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We finished third from the bottom last year just above London and Kilkenny, this year we are with one game left to play we find ourselves second from the bottom just above London. London are on a scoring difference of -16 and Carlow are on a scoring difference of -15 that's how tight it is and how close we are from finishing "Rock" bottom, in fact I see that possibility becoming a reality by the end of next week.
In the likely event of us being beaten by Waterford in our final game and in our own back yard (again), just wondering if our CB chairman will come out and make a statement to the supporters of Carlow football to more or less justify such a defeat.
I no longer have the appetite for the same old thing, year in and year out with not a hint of improvement in sight, may be I'm a bad looser,- - - - if so, then I'm on my own.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2109 - 24/03/2013 20:24:16    1355382


Welcome back sponger. I think Harry's done a great job this year. Coen and O Malley could click yet come championship time. Ye just need a few more to make a push on Leinster.

Passer_By (Carlow) - Posts: 468 - 24/03/2013 20:51:44    1355429


In fairness Supersub we are two pints ahead of London regardless of points difference. In any event it's desperate to think that we are looking over our shoulder at the bottom team. Performance today was very poor but Clare were no great shakes either and needed gifts from us but in fairness they deserved the win. To think that they are now in a great position to be promoted shows again how poor this Division really is despite what everyone says about it being a dogfight. Agree that the sending off today was pathetic. In fairness Luke Dempsey sketched these disciplinary problems but they seem be resurfacing again with the same people on the receiving end of red cards. Rainbow must crack down on this now. Hard to be in any way optimistic for the Championship but I do believe the players are better than what they are showing and the blame for this lies with management. They have persisted with this sweeper tactic and bar the Tipp game it has not worked with the wrong personnel playing there anyway. This has to change. Everyone can see it but management persist. There seems to be no plan B. it's as if they decided on this as Plan A last November and said they will stick with it no matter what. Also I know it's not fair to those who have toiled since last October but we have to strengthen the panel. Leaving aside those who we know won't play we have to bring in those who I understand it will namely Slick and JJ. Also I know hurling is his choice of priority but something should be done to bring Mark Brennan in. Best footballer we have in my view a d clearly committed to the county. Wexford are able to manage it with Lee Chin and some other fella I can't think of so we could also if the will is there.

Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts: 1235 - 24/03/2013 21:15:46    1355471


It's very well for Lee Chin playing both, he's still U21 but Mark Brennan would not be able to keep up both of them. He is prone to injuries and playing both would only leave him injured for a lot of the year.

Also I thought some of the abuse coming from the stand was disgraceful.

hurlingguru (Carlow) - Posts: 1821 - 24/03/2013 21:30:25    1355493


When I say the sweeper system worked in the Tipp game I was thinking mainly about the fact that it didn't prevent us running up a winning score of 1-14. At the same time however the Tipp wing back who was their spare man kicked three points from play so it didn't work in that sense but we got away with it. Since the Tipp game we have struggled badly for scores and I can't see that changing at things stand.

Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts: 1235 - 24/03/2013 21:31:25    1355497


With league aspirations now gone (after a great start, winning the first two matches), Rainbow can now start on preparing for the championship in May. Now that far away and plenty of work to be done. Some notable championship performances in the Dempsey ear, last year's draw against Meath and qualifying for the Leinster semi the year before playing in Croke Park

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2773 - 25/03/2013 08:06:42    1355559


Didnt make it but not a huge shock. If we beat Waterford and London beat leitrim we can climb up the table for a bit if respectability. Fill us in on the game. Was it Micko magic again?

oldmcdonald (Carlow) - Posts: 140 - 25/03/2013 09:23:30    1355592


The system of close hand-passing in defence when under pressure from the opposition is a dangerous game to play. For Clare's goal Kieran Nolan passed the ball to Tubridy with no defenders between him and our keeper. Followed immediately by Ray Walker doing the same thing - point for Clare.. That was the difference between the 2 teams ... we gave them their scores and failed to put away lots of chances incl. easy frees.

Brendan Murphy had an off-day and the sending off was just mindless stupidity.
On a positive note Kearney did extremely well with some great saves and came off his line several times to help the backline. Gannon and Brendan both had clear-cut goal chances and both slipped.

novalis (Carlow) - Posts: 271 - 25/03/2013 09:56:03    1355621


Old Mac - if we get beaten and London win we could potentially finish bottom of the table either! Whats the point of climbing up the table in the last game all its doing is papering over the cracks? Carlow were very poor yesterday, real lack of concentration - how many times did we hand pass or kick the ball to the opposition which as Novalis said ended up in them scoring - there could have been more if not for their wayward shooting. Craig Kearney was a real bright spot in an otherwise forgettable performance for Carlow - although we have always had great goalkeepers. How could we have played with an extra man in the backs with that strong wind in 2nd half? The backs were under such pressure - every time they got the ball there was no one in the forwards to pass it to! I dont understand how the management can stand on the sideline, watch what is happening and defend their gameplan? You can see the players getting more frustrated with every game, which although not an excuse for Brendan I can kind of understand his frustration. The players are as desperate as we are to do well.

As regards preparing for the Championship i wouldnt insult any player by asking them in as this late stage. It would be hard to see us getting past Westmeath who just got promoted yesterday and must have a Leinster final in their sights but i suppose anything can happen.

Hurlingguru - i was in the stand yesterday and did'nt hear any abuse - all i saw was very cold fed up supporters! I hate to hear that the lads have to put up with that from a minority.

dual supporter (Carlow) - Posts: 772 - 25/03/2013 10:55:07    1355680


County: Carlow
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1355429 Welcome back sponger. I think Harry's done a great job this year. Coen and O Malley could click yet come championship time. Ye just need a few more to make a push on Leinster.

You are St.Jude the patron saint of lost causes.

sponger (Wicklow) - Posts: 2697 - 25/03/2013 11:29:34    1355710


Agree with Dual, didn't hear any abuse being handed out. Just people at the end of their tether with the same old mistakes being played out on front of them time after time after time.

As has been pointed out, playing the extra back is just not working as we aren't good enough further out the field to deal with the extra player the opposition can use to run at us. When we do win it in defence (and we did yesterday) there is nothing to kick to and the thing becomes a mess.

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 25/03/2013 11:44:27    1355719


Brendan needs to curtail his short fuse in my opinion. He picked up a deserved yellow for getting onto the ref and was on thin ground. So to get involved with a Clare player when there was no need is disappointing.
Three late substitutions again. What is the purpose of making them?
Dual and oldmcdonald could both be right! We might finish bottom or even mid table depending on final day results.. neither position is appealing.

What is the kernel of the problem?

Benekerry (Cavan) - Posts: 258 - 25/03/2013 12:19:10    1355773


Lads I didnt go to the Tipp. game because I had zero confidence in the team that was picked, however I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Headed to London game thinkin we should be well able for these lads on tipp showing. Imagine my disappointment on seeing the display that day. Players who were not up to it playing, players out of position, no teamwork just a collection of individuals and worst of all complete inertia on the line to rectify matters. Ok we scraped home but imo the writing was already on the wall.
Leitrim was a disaster and we were blessed not to lose by a lot more, very same response btw on the line. In a mud fight in Limerick we could have been 10 down at half time so no consolation there.
A reasonable second half show against Offaly we again collapsed and handed them victory.
Yesterday really put the tin hat on things, it was awful stuff. We prob. had our best 15 of the league so far starting but we shot ourselves in the foot again.
How come everyone in DCP yesterday, except the management , could see that we were being cleaned out in the wing back positions but nothing was done until it was too late once again.
How our corner forward stayed on the field is beyond me even his free taking was terrible.
Everyone knows that we are not blessed with the greatest players but ffs surely we can do better than this.I would try and get this team out for Westmeath game if I was in charge.
Kearney/reilly kav. lawler P.murphy gannon redmond A.n.other B. murphy Foley Walker J. Murphy D.Hayden ST. Ledger Ruth slick.

I know slick is not on panel but I think he should be brought in and jj. smith also. Id have Lambe at wing back if available otherwise play smith in forwards and let hayden have a loose role bit like mc hugh of Donegal. We can but dream.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 25/03/2013 12:30:59    1355796


Padraig Murphy is in Lebanon until May so we can rule him out anyway. Not sure how Barry Lambe's injury is coming along. He did his cruciate I believe so presume we won't see him this year. Pity as he really impressed me last year. Very classy and composed - something few of our backs looked yesterday.

Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts: 1235 - 25/03/2013 13:06:13    1355845



It isn't just because he is form my club, but I think Martin Doyle is well worth his place. He was actually able to force his man back yesterday, breaking up counter attacks. He is also able to carry the ball forward and do the right thing with the ball. He can be a very important player for us in the years to come.

What isn't helping any of our backs is that they are always faced with an extra man running at them. Having Walker or Hayden back there means jack**** when one good ass can take them out of the game. The advantage is always with the opp coming forward when they can begin their attack with no pressure form our forwards.

St.John (Carlow) - Posts: 202 - 25/03/2013 13:50:45    1355896


St. John fair enough I accept that he is only a young lad and deserves his chance so I will reserve judgement until i see a bit more of him. I would be worried tho that he is lacking pace for this level.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 25/03/2013 16:24:12    1356084


Benekerry - there is one major problem with our footballers

Lack of scoring forwards.

We scored 2 goals in 6 games in div four.

We haven't Eric McCormick, Simon rea, Paul broderick or mark carpenter in the squad, I know
Some of them were asked but we need tem badly.

We then play Hayden and walker who could score in front of our full back line 80 yards from opposition posts.

We can't score so we play an extra defender. And we average 0-11 per game.

carlovia (None) - Posts: 1147 - 25/03/2013 17:16:49    1356117


Reports in the two papers today are amusing. The Nationalist report referred to the two crucial mistakes made by Carlow that led to the concession of 1-1 in a matter of minutes but didn't emphasise the game changing concessions these were! These were the most critical moments of the contest. Brendan Murphy's sending off didn't help but it wasn't a turning point. 'Carlow fall apart after sending off' isn't accurate. We were dreadful all through. The Nationalist does go on in another article to highlight a 'siege mentality' in Carlow. They are probably right about that but they are adding to it with the front page headline.
Over the past few weeks we have been critical of referee decisions that went against us and not recognising that our opponents suffered to the same extent too. A lot was made of a bad hand pass call v Offaly that led to an Offaly goal. It was a wrong decision but the score should never have been conceded anyway. Offaly had at least as much to complain about as we had.
The People today, instead of admonishing Brendan Murphy's sending off, actually insinuates the ref has it in for him! Many of us standing on the Press box side clearly heard what he called the ref to earn the first yellow. His second was equally clearcut. he knocked a Clare player to the ground while another incident was being dealt with. He had to go. It's a pity that he has such a short fuse. But not calling it as it is doesn't help him.

Benekerry (Cavan) - Posts: 258 - 26/03/2013 09:01:42    1356372


Benekerry - I havent read these reports yet but the reporter for the Carlow People is a Rathvilly man so that will put his comments in perspective! Perhaps they did this week but I just wish the reporters asked Anthony Rainbow why he is persisting with the extra defender or the 2 man full forward line which does not suit Carlow players? Your right about the sending off - it had very little implication on the game at that stage in fact how many times have we seen a 14 man team go on to win. The team seemed so frustrated on Sunday, I thought Sean Gannon's body language spoke volumes, he looked like a chap who didnt want to be there.

dual supporter (Carlow) - Posts: 772 - 26/03/2013 11:04:13    1356465


With the advent of the black card, at least players can be replaced therefore mitigating against the numerical disadvantage. Teams will not be punished. This will have a positive impact on football.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2773 - 26/03/2013 11:38:51    1356505