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When is the draw for the hurling qualifiers? Is it this Sunday? Who will Clare draw do ye think? It has to be either Dublin or Offaly I believe. Neither team are an easy proposition for us at the moment!

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2061 - 18/06/2010 09:13:04    680679


Whens the draw lads????? When do we know who we will be playing????

IrishRover (Fermanagh) - Posts: 488 - 23/06/2010 14:49:31    685006


I was a bit premature with my predictions for who Clare will face. Fair play to Offaly. Same old story for Galway though. They are very inconsistent. On paper they should have blown away that Offaly team.

I would have thought the draw would have been on last Sunday. not sure when it is on thoguh

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2061 - 24/06/2010 10:40:00    685662


who ever we get its going to be tough.dublin not as bad as kilkenny made them look.think galway will take offaly in replay.clare will have to play to there best to advance.if we can supply honan with the right ball clare will be hard to beat.he is the most natural scorer to come on the clare scene for a long time or probably ever.hopefully quinn will be back.think conlon is more suited to the saying that who do you put centre foward(mc mahon) which has allways a problem for us even in the good times.sparrow learned alot about 1 or 2 of those lads against waterford. who is up for inter county hurling and who is not.yee know who i am talking about.this game game is more important than the waterford game. PS clare should have taken waterford and would nt they have gave cork some rattle.

merlin (Clare) - Posts: 61 - 24/06/2010 19:23:51    686448


Yes there wa one lad in particular who leads the team no longer up to intercounty standard if ever he was!
We need a replacement longterm there.

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 25/06/2010 10:48:48    686705


I hope Administrator you publish this as I like to know our chances this year.

Now that kilkenny (2009 u21 All Ireland Finalists) shockingly departed the All Ireland u21 hurling
championship this year already, have the u21 All Ireland Champions Clare a great chance of
retaining the title if they win Munster and if Joe Canning is overage for Galway?
Views on our chances given that nearly half last years team underage again and nearly half the panel on the Senior Team
already which looks well for the remainder of this years Senior Championship and for years to come.

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 25/06/2010 12:41:23    686872


I think we have a great chance of All Ireland Under 21 success again this year. We seem to be producing the underage talent at the moment which is long over due. I think Tip are faviourites with the bookmakers for the title but Clare will be hard to beat with the likes of Honan underage again! Does anyone know when the draw for the all ireland qualifers - round two is on?

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2061 - 25/06/2010 15:08:38    687114


Looks like its Dublin in the next round. I guess it will be on in Parnell Park. Handy for me as I live in Dublin. I really think we have a good chance at beating Dublin. What do ye think?

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2061 - 28/06/2010 09:02:26    688838


A good draw for us, would have been nicer in Cusack park but I prefer this than having to go to Tullamore.

Dublin will be smarting from their hammering by Kilkenny, so it's hard to know how good they really are. Dublin really need to win this as they have yet to beat a Munster team in chamionship and will see this as a good opportunity. Failure to beat Clare might spell the end for Anthony Daly so there is a lot riding on this for the Dubs.

Dublin are due to play Tipp in football that weekend, so it may well be a double header, probably in Croker

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 28/06/2010 13:37:01    689422


Its a double header in Croke Park,Our game is at 4 and the Tipp game is on @ 6.

Celtic_StPauli (Clare) - Posts: 26 - 28/06/2010 20:54:30    690300


Fans lets put it this way Clare will put up a better fight at least than the footballers did and that wouldnt be hard!

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 29/06/2010 15:49:53    691099


Do ye think Dublin have an unfair advantage with the game being on in Croker as part of a double header with the Dub footballers? I am unsure how many Dub football supporters will bother to go to the hurling game. Would prefer the game to be on in Parnell park myself although Corker might be a good omen for the young seniors who tasted success in the under 21 last year.

LohansRedHelmet (Clare) - Posts: 2061 - 29/06/2010 17:01:24    691223


I think Clare will prefer Croke Park to Parnell. It's a bigger pitch and should suit a young team like Clare.
Plus a lot of our lads won an all-Ireland here only a few months back, so they should look forward to playing there again.

Roashter (Clare) - Posts: 238 - 01/07/2010 09:10:33    692779


I agree 100 percent I think Croke Park will suit the Clare team and they have always played well mostly
there in the past. For the u21s on the team they have happy memories of last time out there but having said that
this is Senior Championship and they would want to realise that too.

steel (Clare) - Posts: 694 - 02/07/2010 12:42:56    694147