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Yesterdays Clare Team V Kilkenny

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Yesterdays Clare Team V Kilkenny

It was a good start to our campaign as Kilkenny are as always masters in Hurling what a man H Shefflin is at 34 and surgery every year was like a colt yesterday.

I was a little surproises in the line out yesterday cant see how Peter Duggan dident even appera to be on the bench he was Clare's best man against Tipp in the Waterford Crystel Shane Golden was taken off in both the UCC and Tipperary game no disrecpect to him' but cant see what Davy saw in his game yesterday to be delighted with him ?

Some of the players are clearly favourites with the management thought Shane O Donnell should have been taken off as well as Tony Kelly.

Cant see Cathal McInerney remaining interested he is a wonderful talent with cut and dash to strike for a goal but is not getting a decent run

There is huge talent I suppose both Cillain Duggan and Cillian Ryan were excellent V Limerick in the Waterford C but will probably not even make the panen some of the fellows on panel yesterday dont think are good enough.

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