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i think we can all agree that clare and carlow are 2 terribly poor football teams, both probably outside the top 28 in the country. awful doesn't come near to describing how inept they both are.

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1930 - 08/07/2013 11:34:10    1426352


Where do we go now after Micko??
I assume the commitment was/is there..will it be there for a new manager.
Who was top 3 from the Laois match for the future?

bannerboy15 (Clare) - Posts: 4 - 17/07/2013 18:43:25    1434864


gary brennan and david tubridy seem to be by far the 2 best players we have, i think they would make most county teams in the country. we need to play a lot more young players, a large amount of the counties best under 21 players have not been playing for clare the last few years because they dont see the benefit, the players who play minor and 21 should be brought straight into the senior starting team

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1930 - 17/07/2013 20:14:25    1434925


I agree better to bring in any U21's and/or any minor if good enough. Big step up tho but during the league could blood a few that have potential to step up.
How many of team that started the last day would you keep in starting 15.
Least only way is up now!

bannerboy15 (Clare) - Posts: 4 - 17/07/2013 20:40:03    1434944


To be honest we should focus on getting decent underage setups over the next few yrs...realistically their will be a clean out of current squad though not much better out there and they were committed....Cahill as trainer will be a loss

dellboy31 (Dublin) - Posts: 45 - 17/07/2013 21:16:05    1434965


Yeah the set up's very important.
And there will be a clear out there always is after a managers stint is over
How many would survive from current 1st 15 even
Do we need a new captain?
Set up and structures the way to go

bannerboy15 (Clare) - Posts: 4 - 17/07/2013 21:24:14    1434972


should keep the 2 boys i mentioned + the 2 kellys, martin mcmahon and rory donnelly. so we should bring 9 new young players into the team i dont care if they are all only 18 or 19 we need to build a PROPER TEAM and stop just playing year in year out with a bunch of average players

hurlingexpert (Clare) - Posts: 1930 - 17/07/2013 21:37:06    1434983


Yeah I agree all them should be held on too surely
What about John Hayes though?? would you let him go too or leave to bolster the half back line with some new fella's.
Emigration will effect some of the younger lads too that graduate well loose some Id be thinking.

bannerboy15 (Clare) - Posts: 4 - 17/07/2013 21:46:52    1434992