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Time to disband Clare football team?

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Marooned in division four, haven't done anything of note in Munster in a long time, rapidly going backwards. It's time to give up and focus all your efforts on the hurling team in my opinion.


antisteel (Limerick) - Posts: 14 - 06/07/2010 09:59:58    697652


I tell you what i think go away and get a life for and steel deserve each other......what does Limerick have to shout about???? Division 3 Football and a gracefull defeat in a Munster Final after beating Waterford!!!!! Yes you may have played well but you still lost....and the whole of Clare except maybe Steel was supporting Limerick.....i know i was anyway!!!! The Limerick Hurlers in the state they are maybe you should stay off the Clare let Steel wind you up lad.....get over it.

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 06/07/2010 10:06:30    697668


I agree with you for once IrishRover! Its not often you support me but after them loosing the 91,
03, 04, 09 and now 10 Munster final in football,what have Limerick to discuss! They the laughing stock
of Ireland! In limboland in football and a disgrace in hurling!
Clares record of 92 still stands after Cork and Kerry. However the Clare team since then has being a shambles!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 12/07/2010 11:03:53    704688


This is a ridiculous thread.

Leviathan (Louth) - Posts: 257 - 15/07/2010 16:58:09    710599


Antisteel, please, lets not let Limerick posters lower ourselves to steel's level. He is a moron with no real knowledge to post anything worthwhile, so he just spews garbage to rise other people. By all means dislike him, but the vast majority of Clare supporters don't agree with him so no point in taking it out on them. Luimneach abu!

Sliotar (Limerick) - Posts: 6 - 16/07/2010 18:24:09    711863