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Think team of the week is becoming a bit of a joke imo I woulda picked McGrath as well and Paudi O Brien from lk.

disillusiondfan (Limerick) - Posts: 4279 - 18/02/2014 09:53:51    1547802


yep it is a joke, wouldnt pay too much attention to it lads

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1056 - 18/02/2014 11:03:12    1547842


i think pat o'connor should be player of the week never mind just being on the team!!!

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1941 - 19/02/2014 10:50:43    1548380


disappointing result, i know people will say its only league and it dosnt matter. but there were a lot of problems with clares performance today; our fullback line was in trouble all day which was probably my biggest worry. dublin were better all over. we couldnt get the ball to stick in the forward line at all. we really need to get tony kelly on the ball as much as possible he is extremely talented but he has not been involved in the game enough today or against kilkenny. he gives us that x factor, he is what brings us from having a good team to a very good team. i think the fact that podge is not playing is affecting kellys performances aswell because when podge plays he more often than not fill the center forward channel allowing kelly to move around a lot more so we have to have podge playing every game from now on, also i think bringing mcinerney into full forward instead of o'donnell would be a good move. he is struggling so i think he needs to be just eased back into it. another issue is that shane golden has been well off the pace the past 2 games and at the same time colm galvin has been wasted at corner forward, he was completely out of the game today and only played well the last day when he was moved to midfield so i think we need to permanently move him out the field. i understand though that part of the reason he is in there is because davys want to play both conor ryan and donnellan. i think maybe conor ryan should be left out, possibly moving morey out to midfield or starting nicky o'connell. peter duggan is another player i would like to see given a chance against tipp - he could play midfield, in the half forward line or even full forward. plus flanagan at corner back is definitely worth a go at corner back. pa kelly back in goal instead of touhy aswell i think, we lost an alarming amount of our own puckouts 4 i think being caught by rushe, one by sutcliffe, and another by either carton or mccaffrey cant remember which. touhy maybe could have done better with the 2 goals aswell

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1941 - 23/02/2014 19:07:22    1550382


i agree with most of that, tony kelly should be midfield where he can roam n influence the game. i agree, galvin wasted in forwards, hes a midfielder. flanagan deserves a run now, fb line was dodgy today n gave away a lot of frees as they were constantly behind their men.

id like to see this team for next day but prob wont happen

o connor
cathal mc
conor mcgrath

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1056 - 23/02/2014 19:27:41    1550402


Dunno if my opinion is welcome but here goes. Firstly of course podge should be playing he is one of best forwards in country and NO TEAM has a ready made sub for him. Of course galvin should be at 8. One of best in country. Now mcinerney is excellent at 3 but corner backs were always gonna be an issue. This has been well discussed on here long before now. Now T Kelly is class but was exceptional last year cos tactics allowed him to play unmarked ( near enough) that just won't happen this year. Daveys tactics last year worked exceptionally well when providing space for talented fast light hurlers. John Mullane eluded to it today when he said what many on here have pointed out. Dublin denied Clare space n at times Clare looked ordinary. Things will be tighter n tougher this year. That is a given. Still far too early to panic though and if anything some grounding could be a help.

disillusiondfan (Limerick) - Posts: 4279 - 23/02/2014 19:59:53    1550421


dublin played a high intensity game and hunted in packs, and swarmed all over t kelly n mcgrath when they got the ball, they looked fitter and sharper, but one thing i will say, its a lot easier to deny clare space in parnell park, but doing that in thurles or croke park is another story. this clare team are built for big open spaces and hurling. i respect mullanes opninion but its not the only way to beat clare, to deny us space will leave gaps open at the back n on a number of occasions yesterday Clare got a one of one with shane o donell n p kelly but o donnells first touch was poor. he should have been taken off n conor mcgrath switched in to full and left one on one with kelly, who was on a yellow.

however, at the end of the day tho i wont get too alarmed. dublin were good but there is another 40% improvement in clare. win our 2 home games n we will be fine

Clareman (Clare) - Posts: 1056 - 24/02/2014 13:43:10    1550642