far as I know there was 1 draw, 1 point defeat for Clare and the other game was a 1 point win for Clare and both these teams went to the All Ireland final and played out a cracker so maybe there is something to be said for such "friendlies":

Quilligan .feakle

Enright (Kilmaley)
Browne (Ballyea)
S.Morey (6milebridge)
Moroney (Parteen)
Shanahan (6milebridge)
O Connell (Ballyea)
Kelly (Ballyea)
Galvin (Clonlara)
Duggan (Clooney)
O Connell (Clonlara)
Colleran (St Josephs DB)
Liddy (Newmarket on F)
Hickey (Meelick)
O'Donnell - (Eire Og Inis)

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 14/04/2011 09:44:37    911208


niall o connor, aaron cunningham and frank melody to definitely come into that team as well.. you can never tell with minors but clare look very strong..they have won all their challenges fairly comfortably.. flannans had a very good team this year (losing to asr by a point in a match they should have won.more importantly all flannans players are from clare which wasnt always the case),4 of the asr team are from clare ie moloney, moroney, shanahan and hickey. you also had a dercent st caimhins team who will provide the likes of niall o connor, frank melody,aaron cunningham and shane liddy. you also can add the likes of cathal o connell,colm galvin and michael ryan who didnt go to any of these schools.does anyone know the odds?

asitstands (Galway) - Posts: 116 - 14/04/2011 16:56:02    911683


is this football or hurling

footiegw (Wexford) - Posts: 178 - 14/04/2011 21:51:23    911960



PP don;t offer odds as of yet online. As soon as I know I will let you know!!

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 15/04/2011 09:08:47    911985


what about football panel

footiegw (Wexford) - Posts: 178 - 15/04/2011 21:07:58    912552


Good start for the hurlers. Not much of a challenge but posting 6-24 is fantastic. Hopefully the team can roll on from here now!!! I really believe we have a great minor team this year, better than we have had for years. The bit of heartbreak last year will hopefully be a positive

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 28/04/2011 10:53:57    919626


Yeve the winners of Tipp & Cork in the semis. Last nights results show theres no easy games in Munster anymore.. bar Kerry.

deisebhoy (Waterford) - Posts: 416 - 28/04/2011 17:15:31    919993



The footballers lost first round game to cork in cork. Then they beat Waterford and Limerick in the play offs. Now they are in the semi against Cork again this time in Ennis. On the 18th May.

Banner.Abu (Clare) - Posts: 92 - 03/05/2011 19:00:39    922955


AFTER DISAPPOINTMENT SUNDAY AND DISAGREE WITH GENERAL PERSEPTION THAT CLARE UNLUCKY.WE had game for taking when up 4 points .We threw it away the 4 goals were soft and ok we youngest team say top 12 but it experienced guys let us down again.Clancy,McMahon made no impact Lynch faded and Ryan should done more the kids need older lads help them hen tight finish e.g Waterford last year.
To have any hope verus Tipp/Cork(need a miracle)they changes made goalie full back and fowards( the management has try bring back carmody and griffin lads like mcgrath conlon honan need help in fowards.Hope gaa restructure div 1 like few years ago have 1 A 1B with us limerick Laois Antrim add to top 8 it only way develop this young team no purpose now of crickey scores against kerry down carlow etc and Antrim Laois give good matches clare limerick offaly wexford


claremaninkerry (Clare) - Posts: 92 - 04/05/2011 12:15:51    923288


a another brennan or touthy not good enough,vaughn,gerry quinn,donavan,donnelan,diarmad mc mahon,bugler,marham,o connell,conlon,lynch,a another,a nother,honan,another.

yankee (Clare) - Posts: 134 - 05/05/2011 12:13:32    924122


Interesting selection and hope lads come up to mark for the clubs to fill in those a.n.others !Think we agreed we have make changes for Tipp/Cork.
Christy o connor wrot in Indo that it young clare team that not battlehardened enough to close out tight matches but up older lads who be in team last 5 to 10 years be experienced enough
close out matches rather than fade out of the match it was only few years ago these same lads put Cats and Cork(should beaten them in 05 and 08)to pin of their collars!Then again we had the legens playing too Lohans ,Seanie,Davy,Colin,Jamsie,The Bake!
Been a exile in Kerry hard get info on team best times and come up to championship always interested to know how challenge matches are going and used work Limerick heard bit and pieces and sometimes get bit in Clare media but always few weeks after challenge matchs!Like go challenge match before championship if anyone on Hogan Stand hear any challenge matches involving clare before Tipp/Cork like to know or any reports on them I appreciated it ,challenge match before championshop especially last one are usually a good indictator how team performs on day championship
Anyone else any thoughts on championship team?

claremaninkerry (Clare) - Posts: 92 - 05/05/2011 16:38:16    924382


Heres my go:

P Brennan ( I think we all agree that Touhy cant start anymore (I do feel that long term Kevin Brennan of Eire Og will be the starting goaly. He has been behind Touhy through all underage teams but is a fine goaly. We will see more of him for the Clare under 21s this year but despite his height he is made of the right stuff and is a good leader)

Vaughan, Dillion, Cooney (Pick Dillion full back or no where. Cooney is a fine corner back but not a full back, Anyone who opts for McInerney at full back has obviously never seen him play full back)

Donnellan, D. McMahon, Pat O Connor (D. McMahon should keep things tight back in center back, Pat O Connor is the future center back and looks a fine player but at only 19 he has a few more years to go before taking that position. Donnellan has to play wing back. Bugs will be puching for a starting place too)

N. O Connell, Clancy (Not the tallest but highly energetic midfield which is what is needed. I would have played Clancy in the forwards but he seems to have lost his shooting ability)

Conlon Lynch C. Ryan (Conlon certain starter (in fact I would have made him captain for the year), C Ryan will be better in open/broken play out the field as he is not a good competitor when his marker gets tight)

Collins, Honan, C McGrath (Honan is a certain starter as is mcgrath although I do feel he takes little too much out of the ball but that will come in time, I would also give Collins a run in the corner)

On another note, I saw Nicky O Connell in Lahinch on Sunday and he looked depressed. I am glad to see this defeat has hurt the lads and I hope they will use it as a positive going forward.

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 06/05/2011 09:08:00    924752


Lohans red helmet

Interesting and strong selection.Agree need new goalie hope new Davy somewhere! yeah Dillion he did well against waterford last year as did McMahon at centreback.My point about McInerney I havent seen him club scene at full back although he had torrid start against Tipp in Limerick 2 years ago he settled down and he did play against Galway in Qualifer 2 years ago and was marking some player called J.CANNING ! did very well was one of few Clare performers that day and CANNING lost the head a bit and should and be sent off for 2 blantant serious fouls against James. he played half back line for Clare he deserves run in team as was injured for championship last year.Conlon too young for captain and has enough responsibity in fowards extra weigt on his young shoulders as we have so few performing as it is!

claremaninkerry (Clare) - Posts: 92 - 06/05/2011 10:17:12    924806


Clare are 7/4 joint favorites with Tipp to win the Munster Minor Championship and 4/1 to win the All Ireland with Galway favorites at 3/1

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 01/06/2011 09:31:14    945009


Lets put it this way. Thye have a better chance than the other code had at minor level!
then are we surprised all they do in football is talk!and then walk into the hammerings
year after year!

Dalcassian2 (Clare) - Posts: 40 - 15/06/2011 15:31:01    957252


Big game for the lads this day week. I hope to god they can do it!

Tough task against a good Tipp side on their home ground too. Get over this and I would say it will be Waterford in the final in Thurles which could be very difficult as they are a good team and they will have a big support as the seniors are in the final

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2011 - 17/06/2011 11:19:38    958614


They all ireland finalist and munster champ how many last year team are there?and would imagine they have some from Ard Scoil Rios team an dof course Flannans and certainly wont fear Tipp.It encouraging to see a good minor team follow up the success of U-21s andnow we solid underage structure as foundation for senior team in next few years

claremaninkerry (Clare) - Posts: 92 - 18/06/2011 11:07:07    959341